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How to Network Your Way into a Cannabis Job

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August 01, 2018 9:00 AM

How_to_Network_Your_Way_into_a_Cannabis_JobThe changing marijuana industry is creating an entirely new crop of jobs in Canada. If you’re interested in working in this field, don’t delay. Work your way into the cannabis industry and discover who you should be meeting with and talking to.

Visit a Clinic



Attend Conferences and Trade Shows

There are tons of industry events happening in Canada that are teeming with like-minded individuals. Listen and take advice from those who have already made their mark. Sit in on panels, stop by tables, and chat with everyone you meet. People across the country come together to showcase their products and services at these industry events.

Canada has many hemp and cannabis conferences happening throughout the year—you just have to check your calendar. HempFest Cannabis Expo, Grow Up, and the Canadian Cannabis Business Conference are just a few. The people and ambiance at these shows create diverse, inclusive settings, so don’t be shy when you’re there. It won’t do you much good if you stay quiet. You never know who you’ll meet or how they can help you.

Before you go, you might find it useful to educate yourself on trends, studies, and related issues currently happening in the industry. It will give you some talking material when you’re there, acting as easy introductions if you’re nervous about talking to strangers. Think of your newfound knowledge as a conversation starting point and surprise them with seven amazing cannabis history lessons.

When you attend any of these events, consider dressing for a different part. You might think that the stereotype of this industry leaves people dressed in a lowkey, laidback fashion, but that’s no excuse to be sloppy. It’s okay to be casual, but always err on the professional side with your attire.

Join Professional Groups

Extend your network beyond events and trade shows, and become a member of different cannabis groups filled with individuals, enthusiasts, patients, and more. CaneXions and Women Grow are just two groups in a field of many. You can even join forums of cannabis-focused sites for additional communication avenues. Find out more with five of the best blogs to follow about medical marijuana.

Take part in their online presence—many of these groups have Facebook, in addition to other social platforms, where you can join in by participating in forums, asking questions, and chatting with those also interested in this area.

It’s important that you engage with others in these groups. People will become familiar with who you are, which could be useful should an opportunity arise in the future: You might be the person that group member thinks of first. Let other visitors know who you are and what you do.

Know Your Strengths and Interested Sectors

If you already know where it is that you specifically want to work, you’ll give yourself a leg up and can focus your networking efforts in that area. Are you looking to apply as a grower or licensed producer? Do you want to work in a clinic? Are you interested in an ancillary area, such as writing for a marijuana-based news channel?

From cultivating to testing, there’s a variety of spaces to work within the cannabis sector. Knowing what you want ahead of time can help you focus on meeting the people who can get you into those specific sections.

Think about your personal mission within this business. Evaluate your strengths the way you do when you’re searching for other jobs. Whether you have amazing people skills or a strong science background, there’s a way you can apply those traits to a career in the cannabis industry.

Al these placements give you a chance to put your name out there, learn more about the industry, and forge relationships with people you may one day work with. For more insight on the medical cannabis industry, visit Aleafia Health.


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