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How Medicinal Marijuana Can Treat Migraines

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June 07, 2017 9:00 AM

How Medicinal Marijuana Can Treat Migraines--.jpgIn the 1800s, doctors would prescribe medicinal marijuana as treatment for many different disorders, including chronic pain. Since then, the use of marijuana has become widely stigmatized and regulated. With legalization already happening in a number of places and on the brink in others, the question of “What can medicinal marijuana do for me?” has been on quite a few minds. Medicinal marijuana has been found to be an effective treatment for a number of medical conditions, including migraines.

So…Does it Work?

Because of the great deal of controversy surrounding the medical use of marijuana, and the strict regulations of its use until very recently, there isn’t a conclusive answer. Although we don’t have a unanimous vote on the effectiveness of medicinal marijuana in treating migraines, there have been a number of academic advancements. 

A recent study was published in Pharmacotherapy and found that medicinal marijuana reduced the frequency of migraine headaches. Of the 121 participants who took part in the study, 103 participants reported a decrease in migraines. Of all the ways to consume marijuana, inhaling marijuana was reported as the preferred method because the effects are felt more quickly than edibles.

Why Might It Work?

The reason that many people find medicinal marijuana to be effective in treating migraines is because the active ingredients in marijuana, THC and CBD, bind with the natural receptors in the brain that impact pain perception.  Migraines are caused by brain spasms and overly relaxed veins. Medicinal marijuana treats migraines by causing changes in the outer layers of the brain.

Best Strains to Treat Migraines

THC is the psychoactive of the active ingredients in marijuana. Because of this, migraine sufferers often opt for CBD heavy and THC low strains. Strains with higher levels of CBD are more likely to interfere with the daily routine of the patient.

Cannatonic is a strain known for its relaxing and uplifting qualities, while having little or no psychoactive effect, due to the THC content of only 6%.  This strain has been cited as an effective remedy for pain, insomnia, and more relevant to this article, migraines.

If you are looking for a bit of the psychoactive high with your migraine relief, Sour Tsunami might be just the strain for you. There is a 1:1 CBD:THC ratio, so there is some psychoactive effects, but these are still mild as the percentages for each are approximately 10%.

For migraine relief with a decent high included, patients should consider OG Kush. With a 20-25% THC level, this strain is sure to provide psychoactive effects, whole also treating your migraine. In addition to migraine relief, this strain is cited as an effective memory for depression, anxiety, and nausea. OG Kush results in a euphoric and relaxing high.

 Where do I Start?     

If you are suffering from migraines and aren’t sure what to try next, consider medicinal marijuana. Of course, do your research and consult a doctor prior to beginning any course of treatment.  It is important to ask the experts and have all your information before beginning.

One key piece of information to know before you begin your search is the desired outcome. Do you want pain relief alone, or are you also having issues with insomnia or depression? Do you want to experience a psychoactive high or find a strain that can be used in your daily life? Once you get the answers to these questions, you are ready to start your search. Happy healing!

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