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4 Tips to Pass Your Medical Cannabis Evaluation

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September 12, 2018 9:00 AM

4_Tips_to_Pass_Your_Medical_Cannabis_EvaluationYou’ve talked to your doctor and you’ve been referred to a medical cannabis clinic like Canabo Medical Cannabis Clinic. The next step is your medical cannabis evaluation.

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During your evaluation, the doctor at the clinic will assess your suitability as a medical marijuana patient. They’ll ask a number of different questions, and they’ll determine whether medical cannabis could really help you treat or manage your current health condition.

To receive an authorization for medical cannabis, you need to pass the evaluation.

How can you pass your medical cannabis evaluation?

You’ll need to present your concerns, discuss your medical history, speak to any research you’ve done on medical marijuana and your current condition, and above all, be honest during your evaluation.

1. Be Honest

If you want to try medical cannabis to manage a health condition, you’ve probably tried several other treatments already. You want to pass your evaluation because you hope medical cannabis will finally give you some relief.

Some people are tempted to lie during their evaluation to ensure they’ll be authorized. This could endanger your health. Even if you think you may be disqualified under the ACMPR for some reason, you should still be honest.

There are many reasons you may not pass an evaluation. This could be a history of substance dependence or mental health issues, or it might be due to another underlying health condition or drug interactions that could put you in danger. Your safety is a concern above all others.

2. Do Your Research

Why do you think medical cannabis could be a good option for you? You may have already tried several other options, or you may have read some recent research studies on people with your condition using medical cannabis.

The more information you have when you arrive at your evaluation, the better off you are. Some physicians may be reluctant or suggest medical cannabis doesn’t help people with your condition. If you’ve done your research and read studies with counterarguments, you may be able to present a strong case for why you should be authorized medical cannabis.

3. Discuss Your Medical History

Be willing to discuss your medical history with the physician during your medical cannabis evaluation. As indicated above, you should also be honest in this section of the evaluation. Having an honest discussion is important since it will allow the physician to make a more accurate recommendation for you.

While the medical professional you speak with will hopefully have access to your medical records, there may be missing information or gaps. You can discuss various aspects of your medical history with more authority and fill in those gaps.

4. Ask Questions

If you’ve done your research, you may have come up with several questions during the process. Be sure to ask these. You might want to ask the physician about different strains, dosing, and even administration options such as prescription cannabinoids, cannabis oils, or another method.

By asking questions, you can demonstrate your own knowledge and a willingness to learn. Being an informed patient is important. The evaluation is an excellent time to seek out answers you might not have found on your own. In turn, this can help you decide if medical cannabis is right for you.

Passing your medical cannabis evaluation may feel daunting, and you might feel pressured to get it “right” in order to be authorized. The most important thing for you to do is enter the evaluation with an open mind and ensure you’re truly considering both the risks and benefits of any medical treatment option available to you. The purpose of your evaluation is for you and your physician to determine if it could be right for you.


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