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How to Find Medical Marijuana Doctors

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June 22, 2016 9:00 AM

How_to_Find_Medical_Marijuana_Doctors.jpgMedical marijuana can be an effective treatment option for patients with a wide variety of medical conditions. If you think medical marijuana is the best choice to suppress your symptoms and you live in an area where medical marijuana is legal, then you might need to find medical marijuana doctors who are able and willing to prescribe the treatment.

Your Family Doctor Might Not Prescribe It

Medical marijuana has many advantages over pharmaceuticals. It’s all natural, it has less severe side effects, and it’s non-lethal. And oftentimes, it’s actually more effective than chemical drugs. Nonetheless, the medical marijuana legislation both in Canada and the US is poorly written and many doctors are still hesitant to prescribe it. It doesn’t have a drug identification number, and many doctors aren’t well aware of its contraindications, the dosage recommendations, or the best strains for specific conditions and illnesses.

Be aware that if you go to your family doctor seeking a prescription for medical marijuana, you might walk out empty handed. Doctors aren’t required to give out these prescriptions.

Don’t give up, though. Your next option will be to find medical marijuana doctors who will be more willing to hear you out.

Ask Your Doctor for a Referral

Even though your family physician might refuse to prescribe medical cannabis to you, he might be able to recommend someone who is more knowledgeable on the subject and who is known to give out these prescriptions.

Having a referral from your family doctor can make it a lot easier for you to find medical marijuana doctors in your area. Your search might end right then and there. Your family physician can send over your patient file so your medical marijuana doctor will have all of your information available.

Check Online

If you haven’t been able to obtain a referral from your doctor, if you don’t have a family doctor, or if you don’t want to ask, then we suggest going online.

Just like with anything else, the web is a great place to find the information you seek. Check out some medical marijuana websites like Weedmap.com or Leafly.com. These types of websites will make it easy for you to find medical marijuana doctors in your area. They have easy-to-use doctor directories. You just have to choose your state or province and city and you’ll quickly have a list of doctors along with their contact information.

Visit Dispensaries

Though dispensaries sit in a grey area legally, police usually leave them alone because they offer valuable medical marijuana advice, recommendations, and information for patients. They provide a service to those in need, which the government hasn’t been doing. And they’re a great resource to find medical marijuana doctors.

Visit or call up a dispensary or compassion club near you and request contact information for local doctors.

Look up Non-Traditional Doctors’ Offices

Medical facilities that provide non-traditional treatment options, like naturopathy and holistic care, might be more comfortable writing prescribing for medical marijuana than completely traditional doctors who only believe in pharmaceuticals.

Be Prepared

When you find medical marijuana doctors on your search, you don’t want to then just head to the office to ask for weed without preparation. These physicians are still doctors after all, and they’re going want to ensure that you take your appointment seriously. Know what to expect from the appointment and make sure to have your patient records, with a firm diagnosis and a list of other treatments you’ve tried and why they’ve failed. You may have to have a few visits and try out other treatment options before you’re prescribed medical marijuana.

Don’t Give Up

If your family physician won’t prescribe medical cannabis, you’re going to have to go through the motions. It might take time to find medical marijuana doctors. And you might have to go through several appointments and build a relationship with the doctor before getting a prescription. But if you truly believe that medical marijuana can help you, don’t give up.


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3 Things You Should Know About Medical Marijuana Doctors

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December 02, 2014 9:00 AM

3-Things-You-Should-Know-About-Medical-Marijuana-DoctorsIn order to get a prescription for medicinal cannabis, you need to find a doctor who will sign your forms and certify you for a medical cannabis card. Although medical marijuana doctors are your one-way ticket to getting this alternative herbal treatment, there are some things to consider before you contact your family doctor hoping to get a prescription or a referral. Check out the three top things you should know about medical marijuana doctors below.

1. Right to Refuse

Physicians are the only persons, other than nurse practitioners, who are authorized to prescribe cannabis for medical purposes. However, this does not mean that all doctors must prescribe the treatment when asked. Many doctors are refusing to sign the forms, either because they are opposed to cannabis as a treatment, are unconvinced about its therapeutic benefits due to lack of research, or they do not feel they are qualified to prescribe it. The doctor who prescribes your medical cannabis is the person who will decide your eligibility, your dosage, and your length of treatment. Physicians are often hesitant to prescribe it because they lack experience and knowledge when it comes to these factors of the therapy. Thus, it can be difficult to find a medical marijuana doctor in your area who is willing, experienced, and authorized to sign your forms and get you on your way to your new therapy.

2. Special Clinics

If your primary physician refuses to give you a medical cannabis prescription, don’t despair. Although it is his right to refuse the treatment, there are medical marijuana doctors out there who are pro-cannabis as treatment and who will happily help you feel relief with marijuana when no other treatment options have helped. These medical marijuana doctors typically make it well known that they advocate for the medicine, which will make your search easier. Some of these physicians have opened up medical marijuana clinics—and these clinics are popping up at an ever-increasing rate. Doctors with medical practices at clinics with “herbal,” “wellness,” or “organic” in their names are also more likely to be inclined to see the medicinal benefits of alternative treatments like cannabis and sign your forms.

3. Guidelines

Though it is up to the physician to choose to prescribe medical cannabis or not as well as the eligibility of your claim and the length and dosage that you will receive, medical marijuana doctors still have to act within some guidelines set forth through their respected boards of medicine. The process isn’t as simply as going to see a doctor, asking for a prescription, and having it handed to you. These doctors will still need to evaluate you, get your medical history, and confirm a diagnosis for an eligible condition. You will also have to discuss with the physician what other traditional treatments you have tried in an attempt to reduce the symptoms and how well they did or did not work for you. What’s more, medical marijuana doctors can opt for prescribing oral cannabinoids rather than dried cannabis if they feel that it’s the best route.


Getting in touch with a medical marijuana doctor is a great first step to getting on the path to the all-natural, herbal cannabis treatment. However, keep these three things in mind before you go searching for a doctor: they do not have to prescribe you marijuana and they have strict guidelines to follow. But if you’re having a hard time finding a family physician that with sign your medical marijuana forms, you will likely have better luck searching at specialty medical marijuana clinics.


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