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How to Get Medical Marijuana in Canada

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May 02, 2018 9:00 AM

How_to_Get_Medical_Marijuana_in_CanadaAre you confused about how to get medical marijuana in Canada? As more and more people turn to its therapeutic benefits, it’s important to make sure you’re following the right process to obtain it legally.

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If you’re considering this medication route, keep reading to learn how to access medical marijuana.

Talk to Your Doctor

Your first step will be to speak with your current family physician—even if they aren’t the one to authorize this medication for you. Your family doctor has been with you for a long time and knows your medical history best. Be open and candid with them about why you’re exploring this option, how your current medication is ineffective, and why you want to try this as an alternative.

Provide your doctor with a detailed explanation of your symptoms and why you believe this treatment option may benefit you. If you currently smoke recreationally, disclose this information and your lifestyle pattern to explain how you believe it will help. Based on all this information and your current medical condition, he or she may provide you with a referral to obtain this authorization elsewhere.

Get a Referral

Doctors aren’t always keen to provide an authorization directly. Many just aren’t comfortable with the topic or they don’t know enough about medical cannabis’ therapeutic benefits. In this case, the doctor will fill out a referral form for you to visit a medical cannabis clinic.

Getting a referral is one way to get medical marijuana in Canada. Most clinics require this form from a doctor before booking an appointment, although some accept a self-referral sheet. Regardless, you’ll need to bring this form along with any supporting medical documents to the clinic for your first consultation.

Meet for a Consultation at a Medical Clinic

A booked appointment sets you up for a consultation with a licensed marijuana doctor. Similar to the meeting with your family doctor, you’ll discuss your symptoms, lifestyle, and medical history.Based on your discussion, condition, and past treatment, the doctor may or may not approve an authorization to use medical cannabis.

Additionally, they can give you more knowledge about which strains may best combat your current illness and other therapies you may benefit from. They’ll recommend your daily dose and discuss whether to use dried marijuana or CBD oil.

Receive Your Medical Card

Approval from a doctor is great, but you need an official document from the government. The doctor will fill out the necessary paperwork that makes you eligible for a marijuana medical card. This document is what legally allows you to receive medical cannabis. It includes your personal information—full name, date of birth, and address—as well the dosage and expiry date.

It’s best to keep this card close to you. Marijuana isn’t legal yet. If for whatever reason you’re stopped by police while you have cannabis on you, you want to prove that you have obtained the proper authorization. It’s important that you know how to get medical marijuana in Canada.

Find a Licensed Producer

Some clinics are also licensed producers and can fill your authorization and send your product through the mail. Others will provide you with a list of licensed producers to consider.

Health Canada licenses these businesses to grow, distribute, and sell medical cannabis. They understand the difference between strains and ensure quality control, so you can be sure you’re receiving a safe, quality product.

This is how to get medical marijuana in Canada. Talk to your doctor or visit a cannabis clinic to see if this medication is right for you.


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