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What to Expect When Visiting a Medical Marijuana Clinic

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December 08, 2017 9:00 AM

What to Expect When Visiting a Medical Marijuana Clinic--.jpgNobody likes going to the doctor. As important as a visit can be for your health, most people will put it off to avoid discomfort or fear. If you would like to talk to your doctor about medical cannabis as a treatment option, you might also be concerned about the stigma attached to the drug! Despite almost being legalized, cannabis is often misunderstood and somewhat mysterious when it comes to its medical properties and benefits. 

That’s why, if you’re living in the GTA and are interested in how cannabis can be a part of your treatment plan, you should visit a medical marijuana clinic. These are clinics dedicated to your total health with doctors on staff that are not only familiar with cannabis but well-versed in using it as a part of a total health treatment plan.

A Commitment to Your Health

If you’re looking for a place that will just sell you pot, a medical marijuana clinic is (obviously) not for you. These are legitimate medical clinics that are designed to diagnose, authorize, and in the case of the Aleafia Total Health Clinic, provide you access to your medical cannabis. 

As licensed providers under Health Canada’s ACMPR, clinics are no different than your local doctor’s office, with the only exception being that the doctors on staff are fully trained and experienced in authorizing medical cannabis. You will discuss with a doctor the best possible ways to relieve your symptoms, and, if you’re a candidate for medical cannabis, you’ll also discuss that. 

In other words, your visit to a medical marijuana clinic will look very familiar to a visit to your family doctor, though this doctor will have the knowledge and expertise to make cannabis a part of your total health plan.

Doctors That Know

Any doctor in Canada is capable of writing a prescription for marijuana; however, few do because they lack the experience, knowledge, and expertise to do so. By visiting a medical marijuana clinic, you are spending time with doctors who understand the medical benefits of marijuana and how best to use cannabis as part of your therapeutic treatment plan. 

If you’re new to medical cannabis, the odds are good that you’ll have questions. A medical marijuana clinic is a great place to ask all your questions. You’ll get detailed answers that will help you make informed decisions about your health.

Aleafia’s Total Health Clinic in Vaughan

A great example of a medical marijuana clinic is Aleafia’s, total health clinic found in Vaughan, Ontario. The clinic is relatively new but is an important part of Aleafia’s commitment to total health across the country. 

The clinic is committed to helping patients achieve the most therapeutic benefits from all medications and therapies, including cannabis. The healthcare professionals at Aleafia offer support before, during, and after treatment. As an added bonus, the clinic is officially licensed by Health Canada as a producer and distributor. This means, after your appointment, you can pick up your prescription on site and not have to deal with long waits through the mail. Aleafia also has a cannabis resource centre, ongoing education plans, and 24-hour nurse access for symptom management. 

Aleafia only has the one clinic at present but has plans to expand across Ontario and the country. It’s all part of its ongoing commitment to broadening the understanding of medical cannabis and its therapeutic properties. 

There’s no reason to fear a visit to a medical marijuana clinic any more than you would fear a visit to your own doctor. These clinics have doctors with the know-how and willingness to commit to your total health using any and all therapy methods, such as medical cannabis, to help you manage your pain and live a long, healthy life.


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