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7 Ridiculous Medical Marijuana Myths You Should Know

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May 09, 2018 9:00 AM

7-Ridiculous-Medical-Marijuana-Myths-You-Should-Know-compressorPeople don’t always know what they’re talking about, and this is particularly true when discussing medical marijuana. Here are seven creative myths and why they aren’t true.

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1. It’s the Same High in All Strains

No two medical cannabis strains are the same, and while users and patients are familiar with this concept, the overwhelming public isn’t. Different strains are authorized for different symptoms, and each one has varying levels of CBD and THC. 

CBD, commonly found in medical marijuana, isn’t the psychoactive element that provides the high. It acts on different receptors in the brain, actually muting the high feeling, while THC activates other receptors to provide the mind-altering effect.

2. It’s Not Favoured by the UN

People love to use a good authoritarian source to back up their claims, but it’ll backfire quickly if the person has their facts wrong. A 1960 report from the United Nations has been frequently misconstrued by those against using this medication. The report actually reads: “…use for other than medical and scientific purpose must be discontinued.” So, in reality, even the UN understands the potential benefits of this medication.

3. It Can Be Ingested or Inhaled Raw

There isn’t a single healthcare professional who would recommend ingesting or inhaling raw cannabis. Marijuana needs to be heated to activate the THC ingredient, so by that logic, medical marijuana has to be heated in order to experience the medicinal effects. If ingestion is the preferred intake method, medical cannabis can be cooked with a fatty substance, such as butter. If the patient chooses to inhale their medication through smoking or vaping, they’ll have to light up first. Both methods still match the authorized dosage, but it won’t be in raw form.

4. It Can Be Smoked or Ingested and Have the Same Effect

Whether medical marijuana is received in dried form or oil, different intake methods result in different effects. Smoking is a quick intake method that provides near-instant relief, but it has a shorter duration period. Ingesting cannabis-infused edibles takes longer to set in—needing between 0.5-2 hours before users feel its effects, but it lasts several hours longer.

5. It’s Worse Than Tobacco

People are quick to claim marijuana causes more lung damage than smoking. While it does produce some changes in lung function when smoked, the impact is nowhere near as deadly as chronic smoking. There are two probable answers. The first theory relates to CBD’s anti-inflammatory trait. Smoke particulates in tobacco cause lung damage, but CBD’s anti-inflammatory characteristic may actually have protective effects.

The most well-discussed reason relates to a matter of dosage. The two are not equally carcinogenic, and people consume tobacco at a much higher rate than they do marijuana. Users would have to smoke several joints to result in the same amount of lung damage that smoking cigarettes causes.

6. It’s a Gateway Drug

This buzzword term has long been associated with leading the good-willed down a path of trouble. Although many users of hard drugs started with marijuana, the same argument can be made by replacing marijuana with alcohol or tobacco, yet neither gets the same reputation.

Researchers have commented that either of those vices could be the initial starting drug that proceeds marijuana. In addition, several social issues may be impacting users’ influence to get high that extend far beyond this “gateway” drug.

7. It’s an Excuse to Smoke Weed

A big misconception about medical marijuana is that users only want it so it’s easy for them to obtain weed. Medical-grade cannabis provides relief of pain and effectively treats a wide variety of symptoms. It’s not about getting high.

Don’t let these myths fool you. Get to know the facts about medical marijuana. For more information, speak to the healthcare professionals at Aleafia Health.


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