Best CBD Cartridges

As CBD, marijuana, hemp, and related products become more legalized throughout the United States, more users are becoming aware of the many options they have available to them. The industry has blossomed to enable greater conveniences than ever before and there are more products to fit today’s many lifestyles than ever before.

Why Cartridges When Using CBD?

CBD cartridges are among the best options for using CBD. For those who wish to take advantage of the many positive properties of this plant without actually smoking it, cartridges are an excellent method of delivery. Cartridges are supremely easy to use; they are typically pre-filled, so you just have to slip them into your vaporizer and they’re ready to go. This makes them really convenient, and speaking from my experience, the versatility and freedom makes it really nice when I’m busy or on the move. I really like that cartridges enable you to avoid the aspects of smoke and other potential issues that may arise from burning plant matter. For example, I love that I have the option to use a method that does not irritate the lungs, which smoke can do.

You get all the enjoyment and benefits of CBD without any of the mess of filling/ refilling a tank yourself. Even the bottles can get messy; tanks can get leaky – some people just don’t have the time or interest in dealing with it.

Are you looking for CBD vape cartridges or are researching the options in the market? If so, it’s important to know are tons of great options out there, as well as some not so great products. As a result, it’s essential to know what you’re in for. If you’re interested in learning about the best CBD vape cartridges around, I’m going to cover some of the products you need to keep on your radar.

FreshLeaf CBD Blue Dream Cartridge

The FreshLeaf CBD Blue Dream cartridge has to be one of the best options for vaping CBD. Using the Blue Dream cartridge is really simple; just thread it onto any 510-compatible vape battery and you can vape instantly with it. It was made for total portability, with its compact size and user-friendly design, so if you’re traveling or you just happen to live life on the go, this will keep you covered.

As far as quality goes, FreshLeaf remains one of the top companies in the market. My experience was fantastic using this cartridge, and it was ultimately really simple to set up and vape with. The cartridge features .5ml capacity, with 250mg of organic CBD, so there is excellent potency.

It is a full spectrum CBD, which means it contains a broad range of cannabinoids/ compounds. Contained in this cartridge is ultra-pure CBD distillate, extracted from a combination of indica and sativa plants. This enables a well-balanced CBD blend that delivers exceptional results. It has been lab tested and certified for analysis and purity, and it is entirely THC-free.

The flavor of Blue Dream is nice. It delivers a light, smooth concoction of sweet, wild blueberries throughout the entire experience of the vape. It’s isn’t terribly strong, however, the essence of blueberry offers a gentle addition to the herby taste of hemp. The overwhelming flavor, though, is a strong, earthy, grassy taste; so do not expect a strong blueberry. I happen to love blueberry vapes, so this was a weird taste at first.

Vaping this CBD juice was a really good experience for me and it demonstrated how great of a product it is. FreshLeaf did their homework all the way. A couple of hits and I was as chill as can be, perfectly relaxed. Overall, it’s a very effective, very relaxing CBD vape. It’s made to be a holistic option, and from my results with how good it made me feel, I can attest to its potency and performance.

GRN CBD Vanilla Custard CBD Cartridge

Affordable, delicious, and super easy to use; the GRN CBD Vanilla Custard CBD Vape Cartridge by One Hit Wonder is an awesome option for anyone wanting a user-friendly option for vaping CBD without a lot of fuss.

Designed specifically for personal wellness goals, this is really high quality stuff. GRN CBD Vanilla Custard CBD is a potent, pesticide-free, full-spectrum vape juice. It contains no THC, only powerful terpenes carried in organic coconut oil for the highest level of absorption. Grown in the USA, it is certified for quality and all-around assurance. Cartridges are available in two sizes: 0.5ml with 200mg CBD, or 1ml with 400mg.

My first impression upon connecting the cartridge with my vape pen was how easily it connected straight out of the package. It took no effort and it was ready to go. Vaping was really straightforward as well; it worked no differently than with any other cartridge, and the vaping was smooth and easy.

As soon as the vapor hit my tastebuds, though, it was another story. What started out as an experiment turned into absolute pleasure as this flavor is pure perfection. It is the smoothest, creamiest vanilla, adding the most delicious essence to the otherwise earthy taste of the CBD. In regards to how this particular CBD works, I’ve had nothing but a good experience with it. In my opinion, vaping CBD is best for achieving a good level of relaxation and maintaining a nice, calm state of mind. Before bed, it’s great to totally relax, and for these purposes, the GRN CBD Vanilla Custard CBD Cartridge is a really great option.

Goldline CBD 100mg Pre-Filled CBD Vape Cartridges by VPRCBD (1mL)

From the geniuses at HoneyStick, Goldline CBD is a new line offering top quality CBD products. Made with full-spectrum CBD, these cartridges were designed to be easy to use, simple, and offering a higher level of performance than the majority of other similar products out there. I was curious to try a cartridge from Goldline, and I am really impressed with what they delivered.

The Goldline CBD 100mg Pre-Filled CBD Vape Cartridges offers a 1ml size with 100mg CBD. This is a super high quality tank, and it was designed to produce clouds, so if you want high-performance from your CBD vape cartridge, this may be the right one for you. 510 threading makes it compatible with a host of batteries. Adjustable airflow control enables a greater amount of control. A super-tight seal on the tank allows for a leak-proof design that adds to the convenience. A wider-than-average mouthpiece offers a different experience than most of the tapered 510 cartridges that are so common, and I find this to improve inhalation. You can also reuse this tank as you wish as well; so it’s not just a one-time use product; that’s pretty unheard of among pre-filled cartridge products. Three flavors are offered: Mango, Tropi-Cool, and Natural.

I tried the Mango flavor and enjoyed the taste. It contrasts well with the natural/ earthy flavor of the CBD itself. The flavor is really good, potent enough to be clearly mango, but it isn’t overwhelming or terribly strong at all.

The one area I found to be somewhat lackluster is the strength of the CBD in the cartridge. Though exceptionally high quality, 100mg is just not strong enough for me. The results were good, but I was left wanting more.

Just CBD Vape Cartridge

Among the different CBD vape cartridges out there are the fine products from Just CBD. The Just CBD Vape Cartridge is a really great option for using a pre-filled cartridge, and like all other similar products, it’s just about the easiest way to vape CBD without a mess, without any setup, and without any filling/ dripping.

Available in three flavors: Blueberry, Mango, and Strawberry, each with 200mg of CBD per 1ml cartridge, you get a phenomenal product in this cartridge. It’s very easy to use and setup.

As for the flavor, I liked it. I was lucky to have tried their blueberry cartridge, which delivered a strong flavor right off the bat. It was very similar to a typical vape juice experience; strong, smooth flavor that offered up a lot of blueberry taste. There was hardly any CBD/ herby taste to it, so if you’re interested in a CBD juice cartridge that has a more fruity/ berry taste, this will set you straight.

In regards to the cartridge’s actual CBD, I have to say, it is mellow, not strong, and overall pretty gentle. Of all the CBD cartridges out there, this one impressed me the least as a result. It is in no way bad; it just happens to be extremely mild and offering very little effect for me. For an entry into CBD vaping, it’s a nice option; otherwise, it may actually be just a bit too mild for experienced/ daily CBD vapers.

In Closing: Benefits of CBD Cartridges

Many CBD users are keen on using pre-filled cartridges because they offer countless benefits, while ensuring simplicity and convenience. Cartridges are easy to use just about anywhere, and many of the better models offer exceptional performance, intense flavors, and great potency. Vaporizing herbs is 95% free of carcinogens, and it comes with the benefit of offering a greater array of terpenoids than smoking. Additionally, using cartridges/ vaporizers can produce more intense flavor, so if you want to enjoy the flavors of your CBD, vaping may be the best way to go. Check out any of the above cartridges for an easy-to-use method for using CBD.