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One of the keys to success when using medicinal marijuana is to monitor your progress of how you feel and how your life improves due to treatment. Doing this on your own can be difficult. Our goal is to assist in you in assessing your improvement and ensuring you are getting the right strain and correct dosage for your condition or symptom.

You can purchase our monitoring program which assists you in making sure the implementation of your therapy is successful.

There are several advantages of enrolling in the monitoring program:

  • You will be emailed a monitoring form that will assist you and your doctor in evaluating the effectiveness of your program. This will be added to your personal database and paired with your previous responses indicating progress improvement or deterioration.
  • Our monitoring program gives you an opportunity to document any side effects from your medication to help your doctor with dosage and strain selection.
  • You have access to advice from health professionals with respect to your therapeutic program as you need it.

The Medicinal Marijuana Associations monitoring program is available for 3 months for $59 and on an ongoing basis for $9.99 per month.

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