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glaucoma-1Glaucoma is a condition characterized by increased pressure in the eyeball which reduces the blood supply to the optic nerve, the nerve for seeing the world, and results in gradual blindness unless treated effectively.

Treatment consists of pharmaceutical agents, laser treatment and in the final stage surgical treatment. Unfortunately, drugs for treatment of glaucoma have significant side effects which many patients find undesirable. In addition with time, the drugs become less effective requiring more expensive, higher dosage drugs with the resultant increase in undesirable side effects.

Medicinal marijuana has proven over many years to reduce the intraocular pressure causing the problems associated with glaucoma. It is best to determine the results of medicinal marijuana using a vaporizer at first. With success, the best route of administration is with edible medicinal marijuana; marijuana taken orally, which causes a slower uptake and a longer duration of action.

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