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3 Things the Top Medical Cannabis Clinics Provide

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May 04, 2018 9:00 AM

3-Things-the-Top-Medical-Cannabis-Clinics-Provide-compressorThere are countless medical cannabis clinics throughout Canada, and each one is different.

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If you’re looking for a medical cannabis clinic, make sure it checks these three things off the list.

1. Licensed Healthcare Professionals

You trust that your family physician knows what they’re talking about, and you should expect the same service from the staff at a top medical cannabis clinic. When seeking any kind of prescription, you want to understand what kind of medication you’re taking, confirm that it’s right for you, and understand how it will impact your life and even your current medication regime. 

Reputable medical cannabis clinics employ fully licensed doctors on site who are ready to answer your questions and discuss how different strains work, your treatment options, and what you can expect from this medication. They know the appropriate dosage to authorize, can discuss different intake methods, and can help you understand side effects you may experience. 

When you’re interested in this medication but you don’t know enough about it, medical cannabis clinics are the best places to visit. Only knowledgeable doctors can provide you with the right authorization, and this is one of the services you can expect when you arrive for your consultation. Medical cannabis clinics without licensed physicians aren’t clinics.

2. A Commitment to Health

Doctors know this isn’t a drug you’re taking for fun—you’re using it to get better. You need relief from your current symptoms. You’re looking to improve your quality of life. You’re considering this medication because your current prescription isn’t effective. 

The doctors at medical cannabis clinics should be dedicated to providing treatment that helps you feel better. They’ll ask you about your current health and medical history to better understand where medical cannabis will play a part in treatment. They’ll communicate with your doctors and specialists and take part in the circle of care. 

Licensed healthcare professionals are committed to keeping you healthy. They do this by staying updated on changes in the field. The marijuana industry is already experiencing a massive shift, and the doctors at these clinics ensure they stay ahead of these changes to provide their patients with the latest knowledge.

3. A Licensed Producer

A top medical cannabis clinic can also be a licensed producer, the party responsible for filling and mailing your authorization to you. Finding a licensed producer can be an initially difficult task, especially when you’re reviewing a long list of potential producers. It can be hard to know which one to pick, and the doctors at clinics can only provide the list, not a recommendation.

A clinic that is also a licensed producer not only saves you some time from finding a producer, it further legitimizes the clinic. These businesses are granted the ability to produce and dispense medical marijuana. They’re overseen by Health Canada which ensures all licensed producers abide by the regulations in place for growing this plant.

Licenses are issued under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation (ACMPR), which designates these growers as licensed producers and notes whether they’re also licensed to sell. Regulation is a serious matter and a clinic that also acts as a licensed producer adds credibility to their business. When you combine this with educated staff and a commitment to health, you have a trifecta for a successful clinic.

Before you choose a clinic, make sure it’s trustworthy. If you’re thinking about using medical marijuana, speak to the licensed professionals at Aleafia Health.


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