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Where Can I Get Help with Medical Cannabis Treatment in Vaughan?

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January 05, 2018 9:00 AM

Where-Can-I-Get-Help-with-Medical-Cannabis-Treatment-in-Vaughan---compressor.jpgIf you’re a patient in the Vaughan area who is suffering and needs medical marijuana therapy, we have good news for you. Not only is medical marijuana perfectly legal, there’s also a clinic right in your area, which will give you access to a full range of medical help.

Aleafia Total Health Network

Memorize this name—the Aleafia Total Health Network. Aleafia is an organization that is committed to improving patients’ quality of life with a full knowledge of medical cannabis therapy. Aleafia is known for providing “pre, during and post” treatment care to patients. 

The medical professionals at the clinic take the time to understand what a patient is suffering from and offer holistic care on top of authorizing medical marijuana.

Welcome to Vaughan

The Aleafia Total Health Clinic is now open in Vaughan. It is the first of many clinics that will be opening across the province. The goal of the clinic is to give patients treatment and ensure optimal health, both mentally and physically. The doctors at Aleafia have deep knowledge and expertise in regards to medical cannabis and they’ll bring that to every one of their treatment plans.

What Does Holistic Health Mean?

What we mean when we talk about holistic health is treating the whole body as well as the mind. Doctors usually treat patients for the specific symptoms they are experiencing. Sometimes that approach doesn’t take into account what the whole body is going through and how the mind is affecting the condition. Chronic pain, for example, could stem from multiple reasons, and it’s only when the whole body is looked at that those reasons come to light.

The Aleafia Total Health Clinic offers a variety of treatments for patients, including physiotherapy, registered massage therapy, chiropractic treatment, osteopathy, and so much more. These are offered on top of medical cannabis therapy. Everyone works together to ensure that a patient’s needs are being met and taken care of.

Licensed Producer

Like many other pieces of information regarding medical marijuana, there is some confusion over what a licensed producer is and why that matters. A licensed producer is an organization that is legally allowed to grow marijuana. You must have licence given by Health Canada in order to be recognized by the government as a licensed producer.

The dispensaries that have been popping up and making the news about being shut down by police are not licensed producers. Aleafia, however, is a licensed producer and distributor. You don’t have to have any concerns about legalities when you walk in the door at the Vaughan clinic.

Since Aleafia is a licensed distributor as well, it can dispense medical marijuana on site should the doctors authorize the treatment. They have top-quality products, so you never have to go searching for what you need.

If you’re in the Vaughan area and need medical cannabis treatment, make sure you go to the Aleafia Total Health Clinic.


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