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Can Anyone Go to a Medical Cannabis Clinic?

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April 16, 2018 9:00 AM

Can-Anyone-Go-to-a-Medical-Cannabis-Clinic-compressorIf you’re considering the use of medical marijuana for your illness, you no doubt have a few questions about where you need to go to obtain this authorization. In order to receive medical marijuana, you’ll need to visit a medical cannabis clinic. Although anyone can go, it’s not without its complications. Here’s what you need to know before you walk in.

Visit a Clinic



Ask Your Doctor for a Referral

Potential patients of medical marijuana clinics often need to be referred by a doctor or specialist in order to get an appointment. Some clinics prefer that you have a referral form from your family doctor before calling in to book the appointment yourself, and they operate on this policy only. Clinics that don’t require a referral will have you fill out an online form on their websites or inform you to call their office to request an appointment. 

Family doctors often hesitate to authorize medical cannabis therapy. It’s at this point that you can ask him or her for a referral to a medical cannabis clinic. The referral is your next step to booking a consultation with a doctor or nurse practitioner at a clinic. The GTA has many medical marijuana clinics. Once you have a referral, you can schedule an appointment to speak with a specialist who will discuss your symptoms and determine whether this treatment is right for you.

Book an Appointment

It’s unlikely you’ll find a medical cannabis clinic that accepts walk-ins. You need an appointment first. If you don’t have a referral, the clinic will have you fill out a patient intake package and get back to you to schedule a time. 

Doctors and nurse practitioners will also ask you to bring supporting medical documents—regardless of whether you have a referral or fill out an intake package yourself. Medical documents are needed to confirm your diagnosis. These are required in order for the doctor to understand your medical background and discuss whether medical cannabis is right for you.

It’s at this appointment that the healthcare practitioner will determine whether or not you’re suitable to receive this kind of treatment.

Who to Talk To

If you’re considering medical marijuana as a treatment option, there are plenty of people you can speak to. 

Your first stop will be your family physician. They know your medical history best. They’re the starting point for discussing whether or not medical cannabis is the right treatment for you, your interest in choosing this medication, and whether you’ll benefit from medical marijuana. 

If you also see a specialist, such as a neurologist, psychiatrist, or cardiologist, you may want to seek their opinion in order to discover how else this medication may impact your current lifestyle and medication regimen. 

If your doctor does provide authorization, it’s important to speak with a doctor or nurse practitioner at a medical marijuana clinic. They know everything there is to know in order to provide the right treatment for you and answer any other concerns. 

See how the medical professionals at Aleafia Health can help you with your treatment. Their health clinic is filled with friendly, knowledgeable personnel who can determine which kind of medical marijuana is right for you, provide an authorization, and answer any questions you have.


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