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What Patients Need to Know about Medical Cannabis and Travel

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December 05, 2018 9:00 AM

What_Patients_Need_to_Know_about_Medical_Cannabis_and_TravelWith medical cannabis, you’re hoping to get back to living your best life and doing the things you love. For many people, this includes travel. Whether you’re planning an epic road trip or hopping on a transatlantic flight, you’re probably anticipating your next vacation.

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You’ll need to give some extra thought to your authorization for medical marijuana when you travel within Canada. Unfortunately, you’ll need to take some extra precautions. By preparing for these challenges, you can ensure you run into fewer issues when you travel within our borders.

Travelling within Canada

One of the most important things you can do when you travel within Canada with medical marijuana is to bring the proper documentation with you.

You’ve probably been told you need to properly separate your authorization to carry with you anyway. This is a precaution for medical cannabis patients as they can be asked to present documentation for possession of cannabis. With new recreational laws in Canada, there is less emphasis on taking your papers everywhere, unless your authorization exceeds the legal limit.

Travelling is another story entirely. You’ll need to be sure you have proper documentation with you at all times. Bring your authorization, travel with your medical cannabis in its labelled containers, and carry only as much as you need for the duration of your trip.

Don’t Cross the Border

With cannabis legalization in Canada, Canadians are being turned away from the Canada-US border. Allegedly, US border security agents have been turning away anyone who had ever used cannabis. Even people who worked in the cannabis industry or invest in it are having a tough time getting over the border.

Federal law in the US still sees cannabis as a Schedule I narcotic, and it is illegal. Those carrying it can be treated the same as if they’d been bringing heroin, cocaine, or another illegal substance into the United States.

Therefore, you cannot cross the border with cannabis, even for medical purposes. It is illegal, and you will be denied entry into the US. You may also face other legal troubles.


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