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Can Medical Cannabis Help with Pain Relief?

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December 27, 2017 9:00 AM

Can-Medical-Cannabis-Help-with-Pain-Relief---compressor.jpgWhen it comes to medical cannabis, there’s a lot of confusion. The general public doesn’t have a lot of information about what medical cannabis can do and how it can help them. It’s not considered to be a mainstream medical treatment option yet, and because of this, many people are left in the dark and aren’t aware of their options with it. 

One of the biggest misconceptions about medical cannabis is in regards to pain relief. It’s probably the best-known reason why people use cannabis for medical reasons, but still, the benefits are not well-known to all. 

What Is Medical Cannabis?

Medical cannabis is medical-grade marijuana produced by licensed producers that has been authorized to patients by their doctors. The cannabis plant has been used for thousands of years, across many different cultures for medical use. Despite that, the use of it is still highly controversial in modern society. However, there are some organizations like Aleafia that are trying to change that perception.

The Problem with Opioids

Chronic pain is a serious condition that many people suffer from, but there aren’t many treatment options. The most common drugs given to chronic pain suffers are opioids. Opioids are highly addictive, but doctors have been prescribing them for years without fully knowing or understanding the adverse effects that opioids were having on their patients—at least until recently.

We now have an opioid crisis in Canada because so many people are addicted to them. Doctors are trying to cut back on prescribing these drugs, but it doesn’t leave them with many options for their patients who are suffering from constant pain. 

This is why many people are turning to medical marijuana to help them with their pain.

Pain Relief

For some people, pain relief is hard to come by because the mainstream options (usually opioids) aren’t being prescribed as often because of the dangers they pose. This leaves many people with few options. Luckily, these patients can turn to medical marijuana to help them.

One of the main reasons people use medical marijuana is to help manage their pain, but there’s more to managing pain than simply using medical marijuana.

Managing Pain at a Total Health Clinic

At Aleafia’s total health clinic, for example, pain management is handled with more than just medical marijuana. Many people are under the assumption that people who use medical marijuana do so without doing anything else to help mitigate their pain, and that’s far from the truth.

At total health clinics like Aleafia’s, chronic pain is managed holistically. Medical cannabis may be used, but physiotherapy, massage therapy, or other treatments might also be part of the treatment plan.

Total health clinics works to treat the whole patient. To do this they develop a plan for treating “pre, during, and post” treatment needs. Working on treating the whole of a patient means that doctors are looking for why a person is in pain, and then working to mitigate that pain with more than just a Band-Aid.

Clearing up Misconceptions

Misconceptions abound when it comes to medical cannabis, but it’s only with more exposure and information that people will start to understand how helpful and life changing it can be for those experiencing different medical problems, including those who are in chronic pain.

If you are suffering from chronic pain and aren’t interesting in taking opioids, book an appointment with a total health clinic to discuss your treatment options.

Managing pain and finding pain relief can be challenging for patients, but medical marijuana is another option for this condition that many people haven’t explored yet.


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