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The Top Medical Marijuana Clinics in Atlantic Canada

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May 25, 2018 9:00 AM

The-Top-Medical-Marijuana-Clinics-in-Atlantic-Canada-compressorFrom coast to coast, Canabo Medical Clinic makes it easy for patients to receive an authorization for medical marijuana. If you live on the east coast, here are the top four medical marijuana clinics to visit to discuss this medication and obtain an authorization.

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From New Brunswick to Newfoundland

You’ll find a Canabo Medical Clinic in every maritime province. Halifax, Nova Scotia’s capital, is the first location in the province to open. Wolfville’s clinic was Nova Scotia’s second location to open, providing another option for patients seeking this authorization. Patients can find a clinic in Sackville, a town in southeastern New Brunswick, and last but not least, Canadians in P.E.I. and Newfoundland can visit the clinic in St. John’s.

Why Choose Canabo Medical Clinics?

When you need the right advice, visit a cannabis clinic to ask about medical marijuana. At Canabo Medical Clinics you’ll find a fully licensed staff: doctors and nurse practitioners who can assist you with receiving an authorization for medical cannabis. They’re knowledgeable about which strains work best to combat different illnesses, they can suggest the best dose, and they can provide you with research about how medical cannabis is being used to alleviate symptoms like yours.

The professionals at Canabo understand the benefits of medical marijuana, and they’re dedicated to improving patients’ lives using this medication. They know industry research never ends. New studies are conducted and developments in this field continue to reach new heights. Staying updated on marijuana for medicinal purposes is a vital part of their job, and this is information they pass on to their patients.

Canabo’s clinics work on a referral-only basis, meaning potential patients will need to have a referral form before booking an appointment. You’ll have to speak to your family doctor or specialist first. Tell them why you think your current medication isn’t working and why you’re interested in using medical marijuana as an alternative solution. Once your physician fills out Canabo’s patient referral form, you can book your first appointment at the clinic closest to you.

When you go to your first appointment, make sure you bring a valid health card, a pharmacy report listing all current and past medications, and any additional documents related to your medical history. This is necessary for the doctor to understand exactly what you’re experiencing, gauge potential contraindications with current medications, and create the right treatment plan for you. If you qualify, you’ll receive your authorization, which you can fill through a licensed producer.

The initial consultation includes a free introductory cannabinoid education session with a trained cannabinoid educator. Are you unsure what to ask at your appointment? Here are seven things to ask when you visit a medical cannabis clinic for the first time. Don’t hesitate to ask them any question you have.

How Else Can They Help?

Canabo Medical Clinics go beyond authorizing medical marijuana. Their doctors and nurse practitioners create effective, personalized patient discovery plans that manage symptoms. Doctors will conduct a full assessment to determine how this medication can leave you feeling like your best self. It’s not a one-and-done deal. Follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor success and adjust dosage or strains if needed.

All the clinics run specialty programs, including a long-term care facility program, a V.I.P. program, and a sleep aid program. When you need a holistic solution to manage your illness, Canabo Medical Clinics offer a wide range of options. They’re dedicated to improving your quality of life.

Canabo’s parent company, Aleafia Health, is a leader in medical cannabis care. Together, they’re dedicated to improving patients’ lives with this treatment. Wherever you live in Canada, you can find their medical clinics here. Speak to your doctor today to seek a referral to Canabo Medical Clinic and learn how medical marijuana may work for you.


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