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How Medical Marijuana Distributors Are Developing Products Specifically for Women

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July 04, 2018 9:00 AM

How_Medical_Marijuana_Distributors_Are_Developing_Products_Specifically_for_WomenWhile both men and women use medical marijuana, the two have their own preferences about intake, products, and even their stance on the industry altogether. Women and men’s habits differ, and this has led to an emerging market where medical marijuana products are being designed specifically for the ladies.

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Medical marijuana distributors are realizing the potential and need to gear products and services specifically to women. Keep reading to find out how.

A Woman’s Eye

Women are realizing the benefits that medical marijuana can have for them by understanding the results of their own personal experiences—whether those experiences affect them directly, such as chronic pain, or indirectly, such as handling serious family health issues.

This has led to a more prominent realization of the gap in the cannabis market, and women-run licensed producers are now bringing their first-hand experience to assist others combatting symptoms similar to theirs. A new eye on the same process provides a perspective that can’t be found in the other gender. Producers know they can enhance patients’ health and wellness by responsibly using cannabis, and now they’re focusing that energy on specific products to empower women.

Changing social attitudes have influenced the need for individual products. Licensed producers are busy conducting their own research and discovering women’s preferences for consuming medical cannabis. These insights are merging with the incoming legislation to confirm what’s allowed now and what may be available in the future, in both the medical marijuana market and the recreational sphere, once marijuana is legalized.

Using women’s preferences, whether it’s oil or dried cannabis, women are developing strains designed specifically to ease their pains, such as reducing menstrual cramps and relieving mood swings associated with PMS symptoms. Not only is this a huge benefit, it makes sense that products can be molded to ease the pain an entire gender faces. Studies have also shown that women are more likely to use this medication in the late evening than men are, so a product should exist to meet those needs.

Farmacopia is operated by female-run licensed producer Renée Ellison who has brought her experiences to her cannabis products. She’s begun fertilizing strains on her farm in the Ottawa area, which hold noteworthy advantages for this particular group in society. In addition to developing specialized strains, she’s growing strains to reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, and relieve general pain.

On Ellison’s horizon are high CBD products that will be designed uniquely to women, allowing them to enjoy the benefits of the medication without the stoner feeling of being high.

A Male-Dominated Industry

Like the majority of industries today, it’s hardly a surprise that the medical marijuana field is largely dominated by men. British Columbia is changing that perspective, as more women trailblaze a new path in Canada’s marijuana industry.

While some women were originally opposed to this form of treatment, they’ve begun changing their attitudes as they learn more about this medication and its relation to natural health care.

A New Type of Product

Women use products differently than men, and this applies directly to the goods available in the cannabis market. From topical rubs to bath soaps—there’s plenty of merchandise available for the ladies.

It’s opened the door for products like Whoopi and Maya, Erbanna bags, and HerbaBuena Full Moon Women’s Cannabis Elixir. There are female-driven products that combat moodiness, while salves lower symptoms of chronic pain and arthritis. Designers have even created pretty “stash bags” that are discreet and stylish to store your medication in.

The marijuana sector is always changing—just see these four little-known facts about the medical marijuana industry. For more information on the cannabis field, talk to the knowledgeable staff at Aleafia Health.


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