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How Medical Cannabis Telemedicine Appointments Benefit Patients

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December 26, 2018 9:00 AM

How_Medical_Cannabis_Telemedicine_Appointments_Benefit_Patients-1Medical cannabis has been legal in Canada for almost two decades, but it’s only gained popularity in the last few years. As more research is being conducted, more medical professionals and patients are beginning to explore the possibilities of medicinal treatments with cannabis.

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The number of medical marijuana patients in Canada now tops 330,000 people. With a medical program still in place for the time being, that number looks to continue growing.

There may be another reason for the increasing number of patients making use of cannabis in their treatments. Accessibility is key. In the past, access to medical marijuana was limited by a number of factors, including resistance from medical professionals and a lack of facilities.

The climate is different now as more medical cannabis clinics open across the country. Despite this, many people are still without access to a legitimate clinic, which limits their options.

Telemedicine is changing the story and bringing with it a host of benefits for patients.

Telemedicine Improves Access to Medical Cannabis

The biggest benefit of telemedicine for any reason is access. Canada is an enormous country with many remote and isolated areas. People living in the Far North or small communities in Northern Ontario and Northern Quebec often don’t have easy access to medical services.

Telemedicine changes that. It allows these remote populations to connect instantly with medical practitioners in a variety of fields. Getting a telemedicine appointment with a surgeon or a specialist saves travel costs and makes medicine more accessible.

The same is true for medical marijuana. Communities without access to a family doctor or a medical cannabis clinic can use telemedicine to book appointments and consult with health professionals.

Communities that previously couldn’t access medical marijuana now can.

Telemedicine Reduces Wait Times

As in other areas of the medical field, medical marijuana consultations and appointments administered through telemedicine can reduce wait times.

This is partly because patients no longer need to travel. Instead, they can talk to the experts from a community centre or even the comfort of their own homes.

Scheduling is often easier for telemedicine, and there are fewer cancellations and no-shows. This helps ensure everyone is seen quickly. Wait times for a telemedicine appointment are usually only a few days at most, even for in-demand services.

Get Good Advice Sooner

Using medical cannabis has some guesswork behind it. It may take time to find a patient’s preferred strain or the right dosage for an individual. Telemedicine can make getting appointments with practitioners quicker and easier.

This means patients can make their adjustments sooner. This reduces the amount of time they spend trying to find the right strain or using an ineffective dosage.

With telemedicine in play, it’s more likely patients will consult with medical practitioners before they make any adjustments on their own. Using medical marijuana will be even safer.

Helping Housebound Patients

Some patients may have health conditions that prevent them from easily getting to a medical cannabis clinic or their doctor’s office. With the use of telemedicine, these patients can consult with medical practitioners from their own homes.

This reduces the strain on services or friends and family assisting the patient. It also ensures maximum comfort for the patient. This can help reduce the number of missed appointments since patients who don’t feel well or can’t find transportation are less likely to cancel.

How Can You Access Telemedicine for Medical Marijuana?

There are a few different ways to access telemedicine services for cannabis. You may be able to talk to your doctor about medical marijuana by scheduling an appointment through their office.

You might also be able to schedule a telemedicine appointment with reputable medical cannabis clinics.

Telemedicine is making it easier than ever for medical cannabis patients to get the medicine and the advice they need.


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