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How a Licensed Producer in Toronto Can Help You Choose Medical Cannabis Strains

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December 22, 2017 9:00 AM

How-a-Licensed-Producer-in-Toronto-Can-Help-You-Choose-Medical-Cannabis-Strains---compressor.jpgFor a long time, you never even considered medical marijuana as a possible component of your total health treatment plan. But lately, you’ve seen a few friends successfully adopt it as part of their treatments. One friend with epilepsy found it helped regulate seizures, while another benefited from using it for insomnia. As you do more research, you see it can help with anxiety, stress, digestive disorders, pain, and so many other conditions. 

It seems like cannabis is just full of health benefits, and you decide it’s time to talk to your doctor about bringing it into your health plan. It seems like a simple enough plan. But when you sit down to talk with your Aleafia Total Health Clinic doctor, you start to realize the complexity of this treatment. 

There are many different medical cannabis strains, and each one is better suited for supporting a different medical condition. How can you choose?

The Right Strain for the Right Condition

While marijuana can help with many medical conditions and symptoms, there are dozens (if not hundreds!) of medical cannabis strains that are more appropriate for different conditions. For example, pain is often dealt with using ACDC, while NYC Diesel is common for treating nausea. 

You won’t just be authorized for “medical cannabis”; after talking to your doctor, he or she will help you select an appropriate strain that is going to provide the benefits you need to help manage your specific condition.

Seeking Professional Help

Since there are so many strains, your best efforts to find medical cannabis strains that will work for your condition is to go to a medical cannabis clinic (such as the Aleafia Total Health Clinic in Vaughan). These organizations have the medical knowledge required and the ongoing experience in treating a plethora of conditions with medical cannabis. 

These doctors will discuss your condition with you and determine an effective plan. If medical marijuana would be beneficial to you, they will walk you through different medical cannabis strains and their benefits, along with proper dosage amounts and how to consume them. You can rest assured you’ll be taken care of by a medical professional.

Where Your Strain Comes From

Just like with a medication, you want to know that the product you’re receiving is of quality. That’s why going to a medical cannabis clinic is your best bet to receive a strain appropriate for you. By receiving your dosage from licensed producers in Toronto at the clinic, you’ll know the strains are high quality. Why? These producers must grow and sell their products under strict regulations. 

Unlike a dispensary that is concerned with only the sale (not your health), a medical clinic’s number-one priority is your health. Which strain you use will determine whether your condition improves, and whether or not that strain is high quality will determine the level of that improvement.

Aleafia Total Health Clinic

If you’re in the Toronto area and can make your way to Vaughan, you should consider the Aleafia Total Health Clinic as a licensed producer that can help you select an appropriate strain for your condition. Its doctors are well-versed in different strains. As a licensed distributor, the clinic can also sell you the product to ensure it’s high quality. 

Your questions answered, you shake your doctor’s hand and walk over to the on-site dispensary. With the doctor’s help, you now know the medical cannabis strains that could help you and the benefits you’re likely to see. You smile as the attendant helps you with your dosage and you look forward to a new horizon in managing your condition.



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