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Why Great Medical Marijuana Clinics Focus on Strain Quality over Quantity

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March 21, 2018 9:00 AM

Why-Great-Medical-Marijuana-Clinics-Focus-on-Strain-Quality-over-Quantity-----compressor.jpgOne of the goals of medical marijuana clinics is to educate their patients and the general population on medical marijuana. The majority of people don’t understand the differences between medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. Most people don’t realize there are many different strains of medical marijuana that treat different conditions, illnesses, and ailments.

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Not all marijuana is the same. Strain quality is therefore incredibly important, and it’s why great medical marijuana clinics focus on quality rather than quantity.

Basic Strain Knowledge

Strain quality comes from understanding the marijuana plant. There are two types of marijuana plants called Sativa and Indica. Sativa plants offer patients uplifting and energizing effects, and thus they’re more commonly used as a daytime medication. On the other hand, the Indica plant gives patients full-body relaxation and is more commonly used as a sedative or for nighttime use.

There are also hybrid plants. A hybrid is a mixture of the Sativa and the Indica plant, and it’s created and grown with specific effects in mind. Since a hybrid is grown specifically for a certain kind of condition or to create a specific effect, one hybrid plant composition will be completely different from another.

Why Strain Knowledge Matters

Strain knowledge is vital for medical personnel in charge of patients seeking medical cannabis as a treatment option. Different strains have different effects, and different strains are used to treat different conditions.

Having a greater strain quantity doesn’t make a clinic better than another one. What makes some medical marijuana clinics great is strain quality, which can more effectively improve a patient’s condition.

Patients’ Total Health

Great medical marijuana clinics focus on how a strain of marijuana affects your total health. A strain that’s good for treating chronic pain but gives you side effects you can’t live with isn’t a strain that’s right for you. When this happens, it’s up to the medical personnel at the clinic to decide on which strain they’re going to recommend next.

Marijuana strains are medication, and it’s important that the quality of the strain is high so patients can treat their conditions most effectively. Quantity means nothing when it comes to your health care. You want personalized and tailored medication that can treat your condition, not a one-size-fits-all medicine. This is why great medical marijuana clinics, like Aleafia’s Total Health Clinic, focus on your overall health care, as well as strain quality. This helps them ensure you’re receiving the best possible medical help.

Quality over quantity is an old adage, and it’s one that rings true. Having a large quantity of one type of strain of medical marijuana means nothing. Clinics can only treat certain kinds of conditions with that one particular strain, and patients who don’t respond to it are out of luck.

This is why great medical marijuana clinics focus on strain quality. Clinics don’t need a lot of one strain; they need good-quality strains that can help the most people. When looking for a clinic, ask about the different strains they carry and where they get them from to see if it’s a clinic that focuses on quality rather than quantity.


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