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5 Ways to Consume Medical Marijuana without Smoking

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September 05, 2018 9:00 AM

5_Ways_to_Consume_Medical_Marijuana_Without_SmokingModern scientists seem to be torn on whether smoking cannabis can have negative physical side effects on the body. One study concludes that smoking cannabis “is associated with a high frequency of central airway inflammation,” similar to those who smoke tobacco products. This is a concerning conclusion—inflammation of the lungs can lead to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, which can cause lifelong problems associated with breathing and poor airflow.

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If you’re a health-conscious individual with chronic pain or another eligible medical condition, this might be alarming to you. What are you supposed to do if you can’t smoke your authorized cannabis? There are other ways to consume marijuana without smoking it. This way, you get the positive benefits of medical cannabis without the potentially harmful side effects of smoking.

1. Edibles

Are you looking to manage your pain or condition(s) while also satisfying your sweet tooth? Edibles are a popular option for individuals looking for a delicious twist to taking their medication. Most notably baked into cookies and brownies, cannabis can be infused into butter (referred to by some as cannabutter) and baked into a variety of different delectable treats, turning your medication time into a multi-functional snack time.

If you’re looking to make your own, know that you may not know the proper doses. As such, it is not recommended as an intake method. Speak to a professional at Aleafia Health before you get started to learn more.

2. Topical Balms

Is your pain localized? If so, balms may be a good way to treat your pain directly on the spot where treatment is needed. If you’re not a big fan of the munchies or other psychoactive effects of cannabis, balms are a great option for you.

3. Transdermal Patches

Just like nicotine patches, you can administer your cannabis pain medication through a transdermal patch. This is a long-lasting solution, perfect for people who are looking for a longer treatment phase, compared to what you get when smoking marijuana.

Transdermal patches can be used both day and night, providing you with the relief you need at all hours of the day. The additional discretion transdermal patches provide is one of the many reasons why this type of cannabis administration is so popular.

4. Cannabis Tincture

Similar to cannabutter, cannabis can also be infused into a drink, sometimes referred to as the gold or green dragon. This mixture can easily be made yourself, providing you with a homemade solution to all your pain needs.

Once a tincture is made, it can be stored for years, allowing you to prepare your medical marijuana doses ahead of time.

Tinctures can be added to many different foods you eat, but unlike most edibles, will keep your calorie count down significantly. From juice to Jell-O, you can add cannabis tinctures to anything and have it go almost completely unnoticed.

However, it’s important to note that while this might be a more delicious option, adding the tincture to foods and drinks will take longer for it to be absorbed into your body. If you’re looking for fast-acting relief, it’s best to put the mixture directly under your tongue. Although it might not be the tastiest thing you’ve ever eaten, it’s effective.

5. Capsules

If you already have a medication regimen that includes other prescription drugs, capsules may be the easiest addition to your current routine. Capsules tend to be potent and concentrated, making it a desirable option for long-time cannabis consumers.

Worried that capsules will be made with a gelatin-based product? Don’t worry, there are many vegan options to satisfy the needs of any and all medical marijuana users.


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