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How to Get Medicinal Marijuana Dosage Information?

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March 23, 2016 9:00 AM

How_to_Get_Medicinal_Marijuana_Dosage_Information.jpgThere are several ways to medicate using medicinal marijuana. Knowing the basics is an excellent way to ensure that you are reaping the full benefits of your chosen cannabis strain. It is also a good idea to know the strain of cannabis that best suits your aliment.   


Smoking is the most common way to inhale your cannabis. Inhaling cannabis is not thought to be as dangerous as smoking cigarettes but there is the possibility that lung damage can occur and lead to respiratory damage. Therefore it’s a good idea to use a more potent strain of cannabis that has a higher content of THC in order to achieve the required effect quicker, by smoking less.

It is also recommended that you use a pipe, which controls the dosage more effectively. There is no real dosage that is standardized for each patient. Donald Abrams, a professor of Clinical Medicine at the University of California in San Francisco, states that doses are based off the strength of the THC contained in the cannabis strain. He suggests starting with a cannabis strain that has a 10% THC. With this percentage he recommends a daily dose of between .5 to 5.55 grams. The most important thing to keep in mind is to start slowly and wait 30 minutes before taking more. All bodies react differently. Find your own pace. 


Edibles are products that have been infused with marijuana, and take the longest time to feel the effects of. Edibles are considered stronger than other forms of marijuana because many edibles have been in contact with heat. During the process of cooking the inactive cannabinoids are converted to additional THC and CBD compounds. This provides higher concentrations of these chemicals than in other forms of marijuana.

It is important to note that different brands contain different consistencies, augmenting the potency of THC within the product. It is recommended that you consume only 10-20 milligrams of an edible product. 10 milligrams is the perfect place to start because you want to make sure you do not consume too much of the edible. Reaction time in the body varies depending on the product. Some varieties take longer to take effect. Relax, take your time, and be mindful of your body’s needs and reactions.

Tinctures and Tonics     

Tinctures and tonics, a liquid form of medicinal marijuana, are made from 4oz of clean cannabis leaves and combined with 80% proof alcohol of your choice. Once the leaves have been washed and rinsed of the chlorophyll, the leaves are combined in a glass bowl, and covered with alcohol to ensure all of the leaves are coated with the liquid. The bowl must then be covered and remain in a dark place for approximately 48 hours. Afterwards the cover is removed and the dish is left out to evaporate approximately 50% of the liquid. This will likely take another 12 hours to complete. Once evaporated, the tincture can be strained through a filter several times and will then be ready to use. Tinctures and tonics are most beneficial to those who experience nausea and/or vomiting. It is commonly used for patients who are suffering from the negative effects of chemotherapy. The typical dose for tinctures and tonics is approximately three drops but no more than two droppers full. It can be combined with food, liquids, or taken under the tongue to provide relief.

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