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How to Find a Medical Cannabis Clinic Near Me

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March 02, 2018 9:00 AM

How_to_Find_a_Medical_Cannabis_Clinic_Near_Me.jpgWhen looking at treatment options for different kinds of illnesses and ailments, many people don’t stop and consider medical marijuana as an option. However, if you’re struggling to find a way to cope with the symptoms of your illness, it could be a viable option for you.

Many people who don’t respond well to pharmaceuticals or who are hesitant to try opioids in fear of getting addicted also might think there isn’t anything that can be done to help them, but this isn’t the case. Medical marijuana, while considered an alternative form of medication, has proven to help ease the symptoms of a variety of illnesses.

Once you decide that medical marijuana is the right treatment for you, you should find a medical cannabis clinic near you. Below are some ways you can do that easily.

Visit a Clinic



Your Doctor

Your doctor is the first person you should be talking to regarding medical marijuana. If your doctor isn’t comfortable authorizing medical cannabis, they’ll likely refer you to another doctor who is.

The physician who authorizes medical cannabis will know where the medical cannabis clinics are in your area. They might even refer you to a doctor at one of those clinics. Your doctor is a great medical resource that you shouldn’t hesitate to use.

Marijuana Websites

There are some specific marijuana websites like Leafly.com and Weedmaps.com that are brimming with information about medical marijuana and where to find a medical cannabis clinic and medical marijuana-friendly doctors. All you have to do is put in your address, and the websites will inform you of the closest medical cannabis clinics to you.

These websites also have information about different strains of marijuana to help you understand what the strain is known for. People can also leave reviews about strains, so you can learn if people have side effects they weren’t expecting. There’s a wealth of information on sites like these, and you’ll be able to find answers to most of your questions because many people have the same ones.


Google is another source to aid you in finding a medical cannabis clinic near you. Google Maps is a great website that can help you find what you’re looking for. People can also post reviews about the clinics, so you can learn which ones might be better avoided and which ones are good options for checking out.

There are certain things you should watch for when determining which clinic you should go to. The main factors to look for include medical staff and a dispensary on site. If the clinics you’re looking at don’t have doctors on staff or a dispensary, move on. There are better clinics out there for you.


If you’re in a smaller town or a more remote area, there might not be any clinics near you, which is a problem. If that’s the case, keep your eye on the news or your ears on your favourite radio station because they may announce when a new clinic opens.

In the meantime, you can talk to other clinics and see if they offer tele-consultations. Some dispensaries also mail their products, so even if you live in a remote area, it’s definitely possible for you to get the medical cannabis you require to help you cope with your illness.

Finding a medical cannabis clinic near you can seem challenging, but it really isn’t. There are numerous ways to find a good clinic near you, and none of them cost you any money. Do your research and you’ll find one that’s perfect for you.


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