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Where Can I Find Resources on Medical Cannabis Online?

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December 15, 2017 9:00 AM

Where Can I Find Resources on Medical Cannabis Online--.jpgWhen it comes to managing symptoms, medical marijuana may be an important treatment in your total medical plan. But if you’re new to using medical cannabis to support your health, you’ll likely have questions. From where to purchase it to whether or not it’s an appropriate treatment for your condition, you may feel overwhelmed. 

In today’s age, however, a helping hand is only a Wi-Fi connection and a few clicks away. There are countless resources available that can help you learn about medical cannabis online. But how do you know which are reputable resources? How many are just in it to sell you a joint? 

Here are some places you can find quality resources on medical cannabis online to answer your many questions and get you a step closer to achieving total health.

Aleafia Total Health Network

Your best resource for cannabis online is the Aleafia Total Health Network. Aleafia is committed to improving a patient’s quality of life by offering support before, during, and after treatment. The health professionals at Aleafiahave a deep knowledge of medical cannabis therapy and have a host of online resources that will teach you about the therapy. 

They have an ongoing focus to broaden the understanding of medical cannabis and its therapeutic properties so that it may be used more in Canadian medicine, thus reducing opiate use and finding better ways to manage chronic diseases. 

They stand as leaders in the medical cannabis industry and engage in cutting-edge innovation, research, and development that will strengthen the science of medical cannabis. 

They share information about medical cannabis online, but if you’re in the GTA area, they have also opened a comprehensive new total health clinic that allows you to talk to knowledgeable doctors who are familiar with authorizing medical cannabis therapy. They also have an in-person, on-site dispensary where you can purchase your prescription.

Medicinal Marijuana Association

Of course, there’s us. The Medicinal Marijuana Association is a leading source of information on medical marijuana. We promote and support the use of marijuana as part of health plans and provide extensive information on the benefits cannabis can offer patients. If you’re unsure if medical marijuana is right for you, our website can teach you how to have an effective conversation with your doctor, the appropriate questions to ask, and which steps to take next. 

As an added bonus, our blog has a wealth of information that details specifics of medical cannabis therapy, including different kinds of strains (and what treatments they’re good for), how to find and choose a quality medical cannabis clinic, and the science behind how cannabis works.


Finally, if you’re looking for an amalgamation of online knowledge regarding medical marijuana that’s specific to Canada, check out mmjpr.ca. This site aggregates news on medical cannabis, knowledge on producers (licensed under the ACMPR), different kinds of strains and comparisons between them, as well as information on doctors and clinics across the country. I 

It’s not likely to be your last stop (for that, you should consider a quality clinic like Aleafia’s Total Health Clinic), but it’s an excellent way to begin formulating the questions you need to ask experienced medical professionals during your consultation. 

Searching for information on medical cannabis online can be an overwhelming task, but with these resources, you are in great hands. These organizations are run by professionals experienced and knowledgeable about all things medical cannabis. They are a great start to your own understanding. There’s no reason to feel overwhelmed by your symptoms any longer.


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