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What’s the Best Cannabis for Sleep and Insomnia?

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November 24, 2017 9:00 AM

What’s the Best Cannabis for Sleep and Insomnia--.jpgIn recent years,sleeping disorders like insomnia have become what’s called “a global epidemic,” with 40 percent of Canadians (or perhaps much more) suffering from lack of sleep. While our convenient digital society is enabling us to do much more in a shorter span of time, it’s also depriving us of a good night’s rest. Not helping the matter is the fact that insomnia and lack of sleep is often seen as an achievement in an economy that favours workaholic lifestyles.

Those who suffer from particularly poor sleep cycles and disorders have been turning to medical marijuana strains to help treat them. Patients who have tried cannabis for better sleep find that thenatural medicineis more effective than pharmaceutical sleeping aids for various reasons, including the fact that our brains have built-in cannabinoid receptors.

With proper dosing of the right cannabis strains, patients can experience easier access to longer and deeper sleep. So, here are some tips for choosing the best cannabis for sleep and insomnia.

Indica Versus Sativa

Indica and sativa, the twobroad marijuana types first-time medical marijuana users should be aware of, can help inform you of the right choice of sleeping aid. Strains of marijuana that fall under the sativa category are not the best to use for better sleep because they can stimulate and energize you. While sativa strains can reduce anxiety and depression, which can often be sideeffects of sleep deprivation, these strains are best for improving conditions experienced during the daytime.

The indica strain, on the other hand, makes the best cannabis for sleep aids because this strain sedates the brain. Users of indica experience a tranquil, calming effect that makes it easier for them to fall asleep. Other relaxing benefits of indica strains is include relaxing muscles and reducing spasms, pain, and inflammation. Indica cannabis is also used for treating migraines, nausea, and seizures, so it’s a strain that can treat both chronic pain and sleep issues.

The key thing to remember about indica versus sativa as the best cannabis for sleep is that indicas have a higher THC to CBD ratio than sativas (which have a higher CBD to THC ratio). Some of the best-known indicas for sleep are Granddaddy Purple, Cannatonic, and Afghan Kush.

Aged Cannabis Is More Effective

While this might seem strange to take in, older cannabis strains can offer greater sedation than newer cannabis buds. Given that they are properly produced and preserved, aged cannabis contains a higher level of a chemical called cannabinol. 

Cannabinol is a sedating chemical that also carries the benefits of painrelief, anti-inflammation, and even the growth of bone cells. But the chemical is also known for having very few psychoactive effects (and in some cases, none) compared to THC. 

For those patients who are sensitive to THC (of which some indica strains like Grandaddy Purple have a lot of), aged cannabis is a better choice.

Inhaling Versus Ingestion

Now that you know what type of cannabis strain to seek out for your sleeping aid, you might want to know the best way to consume it. While inhaling cannabis can make you experience the effects faster, ingesting cannabis in the form of infused edibles can make the effects last longer. 

The basic difference between the two is that they are absorbed into your body’s system in different ways. When you inhale cannabis, the THC content goes straight to the brain where it can connect with those inherent cannabinoid receptors we mentioned above. Ingestion of cannabis edibles metabolizes in your liver and creates more intense sideeffects because it crosses the blood-brain barrier. 

Of course, choosing the correct strain, dose, and consumption method for your individual system and sleeping disorder is a matter best discussed with your doctor. Every case of sleep insufficiency is unique and requires a proper consultation with a medical professional.


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