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What Is Marijuana Yoga?

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June 20, 2018 9:00 AM

What_is_Marijuana_YogaWestern culture has fully embraced the art of yoga while adding new extensions to the traditional practice. Acro-yoga, hot yoga, and yogalates sound familiar to most people, but the next yoga wave mixes in a new aspect: marijuana. Keep reading to discover what this type of yoga class entails.

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It’s Still about the Practice

Marijuana yoga takes you through the same flow with an added twist: You’re allowed to smoke before and during class. It’s very much a normal studio from the outside, where you enter like you would for any other yoga class. Instructors guide you through the lesson, which is still filled with the usual downward dog, eagle, savasana, and myriad other yoga poses.

While cannabis yoga classes are popping up everywhere, their instructors stress that marijuana yoga classes aren’t places to buy cannabis or simply hang out and smoke. It’s still a workout and mindset class, and yogis have to bring their own cannabis with them if they plan to inhale.

Yoga studios can evoke feelings of trepid intimidation: Everyone is dressed in fashionable yoga clothes, everybody seems to have each pose perfected, and some participants and instructors themselves can be intimidating. Here, participants flow in a different atmosphere—one that’s significantly more chill and doesn’t come with the fear of having to fit in a certain exercise mold. Despite the green substance, however, the class is still just about yoga.

You Can Take a Few Tokes in Between

It’s common practice in yoga class to be invited to take sips of water between poses. At a marijuana yoga class, you’ll be invited to take a toke, in addition to a glass of water. While most yoga classes begin in savasana, here, participants are seen catching up and smoking before class starts.

Yogis enjoy a blissfully buzzed class that provides a new perspective and laidback effect. You may find yourself more open to certain poses as your pain fades away.

Yogis who have attended a marijuana yoga class agree that the ability to smoke throughout the flow strengthens their ability to tune into what their bodies are telling them and maintain steady breathing throughout. A big part of yoga is channelling controlled deep breaths, and the enhanced focus from marijuana presents that opportunity to do so. Some yogis and instructors advocate that smoking makes them feel a heightened awareness of the operation of their poses and the philosophy behind them.

Cannabis allows participants to truly let go and lose any former inhibitions when attempting new poses they’d otherwise find themselves intimidated by. While there are still yogis who debate this effect, if it helps participants feel more comfortable in class, who knows where that could lead? Of course, we already know the benefits of cannabis extend beyond yoga.

It’s Redefining Relaxation

In addition to feeling a good stretch, most participants feel additional relief. Throughout class, teachers and researchers have noted an increase in enjoyment among their students. Marijuana yoga classes aren’t just about inhaling cannabis—they’re about developing personal yoga skills in a non-intimidating environment. The core of these classes circles back to embracing the practice and fine-tuning skills. They’ve merely introduced the benefit of an additional substance.

Participants who have taken these classes find marijuana mutes the voices and intensifies the senses for a refined practice. Professionals and instructors alike comment that lowered inhibitions allow yogis to feel less apprehensive about trying new poses. This lack of worry is freeing for those who’d otherwise be nervous in a traditional class.

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