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How to Find a Strain of Medical Marijuana That's Right For You

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April 11, 2014 1:19 PM

how-to-find-a-strain-of-medical-marijuana-thats-right-for-youFinding the right medical marijuana strain is important because reaction among individual users varies considerably and often has to do with where the cannabis comes from and how it is grown. Not everyone reacts the same way to hybrids or concentrates, which are commonly sold at dispensaries. Since there are many variables that determine which type of cannabis is best for your condition, strains make a good starting point. It may require a certain amount of trial and error for judging the best strains of medical marijuana for your condition.

Talk with a Medical Professional

First find out from a qualified medical professional if medical marijuana can help treat your condition. As much as marijuana has been shown to be useful for certain conditions, such as relieving pain, it may create adverse conditions with some individuals. Starting with a doctor's opinion helps give your approach more credibility. Although doctors are not allowed to prescribe marijuana, they can recommend it if their state law allows it. A majority of doctors think that marijuana is useful for certain medical conditions, according to a WebMD study published in 2014.

Ask an Experienced Caregiver

You can learn about various strains of medical marijuana from caregivers and people who work at dispensaries. They may deal with several different strains themselves. Ask about the differences between cannabis types such as Indica, Sativa or hybrids. Within these types are strains. Indica strains include Granddaddy Kush and Lemon Skunk while Sativa strains include SpaceQueen and Queen Green. People who have studied marijuana cultivation can tell you how the growing process can affect the potency of the plant. The climate of the plant will also affect potency.

One of the most well known strains is Purple Haze, which is grade A Sativa, noted for its comfortable euphoric feel. Purple Haze is useful in reducing severe pain or depression, but it is also risky for people who aren't prepared for such an experience that may include psychedelic imagery. Each state has its own different strains. California, for example, offers the relaxing Sativa strain Domina, which smells like pine while Colorado offers the more powerful Indica strain Purple Kush, which smells more like a skunk.

Visit Expert Websites

Medicalmarijuanastrains.com lists several different types of conditions and corresponding relevant strains of medical marijuana. The strains are organized by conditions such as anxiety, asthma, back pain, depression, headaches and insomnia. The site gives information about strains such as what it's called, what it looks like, how it smells and its effects. Lovespell, for example, is the name of a B+ strain that yields mellow and creative effects. An A+ strain such as Northernberry X Blueberry is more relaxing and can be used as a sedative. The site is a good way to learn about the effects of certain strains without experimenting with them.

Medicalmarijuana.ca explains the differences between marijuana strains. Indica strains mature faster than Sativa strains due to having more chlorophyll. By producing hybrids of Indica and Sativa it's possible to create a breed customized to an individual's needs. Hybrids are dominant in today's medical marijuana market. Some of the notable hybrids include Love Potion, Harmony, Thunderbud, Timewarp, Trainwreck and Skunk. Pure Sativa is rarely used as medical marijuana since it's harder to grow. These plants are also associated with triggering paranoia and irregular heart patterns. Sativa, though not used much for medical purposes, can help some individuals overcome depression and fatigue. Pure Indica comes from places such as Pakistan, Afghanistan and Tibet. Indicas and hybrids are more favored by the medical community for their pain relief qualities and faster growing capabilities.

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