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How to Find a Local Medical Marijuana Dispensary Near You

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June 18, 2014 9:00 AM

how-to-find-a-local-medical-marijuana-dispensary-around-youMedical marijuana is becoming more accepted across the country but is there a dispensary in your neighborhood that sells the medicine? The fastest way to find anything these days is with search engines such as Google. By using your city and "medical marijuana dispensaries" in the query, you should get a list of links to local dispensaries. But in case Google doesn't deliver any appropriate links, here are some other ways to find dispensaries in your region. 

Find Local Medical Marijuana Dispensary

Asking friends who use medical marijuana is one way to find out quickly where the local dispensaries are. Another way is through social media. If you still can't find people who know about local dispensaries, there are authoritative websites on cannabis that you can check. WheresWeed.com, for example, provides exclusive deals on medical marijuana in your area. It's also a site that keeps up to date with the latest news on marijuana legislation. 

WeedMaps.com is another helpful resource that uses Google Maps to help you locate dispensaries in your area. The map includes filtering tools to find dispensaries that sell lab-tested cannabis, those that offer delivery service and facilities with on-site security guards. Another elaborate website on dispensary research is THCfinder.com. The site lets you sort through dispensaries by distance, most reviews, top rated, most hits and establishments still open. 

Other Dispensary Finders

Try CannabisSearch.com to learn about various dispensaries across the nation. This site provides helpful information such as customer reviews of specific dispensaries and ratings of the establishment based on product quality, product value, atmosphere, customer service and location. It also lets you know if the dispensary has a delivery service. The site is very informative about strains, edibles, the history of cannabis, medical benefits and medical marijuana law.

Leafly.com is yet another informative website that helps you find cannabis dispensaries throughout the United States. The site provides a wealth of knowledge about cannabis strains, which is important in deciding on which dispensary to shop. It's important to know which strain works best for your medical condition, ideally before you choose a dispensary, although good dispensaries will have experts who can recommend certain strains. You may have to order from a dispensary outside of your area if your local dispensaries do not carry the appropriate strains for your condition. The site also has a tool that allows you to filter dispensaries based on affordability. 

Finally, Yelp is a good resource to search for any local business, including medical marijuana dispensaries. One of the reasons it's a valuable resource is that it provides honest customer reviews and it ranks the businesses based on the number and quality of reviews. 

Stay Up to Date

Even though the state laws are getting looser on medical marijuana, local laws do not always coincide with state laws. That's why you need to stay up to date on local legislation affecting cannabis. It's possible for a city to be blanketed with dispensaries that all disappear quickly if local ordinances suddenly change, which has been the case even in some California cities.

One way to research marijuana news in your city is to go to Google, type in "news," then click "Google news" and search for "marijuana" and your city. Find out what the latest local rulings are and whether or not you live in a pot-friendly environment. 

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