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Everything You Need to Know about Aleafia's Vaughan Clinic

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November 22, 2017 9:00 AM

Everything_You_Need_to_Know_about_Aleafia_s_Vaughan_Clinic-1.jpgOn July 1, 2018, marijuana will be legalized across Canada, but patients today are already living the benefits of a medical cannabis authorization. Whether it’s dealing with chronic pain or helping manage intense forms of anxiety, medical cannabis can be a very effective contribution to a total health plan.

There are many misconceptions about medical marijuana, including what it is, how it’s used, and what it can do. Many people—including non-users, patients, and even doctors—have questions about cannabis and its use in treatments. That’s why the Aleafia Total Health Network was formed. Its goal is to improve patients’ quality of life by advancing research, development, and innovation that will strengthen the science of medical cannabis, making it a well-known and used option in treating myriad conditions.

Recently, Aleafia opened its first total health clinic. Here’s everything you need to know about the Aleafia total health clinic in Vaughan, Ontario.

It’s Not Just about Medical Cannabis

The total health clinic is just that—a complete medical clinic. Though the organization has a commitment to the advancement of medical cannabis as an appropriate and understood treatment, it is nonetheless a medical clinic first. The medical practitioners focus on many different forms of treatment, including pain management, medical cannabis therapy, physiotherapy, chiropractic care, osteopathy, massage therapy, and more.

The difference between this clinic and your family doctor is that these doctors are highly trained and experienced in the authorization of medical marijuana as part of a complete health plan. They know which strains are effective at treating which conditions; they know the appropriate dosages to authorize, and they believe in medical marijuana’s contribution to ongoing symptom management.

It’s a Licensed Producer

Your family doctor is able to authorize medical cannabis as a treatment option; however, he or she is unlikely to do so. The reason many doctors aren’t authorizing it is due to unfamiliarity with it as an option. But even if your doctor does authorize it as a treatment, the question becomes, “Where do I get it?”

The Aleafia total health clinic is a licensed producer of medical marijuana. This means after you talk with your doctor about using cannabis as a part of your treatment, you can receive your product that day. There are no long waits for products through federal distribution mailing options, and you can purchase your medication knowing it is properly grown, vetted, and authorized.

Before, During, and After

As part of its commitment to your total health, Aleafia supports your health plan before, during, and after treatment. The clinic exists to offer the best treatment support to patients. You will not only see a doctor but have a conversation about your condition and needs. All options will be discussed, and the best method forward will be authorized. Medical marijuana will be considered as an option, but if it’s not right for you, your doctor will discuss other options. Another goal of the organization is to reduce opiate use and encourage total health management across the GTA, Ontario, and the country.

If you’re managing an ongoing condition such as pain, PTSD, or insomnia, the Aleafia total health clinic is a great resource. It has knowledgeable doctors, an on-site distribution centre, and an ongoing commitment to the advancement of medical cannabis. The clinic’s commitment to your total health means you have the best care and options you can find in the GTA.


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