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The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Great Medical Cannabis Clinic

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December 20, 2017 9:00 AM

The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Finding-a-Great-Medical-Cannabis-Clinic---compressor.jpgYou’ve started to read a lot about medical cannabis. You’ve been dealing with your symptoms for a while now, and all the other drugs your doctors have recommended have failed. Someone suggested you look into medical cannabis—something you had no idea could help manage your condition—and you fell down a deep research hole. But the more you learn, the more questions you have. 

If you’re wondering how best to approach medical marijuana as a possible component to your health plan, a medical cannabis clinic should be your first stop. Not only do the medical professionals there have the knowledge you’re looking for, they have the experience with medical marijuana that you’re in need of. But not all “clinics” are created equal. 

Here are several things you must look for to know you’ve found a quality medical cannabis clinic.

Fully Licensed Doctors On-Site

If they don’t have fully licensed doctors on-site, they can’t possibly be a clinic. Legitimate clinics are, at their core, medical clinics. A medical clinic without doctors just isn’t a clinic at all. 

When adopting medical cannabis as part of your health plan, you want to know that the strain, the dosage, and the ingestion methods are appropriate for you. Only a doctor can help you with that, and the doctors that take special care to learn about and understand medical cannabis (the kind you find at a legitimate clinic) are the people you want to talk to.

Full Clinic Services

Beyond just ensuring an organization has doctors on staff, take a look at the clinic as a whole. What other services does it provide? Does it have a medical specialty beyond medical cannabis? Does it offer physiotherapy, osteopathy, or massage therapy?

Dispensary Equipped

Once you’ve got your questions answered, you want to ensure you can get your required dosage quickly and painlessly. That’s why you should look for medical cannabis clinics that have licensed dispensaries as part of their services. This way, you can ensure the product you receive is of quality—well-produced and dispensed through official channels

A medical cannabis clinic with a dispensary on-site also enforces its legitimacy; becoming a licensed producer and distribution through Health Canada is not a simple process. Any organization that has successfully received that designation is committed to your health.

Leaders in Research and Innovation

When looking for any medical professional, those that continue to give back to their professions through ongoing research and innovation are the best options. They strive to be up to date and knowledgeable in their specialties, such as medical cannabis, and know the current state of the industry. 

In the case of medical marijuana, which is currently going through a huge evolution in Canada, knowledge is changing all the time. You want to know your doctors are up to date and fully experienced.

Aleafia Total Health Clinic in Vaughan

If you’re in the GTA, the Aleafia Total Health Clinic in Vaughan is a stellar example of a quality medical cannabis clinic. It strives to help you achieve your optimal health before, during, and after treatment. The clinic has knowledgeable and experienced doctors, has a dispensary on-site, and is committed to the ongoing research of medical cannabis as an alternative to opiate treatments

It can feel overwhelming to look for a medical cannabis clinic well-versed in authorizing marijuana as part of a complete treatment plan, but if you look for these elements, you’ll find a quality organization committed to your health.


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