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What Happens During a Medical Cannabis Consultation?

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June 01, 2018 9:00 AM

What-Happens-During-a-Medical-Cannabis-Consultation-compressorDo you have an upcoming appointment at a medical cannabis clinic? If you do, keep reading to find out what to expect.

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The Doctor’s Assessment

The date’s marked on your calendar, you have your doctor’s referral form, and now you’re going in for your first appointment. In the beginning, you might find yourself repeating parts of your medical story to this doctor. The doctor at the medical cannabis clinic has to get to know you first to get a thorough assessment of your medical history. 

Similar to the meeting with your family physician, let the doctor know why you’re interested in this treatment option. Explain to him or her why your current prescriptions aren’t helping and what you hope to change using this authorization. The doctors and nurse practitioners at these medical clinics specialize in authorizing medical cannabis. They know everything there is to know to give you the best help. 

You’ll have brought key pieces of information with you, such as a chart of your medical history and a list of current and past prescriptions. The doctor needs to review these documents and know exactly what you’re taking and why. This gives them a full picture of your story, and they can determine what kind of side effects may exist if medical marijuana is added to your list of current medications. Your appointment will vary in length—it depends on why you’ve come to this clinic and how much information the doctor needs to review.


At the end of the appointment, the doctor will decide whether or not you qualify for medical cannabis. If you do, you’ll be authorized a medical marijuana card. This is your identification piece that allows you to fill your authorization and confirms you’re legally allowed to carry marijuana on you in case you were stopped by authorities. 

The doctor can’t pick the exact strain for you, but they can discuss different strains available, such as those higher in THC versus CBD and how each strain works best to alleviate your current symptoms. They also can’t recommend a licensed producer, but they can provide you with a list of producers in Canada. These decisions are ultimately left to the patient. 

Doctors will authorize a specific dosage. They’ll also schedule follow-up appointments as necessary. Use these appointments to let the doctor know how you’re feeling and whether you should be using a different strain, you need a lower dosage, or you have other concerns.

Filling Your Authorization

You’ve been approved. The doctor will fill out the necessary paperwork to process your medical card, then it’s up to you to fill your authorization and handle the next few steps. You can start by researching different licensed producers in Canada.

A licensed producer is certified by Health Canada and the ACMPR to grow and sell medical marijuana. A licensed producer in Toronto can help you choose medical cannabis strains. Each one carries different strains and products, with knowledgeable staff who can answer your questions as related to the products they sell.

It’s best to shop around at different producers to give yourself a comprehensive idea of what each one carries and how different producers may be better suited to fit your medical needs. Each producer varies in price, shipping methods, and product. You want to get the right one for you.

Aleafia Health is a fully staffed medical cannabis clinic, with the team and resources dedicated to discovering innovative medical solutions using marijuana. Their healthcare professionals will help you feel your best.


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