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What Happens During a Medical Cannabis Consultation?

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June 01, 2018 9:00 AM

What-Happens-During-a-Medical-Cannabis-Consultation-compressorDo you have an upcoming appointment at a medical cannabis clinic? If you do, keep reading to find out what to expect.

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The Doctor’s Assessment

The date’s marked on your calendar, you have your doctor’s referral form, and now you’re going in for your first appointment. In the beginning, you might find yourself repeating parts of your medical story to this doctor. The doctor at the medical cannabis clinic has to get to know you first to get a thorough assessment of your medical history. 

Similar to the meeting with your family physician, let the doctor know why you’re interested in this treatment option. Explain to him or her why your current prescriptions aren’t helping and what you hope to change using this authorization. The doctors and nurse practitioners at these medical clinics specialize in authorizing medical cannabis. They know everything there is to know to give you the best help. 

You’ll have brought key pieces of information with you, such as a chart of your medical history and a list of current and past prescriptions. The doctor needs to review these documents and know exactly what you’re taking and why. This gives them a full picture of your story, and they can determine what kind of side effects may exist if medical marijuana is added to your list of current medications. Your appointment will vary in length—it depends on why you’ve come to this clinic and how much information the doctor needs to review.


At the end of the appointment, the doctor will decide whether or not you qualify for medical cannabis. If you do, you’ll be authorized a medical marijuana card. This is your identification piece that allows you to fill your authorization and confirms you’re legally allowed to carry marijuana on you in case you were stopped by authorities. 

The doctor can’t pick the exact strain for you, but they can discuss different strains available, such as those higher in THC versus CBD and how each strain works best to alleviate your current symptoms. They also can’t recommend a licensed producer, but they can provide you with a list of producers in Canada. These decisions are ultimately left to the patient. 

Doctors will authorize a specific dosage. They’ll also schedule follow-up appointments as necessary. Use these appointments to let the doctor know how you’re feeling and whether you should be using a different strain, you need a lower dosage, or you have other concerns.

Filling Your Authorization

You’ve been approved. The doctor will fill out the necessary paperwork to process your medical card, then it’s up to you to fill your authorization and handle the next few steps. You can start by researching different licensed producers in Canada.

A licensed producer is certified by Health Canada and the ACMPR to grow and sell medical marijuana. A licensed producer in Toronto can help you choose medical cannabis strains. Each one carries different strains and products, with knowledgeable staff who can answer your questions as related to the products they sell.

It’s best to shop around at different producers to give yourself a comprehensive idea of what each one carries and how different producers may be better suited to fit your medical needs. Each producer varies in price, shipping methods, and product. You want to get the right one for you.

Aleafia Health is a fully staffed medical cannabis clinic, with the team and resources dedicated to discovering innovative medical solutions using marijuana. Their healthcare professionals will help you feel your best.



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The Top Medical Marijuana Clinics in Atlantic Canada

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May 25, 2018 9:00 AM

The-Top-Medical-Marijuana-Clinics-in-Atlantic-Canada-compressorFrom coast to coast, Canabo Medical Clinic makes it easy for patients to receive an authorization for medical marijuana. If you live on the east coast, here are the top four medical marijuana clinics to visit to discuss this medication and obtain an authorization.

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From New Brunswick to Newfoundland

You’ll find a Canabo Medical Clinic in every maritime province. Halifax, Nova Scotia’s capital, is the first location in the province to open. Wolfville’s clinic was Nova Scotia’s second location to open, providing another option for patients seeking this authorization. Patients can find a clinic in Sackville, a town in southeastern New Brunswick, and last but not least, Canadians in P.E.I. and Newfoundland can visit the clinic in St. John’s.

Why Choose Canabo Medical Clinics?

When you need the right advice, visit a cannabis clinic to ask about medical marijuana. At Canabo Medical Clinics you’ll find a fully licensed staff: doctors and nurse practitioners who can assist you with receiving an authorization for medical cannabis. They’re knowledgeable about which strains work best to combat different illnesses, they can suggest the best dose, and they can provide you with research about how medical cannabis is being used to alleviate symptoms like yours.

The professionals at Canabo understand the benefits of medical marijuana, and they’re dedicated to improving patients’ lives using this medication. They know industry research never ends. New studies are conducted and developments in this field continue to reach new heights. Staying updated on marijuana for medicinal purposes is a vital part of their job, and this is information they pass on to their patients.

Canabo’s clinics work on a referral-only basis, meaning potential patients will need to have a referral form before booking an appointment. You’ll have to speak to your family doctor or specialist first. Tell them why you think your current medication isn’t working and why you’re interested in using medical marijuana as an alternative solution. Once your physician fills out Canabo’s patient referral form, you can book your first appointment at the clinic closest to you.

When you go to your first appointment, make sure you bring a valid health card, a pharmacy report listing all current and past medications, and any additional documents related to your medical history. This is necessary for the doctor to understand exactly what you’re experiencing, gauge potential contraindications with current medications, and create the right treatment plan for you. If you qualify, you’ll receive your authorization, which you can fill through a licensed producer.

The initial consultation includes a free introductory cannabinoid education session with a trained cannabinoid educator. Are you unsure what to ask at your appointment? Here are seven things to ask when you visit a medical cannabis clinic for the first time. Don’t hesitate to ask them any question you have.

How Else Can They Help?

Canabo Medical Clinics go beyond authorizing medical marijuana. Their doctors and nurse practitioners create effective, personalized patient discovery plans that manage symptoms. Doctors will conduct a full assessment to determine how this medication can leave you feeling like your best self. It’s not a one-and-done deal. Follow-up appointments are scheduled to monitor success and adjust dosage or strains if needed.

All the clinics run specialty programs, including a long-term care facility program, a V.I.P. program, and a sleep aid program. When you need a holistic solution to manage your illness, Canabo Medical Clinics offer a wide range of options. They’re dedicated to improving your quality of life.

Canabo’s parent company, Aleafia Health, is a leader in medical cannabis care. Together, they’re dedicated to improving patients’ lives with this treatment. Wherever you live in Canada, you can find their medical clinics here. Speak to your doctor today to seek a referral to Canabo Medical Clinic and learn how medical marijuana may work for you.



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What Medical Cannabis Clinic to Go to for Chronic Pain

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May 23, 2018 9:00 AM

What-Medical-Cannabis-Clinic-to-Go-to-for-Chronic-Pain-compressorIf you suffer from chronic pain, you want the best help available to reduce your discomfort. Medical marijuana is an alternative treatment option for chronic pain. 

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Where can you get this authorization? You need to visit a reputable medical cannabis clinic. Keep reading to learn why this type of clinic is your best option and learn about the established medical marijuana clinics you should visit.

Why Turn to Medical Cannabis?

Why are chronic pain patients turning to medical cannabis? It’s an alternative treatment option for those looking to get away from dangerous pharmaceuticals. 

Visiting a medical cannabis clinic to receive an authorization can alleviate your symptoms and help you feel better. Like any medical clinic, these offices have doctors and nurse practitioners onsite to treat patients. 

They employ medical professionals with leading industry knowledge about how this medication can treat chronic pain. These healthcare professionals are dedicated to learning how medical marijuana can improve patients’ daily lives, treat different illnesses, and assist patients in a natural way. Having a sole focus on this medication leaves these doctors and nurse practitioners highly equipped to discuss trends, studies, research, and legislation in the changing industry. 

A medical marijuana clinic is a safe and professional environment. These clinics are legitimate organizations that operate in a manner in line with provincial health regulations. Clinics support and provide ongoing research.

Aleafia Health

Aleafia Health provides medical cannabis care at a clinic in Vaughan, Ontario. The team is constantly broadening their understanding of this medication’s therapeutic properties and how medical marijuana works to combat chronic pain. Their staff provides a customized care solution for each patient. This clinic takes patient care to the next level. 

In addition, Aleafia Science provides advanced data based on its in-depth research and development strategies. Patients can be sure they’re partnering with a clinic truly devoted to long-term care. 

In addition to those benefits, this clinic is a licensed producer: Patients can choose the same partner to fill their authorization, instead of searching through a list of producers to find a place on their own. Aleafia Health is committed to helping patients suffering from chronic pain feel better through the benefits of medical cannabis.

Canabo Medical Clinics

There are Canabo medical clinics across Canada. These clinics are dedicated to providing safe and effective treatment while educating and advancing medical cannabis research. They understand this medication plays a meaningful role in patient recovery and improve patients’ overall quality of life.

Canabo understands how alternative treatments can help patients struggling to find relief with traditional therapies. They run specialty programs, including providing a long-term care facility and home visit program. In addition, their VIP program makes it easy for patients to get help wherever they are, whether that’s from home or at the office.

They help patients understand the medical cannabis system, educate them regarding their authorization, and schedule additional appointments to ensure this medication delivers the assistance patients need. Their staff is up to know with the latest advancements to properly educate their clients. Multiple locations across the country make Canabo medical cannabis clinics accessible to virtually all Canadians.

Can medical marijuana help relieve chronic pain? Visit the doctors and nurse practitioners at Aleafia Health and Canabo Medical Clinic to get answers to all your questions about medical marijuana and chronic pain.



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3 Things the Top Medical Cannabis Clinics Provide

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May 04, 2018 9:00 AM

3-Things-the-Top-Medical-Cannabis-Clinics-Provide-compressorThere are countless medical cannabis clinics throughout Canada, and each one is different.

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If you’re looking for a medical cannabis clinic, make sure it checks these three things off the list.

1. Licensed Healthcare Professionals

You trust that your family physician knows what they’re talking about, and you should expect the same service from the staff at a top medical cannabis clinic. When seeking any kind of prescription, you want to understand what kind of medication you’re taking, confirm that it’s right for you, and understand how it will impact your life and even your current medication regime. 

Reputable medical cannabis clinics employ fully licensed doctors on site who are ready to answer your questions and discuss how different strains work, your treatment options, and what you can expect from this medication. They know the appropriate dosage to authorize, can discuss different intake methods, and can help you understand side effects you may experience. 

When you’re interested in this medication but you don’t know enough about it, medical cannabis clinics are the best places to visit. Only knowledgeable doctors can provide you with the right authorization, and this is one of the services you can expect when you arrive for your consultation. Medical cannabis clinics without licensed physicians aren’t clinics.

2. A Commitment to Health

Doctors know this isn’t a drug you’re taking for fun—you’re using it to get better. You need relief from your current symptoms. You’re looking to improve your quality of life. You’re considering this medication because your current prescription isn’t effective. 

The doctors at medical cannabis clinics should be dedicated to providing treatment that helps you feel better. They’ll ask you about your current health and medical history to better understand where medical cannabis will play a part in treatment. They’ll communicate with your doctors and specialists and take part in the circle of care. 

Licensed healthcare professionals are committed to keeping you healthy. They do this by staying updated on changes in the field. The marijuana industry is already experiencing a massive shift, and the doctors at these clinics ensure they stay ahead of these changes to provide their patients with the latest knowledge.

3. A Licensed Producer

A top medical cannabis clinic can also be a licensed producer, the party responsible for filling and mailing your authorization to you. Finding a licensed producer can be an initially difficult task, especially when you’re reviewing a long list of potential producers. It can be hard to know which one to pick, and the doctors at clinics can only provide the list, not a recommendation.

A clinic that is also a licensed producer not only saves you some time from finding a producer, it further legitimizes the clinic. These businesses are granted the ability to produce and dispense medical marijuana. They’re overseen by Health Canada which ensures all licensed producers abide by the regulations in place for growing this plant.

Licenses are issued under the Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulation (ACMPR), which designates these growers as licensed producers and notes whether they’re also licensed to sell. Regulation is a serious matter and a clinic that also acts as a licensed producer adds credibility to their business. When you combine this with educated staff and a commitment to health, you have a trifecta for a successful clinic.

Before you choose a clinic, make sure it’s trustworthy. If you’re thinking about using medical marijuana, speak to the licensed professionals at Aleafia Health.



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What to Look for in a Medical Cannabis Clinic

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April 30, 2018 9:00 AM

What_to_Look_for_in_a_Medical_Cannabis_ClinicWhile your family doctor may be able to give you some recommendations for different medical marijuana clinics nearby, you may want to conduct your own research.

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A reputable medical cannabis clinic has these key qualities. Before you book your first consultation, make sure the clinic you’ve chosen covers the bases below.

Licensed Personnel on Hand

If the medical marijuana clinic you go to doesn’t have any licensed medical professionals on staff, consider this a red flag. A quality clinic employs licensed healthcare professionals—doctors and nurse practitioners who are able to authorize this medication and treat your current symptoms.

Get answers to your medical marijuana questions at a clinic near you. The staff members are fully up to date on medical cannabis research, its benefits, and related education to explain in detail how it works to treat patients, the types of new studies underway, and more. They understand the various ways different strains impact illnesses to recommend the right one to fight your symptoms, and they can explain how it’ll best benefit you.

Even if your family physician writes the authorization for you, speak to a doctor at a clinic. They’re fully immersed in this field all the time, which leaves them highly equipped to thoroughly address your needs using this medication. Choose a medical cannabis clinic that gives you the benefits and knowledge of working with a doctor who fully understands how this medication can relieve your current symptoms.

You want to know your health is in capable, knowledgeable hands, and a medical cannabis clinic ensures that through the people they hire. You can be sure you’re receiving expert medical advice from on-site personnel.

Quality Advice and a Commitment to Health

A medical cannabis clinic aims to improve patients’ health, and this shines through in all aspects of their work. They take the time to understand each patient’s individual needs and symptoms to develop an effective therapeutic plan.

They’re leaders in innovation, staying on top of current data and advancements in order to move forward with medical advances in this field.

The medical marijuana industry is in the middle of an evolution. Speaking with the professionals at a clinic means speaking to those following its changes every step of the way.

Bonus: A Medical Cannabis Clinic That’s Also a Licensed Producer

Filling your authorization can be somewhat of a headache, especially when you have to decide which is the right licensed producer to choose. The doctor or nurse practitioner at a clinic cannot recommend specific producers, it’s a choice left to the patient.

However, when you’re researching different clinics, check for ones that are also licensed producers. A medical cannabis clinic that also produces and distributes medical-grade cannabis can make it easier to fill your authorization. Choosing a licensed producer ensures the product you receive is of high quality and obtained using legal means.

Health Canada approves who can be a licensed producer, and they subject all approved medical cannabis businesses through their pharmaceutical screening programs, just like any other drug. They provide quality assurance so you can guarantee you’re receiving reputable product and the strain variety that’s right for you.



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Have Chronic Pain? A Medical Cannabis Clinic Can Help

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April 18, 2018 9:00 AM

Have-Chronic-Pain-A-Medical-Cannabis-Clinic-Can-Help-compressorMany patients suffering from chronic pain have known about the benefits of medical marijuana for some time. If you’ve tried other treatments with little to no success, it might be time to try something new. See how a medical cannabis clinic can help ease your chronic pain.

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Knowledgeable Staff

You’ve tried other methods, but nothing seems to work. The staff at a medical cannabis clinic go beyond prescribing treatment: They know the ins and outs of medical cannabis therapy and can provide you with an effective plan to curb your current symptoms. They develop a pre- and post-treatment plan that helps you through every stage of your journey. 

Regardless of how you developed chronic pain, such as the result of a sports injury or genetics, doctors and nurse practitioners get to know you in order to devise the best plan and medication that makes managing chronic pain easier. 

While a medical cannabis clinic may authorize medical cannabis, it does so much more than that. The staff has the knowledge and experience to help you better manage this pain. Clinics employ educated healthcare practitioners who have the knowledge and skills to answer your questions and provide information regarding the latest news in medical marijuana therapy, development, and treatment.

How Medical Marijuana Helps

More chronic pain patients are turning to medical cannabis. Users prefer this treatment to other methods traditionally used to manage chronic pain. When compared alongside other medications, such as opioids, medical marijuana contains far fewer addictive properties and results in fewer side effects. There’s no reason to suffer when an alternative treatment exists. 

Medical cannabis is perceived by many to be the better option because it manages pain more effectively than opioids and its effects don’t diminish over time. Extensive research already completed, as well as research that’s currently underway, demonstrates the effectiveness of this treatment option. 

Two notable ingredients in medical marijuana help patients—THC and CBD. THC is the ingredient that’s helpful in curbing addiction. It binds to the brain’s receptors to reduce drug cravings, and it’s the main component responsible for stopping the pain signal from sending. When the brain doesn’t receive any feelings of pain, the patient feels more comfortable.

The Best Answers

Staff at a medical cannabis clinic will let you know whether this treatment option is right for you, will work with you to relieve your current symptoms, and will provide you with authorization for medical cannabis, if that’s the right option for you. 

There are several marijuana strains available that help with chronic pain. It’s these strains in particular that help patients fight their symptoms while providing pain relief. Doctors and nurse practitioners won’t only discuss the best remedy for you, but they will recommend the best strains and answer any questions you have about your new treatment plan. 

Plus, some clinics, in addition to providing therapy, are also licensed producers. 

Whether it’s understanding common side effects or understanding the benefits of medical cannabis, family doctors don’t always know enough about medical marijuana to offer an authorization. Consider a medical cannabis clinic as your best option. 

See how visiting an Aleafia Health clinic can help you manage your chronic pain.



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Can Anyone Go to a Medical Cannabis Clinic?

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April 16, 2018 9:00 AM

Can-Anyone-Go-to-a-Medical-Cannabis-Clinic-compressorIf you’re considering the use of medical marijuana for your illness, you no doubt have a few questions about where you need to go to obtain this authorization. In order to receive medical marijuana, you’ll need to visit a medical cannabis clinic. Although anyone can go, it’s not without its complications. Here’s what you need to know before you walk in.

Visit a Clinic



Ask Your Doctor for a Referral

Potential patients of medical marijuana clinics often need to be referred by a doctor or specialist in order to get an appointment. Some clinics prefer that you have a referral form from your family doctor before calling in to book the appointment yourself, and they operate on this policy only. Clinics that don’t require a referral will have you fill out an online form on their websites or inform you to call their office to request an appointment. 

Family doctors often hesitate to authorize medical cannabis therapy. It’s at this point that you can ask him or her for a referral to a medical cannabis clinic. The referral is your next step to booking a consultation with a doctor or nurse practitioner at a clinic. The GTA has many medical marijuana clinics. Once you have a referral, you can schedule an appointment to speak with a specialist who will discuss your symptoms and determine whether this treatment is right for you.

Book an Appointment

It’s unlikely you’ll find a medical cannabis clinic that accepts walk-ins. You need an appointment first. If you don’t have a referral, the clinic will have you fill out a patient intake package and get back to you to schedule a time. 

Doctors and nurse practitioners will also ask you to bring supporting medical documents—regardless of whether you have a referral or fill out an intake package yourself. Medical documents are needed to confirm your diagnosis. These are required in order for the doctor to understand your medical background and discuss whether medical cannabis is right for you.

It’s at this appointment that the healthcare practitioner will determine whether or not you’re suitable to receive this kind of treatment.

Who to Talk To

If you’re considering medical marijuana as a treatment option, there are plenty of people you can speak to. 

Your first stop will be your family physician. They know your medical history best. They’re the starting point for discussing whether or not medical cannabis is the right treatment for you, your interest in choosing this medication, and whether you’ll benefit from medical marijuana. 

If you also see a specialist, such as a neurologist, psychiatrist, or cardiologist, you may want to seek their opinion in order to discover how else this medication may impact your current lifestyle and medication regimen. 

If your doctor does provide authorization, it’s important to speak with a doctor or nurse practitioner at a medical marijuana clinic. They know everything there is to know in order to provide the right treatment for you and answer any other concerns. 

See how the medical professionals at Aleafia Health can help you with your treatment. Their health clinic is filled with friendly, knowledgeable personnel who can determine which kind of medical marijuana is right for you, provide an authorization, and answer any questions you have.



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Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Marijuana Clinics in Canada

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April 02, 2018 9:00 AM

Frequently_Asked_Questions_about_Medical_Marijuana_Clinics_in_Canada.jpgCanada’s medical marijuana clinics have been around for some time, but not everybody is sure of their exact function or how medical marijuana differs from recreational marijuana. These are the most frequently asked questions concerning medical marijuana clinics.


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Are Clinics Licensed Producers?

Not all clinics are. It depends on their function. Some medical marijuana clinics provide information and authorizations, while others act as licensed producers in addition to those functions. At the latter, you can fill your medical cannabis authorization at the clinic. Regardless of duties, all are equipped with knowledgeable staff to answer any questions you have, such as treatment options, strains, ingestion options, and more.

There are some places you should avoid when seeking marijuana for sale in the GTA. Pot shops or dispensaries operate in a gray area. Although they sell a variety of cannabis product, from dried marijuana to edibles, balms, creams, and oils, they aren’t legally allowed to. Certain regulations allow them to maintain a sense of business legitimacy. By contrast, medical marijuana clinics diagnose, authorize, and, if they’re licensed, provide access to medical marijuana via mailed courier services.

Do I Need a Medical Document to Get into a Clinic?

You don’t need a medical document to get into the clinic. The medical professionals at the clinic will approve you for medical marijuana use, provided you also meet the requirements to get a medical marijuana card. This results in a successful application for the medical document, which you’ll use to fill your prescription.

Who Do I Speak to When I’m There?

Is medical cannabis treatment right for you? You need to know who to ask. You’ll speak to a medical professional, likely a doctor or a nurse practitioner, at a clinic. They’ll assess your medical history, symptoms, and ailments to verify that this is the right treatment for you.

Family doctors, however, are often the first person you’ll see regarding this authorization. Be open with your doctor regarding your symptoms and how your current or previous treatment isn’t working. Most doctors are reluctant to grant this authorization as many aren’t comfortable doing so. It’s still viewed as controversial, with a mix of conflicting scientific data.

Do I Need a Referral before I Go?

A referral to a clinic typically isn’t necessary, but a written referral from your family physician doesn’t hurt. The majority of people visit medical marijuana clinics because their doctors won’t authorize medical cannabis use. Prior to your first appointment, most clinics will have you fill out an introductory form and then follow up with you to confirm your appointment.

How Do I Receive Medication?

Once you’ve been approved to receive medical marijuana, you need to find a licensed producer. While some medical marijuana clinics handle both sides, not all are licensed, and some may send you elsewhere to fill the prescription. Those clinics will often provide you with a list of licensed producers to go to.

Some health clinics, such as Aleafia Health, don’t only assist patients with authorizations. They’re also licensed producers who can fill your prescription. Other places, such as Canadian Cannabis Clinics, are not licensed producers. They would inform you of various producers where you can fill your authorization.

Am I Covered by Health Insurance?

At this time, medical marijuana is not covered by the majority of healthcare insurance providers; however, the upcoming legalization date for recreational marijuana has triggered a shift within the insurance industry.

Some big insurance providers are adding options to their extended healthcare plans that include medical cannabis. Check with your insurance carrier to see if medical marijuana will be added, when it’s expected to, and what you’ll be eligible to receive.



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7 Things to Ask When You Visit a Medical Cannabis Clinic for the First Time

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March 30, 2018 9:00 AM

7_Things_to_Ask_When_You_Visit_a_Medical_Cannabis_Clinic_for_the_First_Time.jpgWalking into a medical cannabis clinic without doing your homework isn’t your best move. Getting medical marijuana requires more than knowing whether you’re receiving the right strain; the clinic and staff inside should be well-versed in medical cannabis.

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Take steps to find the right clinic for you by getting the answers to these seven questions.

1. Is This the Right Option for Me?

The medical professionals in medical marijuana clinics understand that it’s not just about filling out paperwork and receiving a card, it’s about providing the right treatment to improve your day-to-day life. The doctors will review your case history, the risks, benefits, and the consumption methods to ensure medical cannabis is the right option for you.

As the patient, you’ll have plenty of questions doctors need to answer. Be open and honest with the doctor in order for him or her to fully assess you and determine whether this is a viable option or if other choices exist.

Doctors have to understand your medical history and condition. When you explain how other pharmaceutical remedies didn’t help, it’s easier to see how medical cannabis could.

2. Are There Doctors on Site?

It isn’t a medical cannabis clinic if there aren’t any medical professionals on site. Recommendations to clinics by friends often lead you to a dispensary. This is likely not the answer you’re looking for regarding medical use. Health clinics in the GTA employ knowledgeable, educated doctors who are well-informed regarding the use and development of medical marijuana.

3. What Strain Is Best for My Condition?

Which strain is right for you? Each marijuana strain will have a different effect on your mind and body. Licensed producers are stocked with a variety to serve each patient’s diverse needs. The staff at the clinic are well-versed in different strains and will provide you guidance to ensure you receive the right product for your needs.

Some clinics also act as licensed producers, meaning you can purchase your prescription directly from them, which will be mailed to you. At a medical cannabis clinic, you can be sure you’re receiving the education regarding the plant’s unique benefits and how different varieties fit best into your treatment plan.

4. How Will This Affect My Other Medications?

Like any medication you take, you don’t want a new prescription to impact what you’re currently taking. They all need to work in harmony. The doctor will want to know your medical history in order to provide a full answer regarding how medical marijuana could impact your current medication regimen.

5. Can I Buy Medical Marijuana in Different Forms?

Medical cannabis is sold as dried marijuana and oil. You can choose to ingest these by your consumption method of choice, such as bake it into edibles or using a vaporizer.

6. Where Can I Get More Information?

If you want to do your own research, the clinic can point you to additional resources for more reading. Though you will find a lot of information online, some of it may be incorrect or outdated, so it’s best to ask the clinic for resources.

7. Is There More Research Specific to My Condition?

You might be interested to know if studies have been conducted on the effects of cannabis on your specific condition. This can provide additional insight in regards to its health benefits, how it’s affected others, and what you should expect. These studies and reports are vetted by industry professionals, so you can be sure you’re reading corroborated research.

Aleafia Health is a health network whose goal is to improve its patients’ lives with the help of medical cannabis. See how they can help you.



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Get Answers to Your Medical Marijuana Questions at a Clinic Near You

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March 28, 2018 9:00 AM

Get-Answers-to-Your-Medical-Marijuana-Questions-at-a-Clinic-Near-You---compressor.jpgIf you’re starting to think that medical marijuana might be a valid treatment option for you, then you’ll have dozens of questions that need answers. Medical cannabis is a treatment option for some illnesses and conditions, but not all of them, and so if you’re starting to consider finding out if it’s an option for you, then you need to go to a medical marijuana clinic near you to get answers to your questions.

Visit a Clinic



Is It a Good Option?

Medical cannabis is being used to treat a variety of different illnesses and conditions, but it can’t treat everything. The first thing you need to find out is whether medical marijuana is a good option for your health needs.

One of the first places to look for information is the internet. Websites like Leafly and Weedmaps have a wealth of information regarding what medical cannabis can treat and what it can’t. Another place you can go to for information is your doctor. Your doctor will be a hit-or-miss option. Some doctors are hesitant to talk about or authorize medical cannabis simply because they don’t know enough about it.

The best place to go with your questions is a medical cannabis clinic. These clinics are staffed with medical professionals who are experts when it comes to medical cannabis, and you want to speak with an expert when it comes to your health.

Where to Find a Clinic

There are numerous clinics in the GTA, but remember all clinics are not created equal. Some clinics are better than others, and so it’s important that you do your research before you go to any one.

The clinic you pick should be easy for you to get to. It should also be clean and sterile, and you should feel completely comfortable in the clinic. If you’re ever uncomfortable, then it isn’t a place you want to be in. On top of that, the clinic you pick should have expert medical personnel on staff, as well as be a licensed producer. You want expert medical staff because your health is important, and you want a licensed producer because the clinic can ensure the quality of the strains they’re recommending.

How to Access It

Since recreational marijuana is currently still illegal, there’s some red tape you need to get through in order to get access to medical marijuana. A medical cannabis clinic isn’t able to give you any medical cannabis until you have the correct paperwork. There are certain criteria you need to meet in order to qualify for a medical marijuana card.

Once you start thinking that medical marijuana could be the right treatment option for your illness or condition, you’ll have numerous questions. One of the best places for you to get your answers is at a medical marijuana clinic. At a clinic, you can rest easy knowing expert medical personnel will be able to answer your questions and provide you with any and all information you need about medical cannabis. Finding a clinic near you won’t be hard as long as you keep the different services you need in mind, and don’t settle for less than the best.



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