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Learn How to Talk to Your Doctor

Where would we be without good health? For many people exploring medicinal marijuana usage, good health is a distant memory. Regular contact with their doctors is an unfortunate reality. We choose a doctor for trusted medical advice and for monitoring our chronic health problems.

Doctors are conservative by nature. The stigma of criminalization that has been associated with marijuana over the past half-decade is one strong reason why your doctor may feel uncomfortable.

Our Guide Will Help You:

  • Talk to your doctor about medical marijuana
  • Feel more comfortable about having this discussion with your doctor
  • Provide you with the key points you should be discussing
  • Prepare you with all the information you need about medical marijuana

By downloading our guide, we will also give you questionnaires for you to complete and take to your doctor:

  • Quality of Life Questionnaire
  • Disability Questionnaire
  • Conditions and Symptom Questionnaire

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