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Why Chronic Pain Patients Are Going to Cannabis Clinics

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August 08, 2018 9:00 AM

Why-Chronic-Pain-Patients-Are-Going-to-Cannabis-Clinics-compressorCannabis clinics are becoming an increasingly popular option for people suffering from chronic pain. 

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If you have chronic pain, consider a cannabis clinic as an alternative to opioids.

Educated Help, Advancing Research

The doctors and nurse practitioners at these clinics handle medical marijuana authorizations all the time—you could say it’s their specialty. The staff here don’t just authorize cannabis, they’re informed on the latest advancements in this field. They’re dedicated to learning how this medication can improve their patients’ lives and treat illnesses, in addition to making chronic pain easier to manage. Trends, research, and legislation are at the forefront for these doctors. 

They’re more than healthcare professionals, they’re knowledgeable in every way regarding the benefits of this medication. While family doctors may authorize medical marijuana, many feel less inclined to do so. Even if they do, they often simply don’t know enough about this medication to give you the answers you need. 

Cannabis clinics are your best bet. Here, marijuana is the sole focus, and the staff is always learning and moving forward with this changing industry to learn more. That’s just one thing chronic pain patients can expect from a cannabis clinic: These are three things a top medical cannabis clinic provides. Visiting one just makes sense.

A Safer Option to Other Medications

While other prescriptions are available to lessen chronic pain, the most commonly prescribed painkiller doctors reach for is opioids. This prescription has left Canada in the midst of a national epidemic due to the drug’s harsh side effects and addictive properties. 

Marijuana, by contrast, has little to no addictive qualities, and it consistently manages pain without needing constant dosage increases. Overdose from medical cannabis prescriptions is highly unlikely when compared to opioids. 

More studies showcase patients’ preference for medical cannabis, noting both an improvement in mood and quality of life, among other factors. Patients who don’t want to be prescribed addictive painkillers drugs are turning to a solution with just as many benefits and very little risk. 

Marijuana’s effects don’t diminish over time, and it’s a more effective alternative for managing pain. When you visit a cannabis clinic, you receive all the information you need to make chronic pain bearable and a treatment plan that fits your lifestyle.

A Personalized Solution

Canabo Medical Clinic is an example of a medical cannabis clinic that offers personalized treatment plans for chronic pain patients. Their locations are found across the country and are easily accessible for patients.

From sleep aid programs to out-of-office visits, the doctors at these clinics will see that you get the care you need. They schedule follow-up appointments as necessary, monitor your dosage and strain to ensure that it’s properly fighting your symptoms, and they’ll make adjustments to your current dosage if it’s needed. From pre- to post-treatment plans, you can be sure you’re covered.

Cannabis clinics are built on the philosophy that finding alternative treatment is sometimes the best answer when compared to traditional therapies—sometimes old methods just don’t work. The doctors and nurse practitioners at these clinics provide you with an authorization that fits your lifestyle, a strain that lets you continue with your daily routine, and an intake method that’s comfortable for you.

Discover all the benefits of medical marijuana at one of these clinics. To find out more about how cannabis clinics can help you relieve chronic pain, visit Aleafia Health.


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