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5 Signs It's Time to Switch Medical Cannabis Clinics

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March 09, 2018 9:00 AM

5-Signs-It's-Time-to-Switch-Medical-Cannabis-Clinics---compressor.jpgMedical cannabis clinics are medical health clinics. Thus, when you walk into a clinic, it should look and feel like a health centre. You’re trusting your health to those who operate the clinic, and so you should feel confident and safe doing so. There are many different kinds of clinics in the GTA, but if you see these signs in your clinic, it’s time to leave and find a better one.

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1. It’s Unsanitary

Medical cannabis clinics need to be as sanitary as a doctor’s office or hospital. You’re receiving medical treatment for your condition, which means you’ll be examined. No one feels comfortable being examined or talking about treatment in a dirty or unsanitary clinic.

2. There’s No Medical Personnel on Site

The best clinics, such as Aleafia’s Total Health Clinic, will have medical personnel on site, which will include doctors and nurses. If the clinic you’re attending doesn’t have medical personnel on staff, then it isn’t a good clinic.

Having doctors and nurses on site means you’re receiving expert medical advice from professionals who understand your condition and how to treat it with medical marijuana. Your health isn’t something you want to leave in the hands of anyone but a doctor.

3. There’s No Dispensary

If your clinic doesn’t have a dispensary on site, then it isn’t a great clinic. Great clinics have a dispensary on site, with experienced personnel who are staffing it. This ensures you’re speaking with someone who understands the different kinds of strains that exist to treat your condition and you’re getting the best advice possible.

4. No Health Talk

Another sign that it’s time to switch medical cannabis clinics is if the personnel at the one you’re attending doesn’t talk about your health. Your health is the reason you’re going to a clinic in the first place—you want your symptoms to improve.

The personnel at the clinic should examine you and discuss your condition and what steps you can take to improve it. If they are simply prescribing medical marijuana without really discussing your condition with you, get out of there. That isn’t a good clinic to be in.

5. No Full Health Treatment Plans

Good medical cannabis clinics should talk to you about your health, but they should also offer a holistic treatment plan. Everything in the body is connected, and nothing happens in isolation. For example, if you have chronic pain, your pain is probably occurring for a reason, such as from a previous injury. At a good clinic, they’ll not only treat your pain but also your previous injury to stop the pain from occurring.

At Aleafia’s Total Health Clinic, for example, health professionals create pre, during, and post treatment plans for their patients to ensure all health needs are being met. If your clinic isn’t doing something like that, then it’s time to switch to a new one that’ll take better care of you.

If you’ve seen any of the above-mentioned signs at your medical cannabis clinic, it’s time you research new clinic options. You deserve better. Expert medical personnel who have specific knowledge regarding how medical cannabis can help you should monitor the treatment of your condition or illness. You should also feel completely safe and comfortable at your clinic, and be fully confident that you’re being looked after properly. There are many medical cannabis clinics in the GTA. Don’t settle for one that’s subpar.


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