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What New Medical Cannabis Patients Should Know about Licensed Producers

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May 11, 2018 9:00 AM

What_New_Medical_Cannabis_Patients_Should_Know_about_Licensed_ProducersLicensed producers provide patients a legal way of filling their medical cannabis authorization. They have a unique set of rules that allows them to grow and sell this drug within Canada. If you’re a new user of this authorization, keep reading to understand who licensed producers are and how they work.

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Their Purpose

Why get medical cannabis from a licensed producer? Understanding how these businesses operate leaves you better informed as to how medical cannabis is legal in Canada. A licensed producer is a government-approved grower who can also apply to be a seller of medical marijuana. They grow medical cannabis in line with government regulations.

Licensed producers adhere to the strict protocols of the federal government and Health Canada to provide patients with safe, pure, and clean medical-grade products. Their production practices and facilities comply with the listed requirements per Health Canada, and they’re in line with the relevant sections of the Narcotic Control Regulations and the Food and Drug Act, in relation to marijuana.

The Licensing Process

Health Canada is the country’s watchdog for licensed producers. It outlines the strict quality control and mandatory relations for businesses to follow and adhere to.

Licensed producers undergo a thorough application process. Groups are selected because of their ability to create a controlled, consumable product. The government wants to see a concrete business plan; proposed record-keeping methods regarding security, inventory, and destruction; and full and total compliance with ACMPR, the regulations regarding how patients receive medical marijuana. Then, a license may be issued.

Inspections are regularly scheduled to ensure the producer is meeting all practices for cultivating this product in a safe environment. If a producer wants to sell as well, they need to undergo a pre-sale inspection and submit an amended application that includes the sales activity to license, as well as other relevant information required. Only when this is amended license is approved are they given the green light to become sellers as well.

Choosing One

No two producers are the same, and although they’re all regulated, they all carry different strains and products. The staff is knowledgeable, but that expertise extends only to the brands they stock. Once you know what strain you need, take the time to look around. Do some online research and review different producers first. If that sounds overwhelming, start by researching a larger licensed producer—one with multiple strains available.

Doctors at medical cannabis clinics cannot recommend a specific producer—it’s a choice left freely to the patient, but you can ask for a list to use as a starting point. They can advise you of the process for obtaining your authorization.

Read patient reviews if they’re posted; check their websites for FAQs and their company history; and give their support team a call. Talking to a real person can provide an effective perspective that’s missed from reading. Compare their policies, shipping charges, and product costs. You want to ensure that the producer you pick has the correct product and strains for you in a form you prefer.

If you are a new patient, consider visiting a clinic that also functions as a licensed producer. You’ll save time from researching and ensure you’re partnering with a reputable source. Ask your physician for a referral to Aleafia Health, and see how they can assist you with your medical cannabis authorization.

When looking for a licensed producer, remember: These businesses are licensed to cultivate and/or sell medical cannabis, the product varies by producer, and it never hurts to research multiple producers first.


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