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What to Look for in a Medical Cannabis Clinic

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April 30, 2018 9:00 AM

What_to_Look_for_in_a_Medical_Cannabis_ClinicWhile your family doctor may be able to give you some recommendations for different medical marijuana clinics nearby, you may want to conduct your own research.

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A reputable medical cannabis clinic has these key qualities. Before you book your first consultation, make sure the clinic you’ve chosen covers the bases below.

Licensed Personnel on Hand

If the medical marijuana clinic you go to doesn’t have any licensed medical professionals on staff, consider this a red flag. A quality clinic employs licensed healthcare professionals—doctors and nurse practitioners who are able to authorize this medication and treat your current symptoms.

Get answers to your medical marijuana questions at a clinic near you. The staff members are fully up to date on medical cannabis research, its benefits, and related education to explain in detail how it works to treat patients, the types of new studies underway, and more. They understand the various ways different strains impact illnesses to recommend the right one to fight your symptoms, and they can explain how it’ll best benefit you.

Even if your family physician writes the authorization for you, speak to a doctor at a clinic. They’re fully immersed in this field all the time, which leaves them highly equipped to thoroughly address your needs using this medication. Choose a medical cannabis clinic that gives you the benefits and knowledge of working with a doctor who fully understands how this medication can relieve your current symptoms.

You want to know your health is in capable, knowledgeable hands, and a medical cannabis clinic ensures that through the people they hire. You can be sure you’re receiving expert medical advice from on-site personnel.

Quality Advice and a Commitment to Health

A medical cannabis clinic aims to improve patients’ health, and this shines through in all aspects of their work. They take the time to understand each patient’s individual needs and symptoms to develop an effective therapeutic plan.

They’re leaders in innovation, staying on top of current data and advancements in order to move forward with medical advances in this field.

The medical marijuana industry is in the middle of an evolution. Speaking with the professionals at a clinic means speaking to those following its changes every step of the way.

Bonus: A Medical Cannabis Clinic That’s Also a Licensed Producer

Filling your authorization can be somewhat of a headache, especially when you have to decide which is the right licensed producer to choose. The doctor or nurse practitioner at a clinic cannot recommend specific producers, it’s a choice left to the patient.

However, when you’re researching different clinics, check for ones that are also licensed producers. A medical cannabis clinic that also produces and distributes medical-grade cannabis can make it easier to fill your authorization. Choosing a licensed producer ensures the product you receive is of high quality and obtained using legal means.

Health Canada approves who can be a licensed producer, and they subject all approved medical cannabis businesses through their pharmaceutical screening programs, just like any other drug. They provide quality assurance so you can guarantee you’re receiving reputable product and the strain variety that’s right for you.


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