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5 Steps to Finding the Right Medical Marijuana Clinic For You

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January 17, 2018 9:00 AM

5_Steps_to_Finding_the_Right_Medical_Marijuana_Clinic_For_You.jpgOnce you decide that medical cannabis is the right choice for your medical treatment, you then have the challenging task of finding the right medical marijuana clinic. There are many different clinics out there, and not all of them are reputable or a good choice.

Keep in mind these tips while you search for the perfect clinic.

1. Ensure There Are Doctors On-Site

A medical clinic has to have doctors on-site, no matter what kind of health clinic it is. If there aren’t any doctors on-site, then it isn’t a clinic at all, and that isn’t what you want. You want a clinic that has doctors on staff with extensive medical knowledge who are able to take care of you and answer all of your questions.

2. Look for a Clinic Offering a Variety of Health Services

The best medical marijuana clinic offers a full range of services in order to provide you with the best care available. For example, the Aleafia Total Health Clinic is a full-service clinic offering patients pre-, during and post-care treatment to ensure their total health is being taken care of.

It has fully licensed doctors on site who work with patients to make sure they’re being treated properly and given long-term health solutions that take into account their unique health needs.

3. Seek out a Clean and Safe Environment

Any kind of medical clinic should be clean and make you feel safe, and that goes for a medical marijuana clinic as well. If you walk through a clinic’s doors and you feel unsafe, or don’t trust the staff, or you see that it’s not clean, walk out immediately. There’s no excuse for that kind of environment. A medical clinic should put you at ease because as soon as you walk through the doors you should be able to trust the clinic with your health.

4. Look for a Clinic with a Dispensary On-Site

A medical marijuana clinic should have a dispensary on-site. It should also be licensed and registered with the government so that it’s legally allowed to grow and dispense medical marijuana.

When a clinic has a dispensary on-site, you’re guaranteed to have your prescription filled quickly and efficiently. You’re also guaranteed to have access to the highest quality of product and to have a doctor on hand to talk to you about the different types of strains and their uses.

5. Make Sure the Clinic You Choose Is Committed to Education

A good medical marijuana clinic will have a commitment to furthering the education of society and its patients about medical marijuana. It’ll also have a commitment to furthering the advancement of medicine so that doctors can learn more about medical cannabis in order to better treat their patients.

If a clinic you visit is unconcerned with education or medical advancement, then it isn’t a place you want to be in. It’s important that you be treated at a clinic where doctors are knowledgeable and passionate about the health solutions they offer.

Finding the right medical marijuana clinic can be a challenge. There are many clinics out there, but not all of them are created equally. Look for a clinic that has fully licensed medical personnel, offers a variety of health services, and has a dispensary on-site.

You should also feel completely safe and assured when you walk into the clinic that it’s run by professionals who will help you take care of your health. It should be committed to furthering medical cannabis education and knowledge. It might seem like a lot to ask for, but it isn’t. If a clinic you visit doesn’t have these things, walk away immediately. You deserve the best treatment.


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What to Expect When You Visit a Medical Marijuana Clinic

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January 10, 2018 9:00 AM

What_to_Expect_When_You_Visit_a_Medical_Marijuana_Clinic.jpgThere’s a serious stigma when it comes to using marijuana for medical purposes. Society considers it an illegal drug, rather than a valuable health care option. It’s this stigma that prevents many people from seeking and using medical marijuana when it could really help them.

To combat this stigma and to deliver quality health care to patients, clinics like the Aleafia Total Health Network were created. These clinics provide quality care to their patients, and the stigma doesn’t reach in through the doors.

Experienced Medical Personnel

It’s scary when you have a health problem that traditional medication can’t seem to solve. When you switch and try alternative health care options like medical cannabis, it’s important that you feel comfortable and have medical personnel you trust to help educate you and take care of you.

When you visit a medical marijuana clinic, that’s exactly what happens. There are medical personnel there who care about your total health and want to make sure you recover from or effectively treat your ailment. The Aleafia Total Health Clinic, for example, offers patients pre-, during and post-care treatment so that there’s a plan in place every step of the way during treatment to ensure your treatment is as effective as possible.

There are experienced medical personnel available to you to help you get well.

Total Health Care

Many people have this idea that, when you have a medical marijuana card, you buy your medical cannabis, go home, and smoke it or eat it, and then when you run out go back for more. They think that this process carries on into eternity, but that isn’t the case when you start going to a medical marijuana clinic.

The Aleafia Total Health Clinic is interested in taking care of the whole patient. These total health clinics aren’t interested in quick stopgap solutions that don’t actually solve the full problem you’re experiencing. With a focus on total health care, they dig deep into the health problem and treat all issues, including the root problem, rather than simply treating symptoms.

When you visit a medical marijuana clinic, you not only get experienced medical personnel but a whole team of people who are interested in helping you heal and return to 100-percent health.

Quality Medical Cannabis and Expertise Advice

Reputable medical cannabis clinics, like the Aleafia Total Health Clinic, are licensed and registered with the Canadian government. This means they’re legally allowed to produce and sell medical cannabis to anyone with a medical marijuana card. You never have to wonder if what you’re buying is good quality when it comes from a licensed producer and distributor.

There are also many different strains of marijuana, which can be confusing if you’re new to this type of treatment. When you buy from a clinic, you’re purchasing from medical personnel who can offer the strains best suited to treat your condition.

Experienced medical staff will ensure that you receive the best health care advice and options, and they’ll treat you fully, rather than give you stopgap solutions that just don’t cut it. Put your health in the hands of experienced doctors who understand medical cannabis and who can help you get well. Visit a medical marijuana clinic.


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6 Reasons to Visit a Medical Cannabis Clinic

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December 25, 2017 9:00 AM

6-Reasons-to-Visit-a-Medical-Cannabis-Clinic---compressor.jpgThere are many reasons why medical marijuana may be a great treatment for you. Cannabis has successfully been used to help patients manage pain, as well as control seizures, reduce inflammation, and even help with treatment of muscle spasms arising from multiple sclerosis. The list goes on, but regardless of what you need marijuana to treat, the question becomes: How do I get started? 

First, you’ll need a doctor to authorize your use of the substance in the treatment of your condition. Next, you’ll need to find an organization capable of producing the strain you need. Finally, you need a legitimate distributor to get the appropriate dosage to you. This doesn’t even discuss the knowledge required to answer your questions. 

For new patients, all this can feel overwhelming. That’s why the best place to go is a medical cannabis clinic, such as Vaughan’s Aleafia Total Health Clinic. Organizations like this provide the knowledge, expertise, experience, and bedside manner needed to not only authorize your use but make you feel comfortable and informed about your new treatment. 

Here are six reasons to visit a medical cannabis clinic if you’re thinking about cannabis as part of your treatment.

1. A Doctor’s Attention

Medical cannabis clinics are just that—medical clinics. They deal in total health necessary for your ability to survive and thrive. This means that when you visit, you’re not talking to someone interested in selling you marijuana, you’re talking to a doctor concerned with your health. 

You’ll discuss if medical marijuana is an appropriate treatment for you as well as any questions you may have.

2. Safe and Professional Environment

If you walked into a medical clinic that made you feel uncomfortable, you’d turn around and walk right back out. The same goes for a medical cannabis clinic. These are legitimate organizations dedicated to your health. Aleafia’s Total Health Network ensures its clinics are safe, clean, and operating at peak efficiency. You’re not a customer—you’re a patient, one deserving of competent and complete treatment.

3. Offering Several Therapies

A total health clinic not only specializes in medical cannabis but also in pain management, symptom management, and more. It offers massage therapy, physiotherapy, osteopathy, and other therapies, as well as medical cannabis therapy. 

These clinics are also up to date on current trends, medical research, and regulations surrounding medical marijuana. The point is that these clinics, concerned for your whole health, adopt medical cannabis as a part of their whole treatment process. You won’t be authorized for marijuana if it’s not an appropriate treatment for you.

4. Legal Dispenser on Site

There are processes to receive medical marijuana through the mail, but they take much longer to receive than if you can pick up your dosage from a physical location. A medical cannabis clinic like Aleafia’s Total Health Clinic has a dispensary on site, which means you can not only trust the product offered but get it right away, too.

5. Experience and Knowledge

A medical cannabis clinic, as part of its focus on medical cannabis as a treatment option, knows what’s going on in the world of medical marijuana, such as new developments, treatment methods, research, or legislation. This means they know exactly which strains will help your condition best and the appropriate dosages and frequency. They also have the ability to answer all your questions.

6. Leading the Pack

While any doctor can authorize your use of medical marijuana, a clinic leads the science and growth of using medical cannabis as part of complete treatments. These clinics are often the ones supporting and providing ongoing research to understand medical cannabis in its entirety.

If you’re considering medical marijuana as part of your treatment plan, you should consider going to a medical cannabis total health clinic; you’ll appreciate the experience, knowledge, and expertise of its doctors, and you’ll receive the best results.


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The Ultimate Guide to Finding a Great Medical Cannabis Clinic

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December 20, 2017 9:00 AM

The-Ultimate-Guide-to-Finding-a-Great-Medical-Cannabis-Clinic---compressor.jpgYou’ve started to read a lot about medical cannabis. You’ve been dealing with your symptoms for a while now, and all the other drugs your doctors have recommended have failed. Someone suggested you look into medical cannabis—something you had no idea could help manage your condition—and you fell down a deep research hole. But the more you learn, the more questions you have. 

If you’re wondering how best to approach medical marijuana as a possible component to your health plan, a medical cannabis clinic should be your first stop. Not only do the medical professionals there have the knowledge you’re looking for, they have the experience with medical marijuana that you’re in need of. But not all “clinics” are created equal. 

Here are several things you must look for to know you’ve found a quality medical cannabis clinic.

Fully Licensed Doctors On-Site

If they don’t have fully licensed doctors on-site, they can’t possibly be a clinic. Legitimate clinics are, at their core, medical clinics. A medical clinic without doctors just isn’t a clinic at all. 

When adopting medical cannabis as part of your health plan, you want to know that the strain, the dosage, and the ingestion methods are appropriate for you. Only a doctor can help you with that, and the doctors that take special care to learn about and understand medical cannabis (the kind you find at a legitimate clinic) are the people you want to talk to.

Full Clinic Services

Beyond just ensuring an organization has doctors on staff, take a look at the clinic as a whole. What other services does it provide? Does it have a medical specialty beyond medical cannabis? Does it offer physiotherapy, osteopathy, or massage therapy?

Dispensary Equipped

Once you’ve got your questions answered, you want to ensure you can get your required dosage quickly and painlessly. That’s why you should look for medical cannabis clinics that have licensed dispensaries as part of their services. This way, you can ensure the product you receive is of quality—well-produced and dispensed through official channels

A medical cannabis clinic with a dispensary on-site also enforces its legitimacy; becoming a licensed producer and distribution through Health Canada is not a simple process. Any organization that has successfully received that designation is committed to your health.

Leaders in Research and Innovation

When looking for any medical professional, those that continue to give back to their professions through ongoing research and innovation are the best options. They strive to be up to date and knowledgeable in their specialties, such as medical cannabis, and know the current state of the industry. 

In the case of medical marijuana, which is currently going through a huge evolution in Canada, knowledge is changing all the time. You want to know your doctors are up to date and fully experienced.

Aleafia Total Health Clinic in Vaughan

If you’re in the GTA, the Aleafia Total Health Clinic in Vaughan is a stellar example of a quality medical cannabis clinic. It strives to help you achieve your optimal health before, during, and after treatment. The clinic has knowledgeable and experienced doctors, has a dispensary on-site, and is committed to the ongoing research of medical cannabis as an alternative to opiate treatments

It can feel overwhelming to look for a medical cannabis clinic well-versed in authorizing marijuana as part of a complete treatment plan, but if you look for these elements, you’ll find a quality organization committed to your health.


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Medical Marijuana: What Is a Licensed Producer?

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December 13, 2017 9:00 AM

Medical Marijuana What Is a Licensed Producer--.jpgCanada is poised to legalize marijuana in the summer of 2017, meaning life will become easier for many patients currently needing medical marijuana as part of their treatments plans. Though it is possible to acquire marijuana for medical reasons now, with legalization, it will be more prevalent and better utilized as a medical treatment as the stigma of being an illicit substance wears off. 

That doesn’t mean every corner store is going to be handing out blunts. Medical marijuana, just as it is now, will be authorized by doctors in controlled amounts to support total health plans for patients who would benefit from the treatment. There are rules in place now that will remain so, which is why anyone in need of an authorization should be knowledgeable about licensed producers—the only establishments legally authorized to produce and dispense medical marijuana.

What Is a Licensed Producer?

In short, licensed producers are organizations that have been granted the ability to produce and dispense medical marijuana across Canada. These organizations are overseen by Health Canada, abiding by the detailed and strict guidelines and limitations of growing marijuana for use in medical plans. 

A licensed producer has gone through a seven-stage application process. The process is quite gruelling—likely to separate the groups serious about producing medical marijuana and those looking to cash in on the ability to sell cannabis. As the country geared up to legalize cannabis, Health Canada opened the application process in March 2017. In one month, itreceived 1,630 applications—but sent back 841 as incomplete and outright refused 265. 

There are no guarantees your organization will receive authorization just because you filled out the application, which is a good thing for patients’ health. Like any prescription drug, regulation is a serious matter. Patients need to know providers can be trusted to provide a quality product that will benefit their health.

Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations (ACMPR)

Health Canada issues licenses under the ACMPR, the regulations that have replaced previous versions. There are currently just over 90 organizations listed on Health Canada’s website as licensed producers, and a message at the bottom notes that not all licensed producers are licensed for sale, too. 

For patients, this limits how they can acquire their prescriptions.

Accept No Substitutions

Not every organization that is selling marijuana is officially licensed. Many dispensers, especially across the GTA, are finding loopholes and risking police raids to operate. They may provide convenient access for prescription seekers, but the long-term gains are minuscule (especially when the nearby shop moves yet again following police action). 

Though the shadier dispensaries are likely to disappear as we get closer to Canada’s legalization of marijuana, for many patients now,the most trusted avenue to acquire prescriptions is through mail services. 

Unless, of course, you’re living in or near Vaughan and can access the Aleafiatotal health clinic.

Aleafia's Total Health Clinic

As part of Aleafia’s Total Health Network, the clinic recently opened in Vaughan and is a haven for patients looking to treat their pain and other conditions with medical marijuana. The clinic is committed to patients’ total health, of which they feel cannabis can be a potent supporter. 

The clinic is a licensed producer and distributor, which means not only can you see a doctor to discuss medical marijuana options for your health, you can access its dispensary on site and know you are receiving quality product as part of your total health plan. 

If you’re currently a patient or looking to speak to your doctor about medical marijuana as part of your treatment plan, the list of licensed producers is still short. Of those legally allowed to produce, only a few are capable of distributing directly to patients. That’s why organizations like Aleafia’s Total Health Clinic, capable of both authorizing and providing cannabis, are boons to the medical community.


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Why You Shouldn't Try to Buy Medical Cannabis Online

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November 20, 2017 9:00 AM

Why_You_Shouldn_t_Try_to_Buy_Medical_Cannabis_Online-1.jpgThe benefits of using medical cannabis to manage such conditions as chronic pain or anxiety have been proven through years of effective testing. Even as Canada moves to legalize recreational marijuana at the federal level, however, there are still many questions surrounding medical marijuana. Many doctors still feel uncomfortable authorizing cannabis as a solution. But the largest question for new patients is often, “Where can I get medical marijuana?” which in the age of the internet becomes, “Should I buy medical cannabis online?”

Sure, booting up your computer and ordering your authorization digitally seems like the easy solution, but there are many reasons why you should avoid these sellers and not buy medical cannabis online. Here are some reasons why you should avoid purchasing online and stick to authorized, legitimate locations like the Aleafia Total Health Clinic instead.

Finding the Appropriate Strain

When it comes to medical cannabis, the phrase “pot is pot” is absolutely untrue. If you’re seeking to relieve intense pain or manage other symptoms, you need an appropriate strain of cannabis that is going to support your health plan.

If you try to buy medical cannabis online, you cannot guarantee you’re going to get the correct strain. The more experienced organizations may sound like they know what they’re talking about when it comes to Sour Diesel or Pineapple Express, but the truth is these people are not doctors. Though they may know of strains, they are not trained in their respective medical effects. Only a doctor knows what strains to authorize for your condition.

Using the Correct Dosage

If you’re using cannabis to manage a condition, any amount will do, right? Much like with strains, absolutely not. Medical marijuana is a prescription for a reason. There is a correct dosage of a particular strain that is going to be effective for your condition. Any less or more can potentially have ill effects.

If you buy medical cannabis online, you won’t know what your appropriate dosage is. Online providers are businesses, not medical professionals. Their goal will be to sell you a product. If you hope to use cannabis as part of your medical plan, you need the knowledge and expertise of a doctor to determine the appropriate amount.

“What’s in This Again?”

If you’ve ordered your cannabis from an online source, you can’t be sure of what’s in the product you receive. The packaging may say “pure sativa” but you have no way of knowing the growth or production process. Online sellers have little to no oversight, which means they could be cross-contaminating sources, mixing up shipments, or just outright lying about the product they’re sending you.

If you want a safe product that is exactly the strain and dosage you need, you must speak to a doctor, preferably with a connection to an authorized provider.

So, Where Do I Get My Medical Cannabis?

The safest way to get your medical cannabis is through an official medical clinic, such as the Aleafia Total Health Clinic in the GTA. The organization not only has doctors on site who are trained in authorizing medical cannabis, but Aleafia is a licensed producer and distributor of medical cannabis. This means you can speak to a doctor about your condition, have an expert discuss what the best strain and dosage will be, and have an official provider package your medication. With appropriate government oversight and a commitment to your total health, an organization like Aleafia is the safest, easiest, and best method for getting your medical cannabis.

The temptation to buy medical cannabis online comes from its ease; however, before clicking “buy” consider the ramifications to your health, safety, and future—and stick with the safe option of a fully licensed medical clinic.


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The Types of Places You Should Avoid When Seeking Marijuana for Sale in the GTA

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November 15, 2017 9:00 AM

The_Types_of_Places_You_Should_Avoid_When_Seeking_Marijuana_for_Sale_in_the_GTA-1.jpgMedical marijuana can be an important and helpful treatment option for a patient in need of relief from pain, PTSD, arthritis, and other medical conditions. But the search for marijuana for sale should not be a discouraging or downright dangerous endeavour.

If you’re looking for marijuana for sale to treat your condition, here are the types of places you should avoid in the GTA.


Fast and convenient, dispensaries are nonetheless often sketchy. They’ve popped up all over the city to take advantage of the pending law changes, but despite the convenience they represent, they remain a poor choice for patients looking for medical cannabis.

It may seem convenient, but you have no way of knowing what is in the product you are purchasing nor its quality. You also can’t be sure of the experience you’ll receive, as the dispensary’s sole concern is profit and not your medical health.

Dispensaries Posing as “Clinics”

There are legitimate, reputable medical clinics in the city—Aleafia’s Total Health Clinic being a great example—that are licensed producers and have the medical practitioners on staff to authorize medical cannabis. These physicians are also familiar with the appropriate methods for patients to acquire safe medical marijuana for their needs.

What you want to avoid is a business claiming to be a clinic but has no credentials (nor medical staff!) on site. The business may make claims to be a medical clinic, but without trained doctors concerned with your health (not just writing cannabis authorizations) you cannot be assured you’re going to get the support you need.

The Right Place: A Total Health Clinic

If you’re in need of medical marijuana to combat pain or anxiety, the best place for you to go is a medical clinic concerned with your total health. The Aleafia Total Health Network’s clinic focuses on just that—with doctors on staff who know the benefits of medical marijuana and who will benefit from its use. They authorize medical cannabis as part of a complete health plan, with your health as the primary concern.

Not only do they have your best interest at heart, they are experienced and can assist you in obtaining the most effective product that will provide relief and symptom management.

It’s getting easier to find marijuana for sale in the GTA, but if you’re looking for cannabis as part of your medical treatment plan, the best option remains to go to a total health clinic. Actual medical clinics, like the Aleafia Total Health Network’s, can offer the appropriate and knowledgeable medical marijuana support you need. You’re best to avoid using non-reputable dispensaries to purchase your marijuana. Your health will thank you.


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Do's and Don'ts for Finding Cannabis for Sale in Toronto

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November 13, 2017 9:00 AM

Do_s_and_Don_ts_for_Finding_Cannabis_or_Sale_in_Toronto.jpgYou wake up in the night and feel your pain coming on strong. It haunts you throughout your day, and now your night, too. You’ve spoken with doctors before but most just want to prescribe you pills you don’t want to take. You’ve managed to live with the pain for now, but as you lay there in the dark, you know something’s going to have to change. It’s sharper than ever, and you need relief.

You boot up your computer to try researching some of those pills or perhaps a clinic that deals with a person’s total health—anything to help. You find your way onto the Aleafia Total Health Network website, and pause. You’ve definitely heard about medical marijuana to manage pain, but no doctor has ever authorized it; no one has ever even brought it up. Could it be a solution for you? (It certainly seems better than a bottle of addictive painkillers...)

But where would you even find cannabis for sale? What’s the appropriate and safe way to go about finding and buying medical marijuana? For that matter, what kind and how much would you need?

If you’re in Toronto and have ever found yourself asking questions like that, here are some do’s and don’ts for finding cannabis for sale in Toronto.

The Don’ts

When it comes to purchasing marijuana, the entire process can feel kind of mysterious. Most people, doctors included, are unaware of how the medical cannabis process works. This can leave people in search of marijuana to manage their pain asking many questions.

The number-one thing you should know if you’re in search of medical cannabis for sale is that there are licensed producers who sell medical cannabis, as well as some not-so-legal, sketchy dispensaries. Many manage to exist through loopholes. As a patient in search of medical support, they will not be your friend. All dispensaries offer is “convenience,” but often at the cost of quality, medical advice, and education.

You also want to avoid any business posing as a “medical clinic.” A real medical clinic, like Aleafia’s Total Health clinic, is a great place to go, but many so-called clinics don’t even have doctors on staff. They’re glorified dispensers unconcerned with your health; they only want to turn a profit.

The Do’s

To truly alleviate your pain through medical marijuana, you need to search out an official medical clinic with doctors trained in authorizing marijuana as part of a complete health plan.

The Aleafia Total Health clinic is an excellent place to get started. Their concern is your total health. They have doctors on staff trained in medical cannabis therapy, as well as other therapies designed to help with symptom management. Their goal is not to get marijuana into your hands and money into theirs; they exist to improve patients’ total health, providing support before, during, and after treatment.

Regardless of where you choose to go, when searching out cannabis for sale to manage your pain, you want to ensure the channel is concerned with your health. Anything else is likely to be ineffective, costly, and, at its worst, dangerous.

As you read more about Aleafia’s mission and vision, you start to feel that this is the approach you’ve been missing. Even though your pain flares, you actually smile. Booking a consultation to discuss medical cannabis treatment is as easy as filling out a simple form online. For the first time in a while, you feel confident you’ll find a way to manage your pain.


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5 Red Flags to Look for When Choosing a Toronto Medical Cannabis Clinic

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November 10, 2017 9:00 AM

5 Red Flags to Look for When Choosing a Toronto Medical Cannabis Clinic--.jpgAs marijuana stands to be legal in Canada by July 2018, important questions about the growth of production, distribution, and authorization of medical cannabis arise. What are the best ways to produce enough for the predicted demand? What education should doctors have to inform and encourage the authorization of cannabis for relief of pain and other symptoms? And, if you’re a patient who can benefit from its medical properties—where can you safely and legally get your prescription? 

Professional organizations like Aleafia’s Total Health Clinic are opening to provide helpful service to those seeking answers, education, and authorization. For those already turning to medical cannabis as a way to treat pain and other symptoms, here are five red flags to look for when choosing your Toronto clinic.

1. There Are No Doctors on Site

A clinic just isn’t a clinic without doctors. If you’ve been recommended by a friend of a friend to try a “clinic” that offers marijuana over the counter, odds are the business isn’t actually a clinic. While many dispensaries have loopholes that protect their practices, they are still unlikely to provide the medical advice you seek. 

When selecting a clinic, just as you would any medical service, research the doctors on site. What are their credentials, where did they go to school, and what kind of continued service have they contributed to their field?

2. You’re Recommended to Visit a Dispensary

There is an official process to getting medical cannabis. After speaking with a doctor who recommends cannabis as a treatment for your condition, you will be authorized cannabis and given a medical note. 

The doctor will provide you with a list of the licensed producers authorized by the government to produce medical cannabis and suggest one that’s appropriate for your treatment. The provider will require copies of your medical documents to keep on file before mailing your authorization.

If you find your clinic isn’t using this process, you may want to ask further questions about its legitimacy.

3. They Don’t (Really) Talk about Your Health

Medical cannabis is an effective component of a comprehensive treatment plan. The key here is that it’s a component, not the whole plan. If your clinic is only concerned with talking about how much and what kind of marijuana may work for you, it’s probably time to consider better options. 

Respectable clinics like Aleafia’s Total Health Network are invested in total health management and improving quality of life, not just a one-off treatment. Look for a clinic that discusses medical marijuana as an option as part your medical plan, not as the only part of it.

4. They’re Unconcerned about Education

Professional clinics, like all good medical services, are interested in advancing medicine. They will have a commitment to education—of doctors, patients, and society—that goes beyond just offering medical services. 

They’ll look for ways to better our knowledge of medicine in all its forms to ensure patients like you can make an informed decision.

5. Suggestions

Your doctor should be well-versed in the benefits, side effects, dosages, strains, and modes of consumption of medicinal cannabis. A professional clinic doctor will discuss your needs with you, answer your questions, and offer suggestions based on your unique circumstances. 

In the end, you should be able to trust your gut on whether you have walked into a quality medicinal cannabis clinic or not. Trust your feelings, ask questions, wait for answers, and don’t be afraid to leave a place that makes you feel uncomfortable. If you’ve walked into a quality clinic, you’ll know that your health is the number-one concern.


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How to Differentiate Professional Medical Cannabis Clinics from Sketchy Clinics in the GTA

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November 08, 2017 9:00 AM

How to Differentiate Professional Medical Cannabis Clinics from Sketchy Clinics in the GTA--.jpgMedical marijuana can provide relief from pain, anxiety, PTSD, and other conditions. As medicinal marijuana becomes more popular in Canada, the question remains—where can you get it (especially if you live in Toronto)? 

Not all medicinal cannabis clinics are alike. 

Here are some important ways to differentiate a professional medical cannabis clinic from sketchy clinics across the GTA.

Clinic vs. Dispensary

The first thing you need to know is the difference between a clinic and a dispensary. Clinics are medical facilities that have in-house doctors specially trained in the diagnosis and authorization of cannabis. Dispensaries are storefront operations focused on selling product. 

A dispenser is unlikely to have a doctor on site and is the “traditional” image people have when picturing a place to buy marijuana—in a rundown building on the sketchy side of town. If you’re looking for professional medical advice in a safe space, you want to access your cannabis through clinics.

How to Recognize a “Sketchy” Clinic

We’re always been told not to judge a book by its cover, but when it comes to medical cannabis clinics, the easiest way to spot a sketchy one is by the way it looks. If the building is rundown, if it’s in a bad part of the city, and if the upkeep of the clinic itself seems neglected, you’re probably looking at a less reputable clinic. 

But what if there are no obvious signs? The best way is to start asking questions. Professional clinics will have doctors on staff trained in diagnosis and authorization of medical cannabis who follow the proper procedures and regulations

To legally authorize medical marijuana in Canada, you need an MD-signed medical document: a daily limit, THC limit, and a duration of the authorization, along with a licensed producer form. Sketchy clinics, though they may have a doctor on site, are less likely to be concerned with these procedures. 

Marijuana treatment recommendations, like other medical services, are completely free in Canada. If your clinic is charging to connect you with a physician, know that there are other, more reputable options that provide the same service for free.

What a Good Clinic Looks Like

A great example of a professional clinic is Aleafia’s Total Health Clinic, now open in Vaughan. Aleafia’s Total Health Network is an organization committed to total health and providing support before, during, and after treatment

Its ongoing goal has been to open comprehensive total health clinics across the province. The clinic has doctors on site trained in medical cannabis therapy, but the clinic itself is committed to whole health. Its services range from pain management to physiotherapy, chiropractic, and other medical services. 

The best way to recognize a professional medical cannabis clinic is through its commitment to your health, like Aleafia, and not just the authorization of marijuana. These clinics are medical services centres concerned with your whole health and all the options available to achieve it.


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