Liquid THC The Vape Juice that Gets You High

If you’re looking for a way vape that can give you a sweet high, then you’ve come to the right place, since we can help you out.

Start with Liquid THC

The substance you’re looking for is called “liquid THC.” It’s basically like if you took a joint and squashed it all the way down into liquid form. Then, you dump it in your vaporizer and you’re off to the races. It’s ultra-concentrated, so you can actually get an even better high than you could under normal circumstances just smoking it regularly. In order for this to work, you’re going to need the proper equipment for the job. This means getting your hands on a vaporizer of some sort. One popular thing to try is called a vape pen.

Get Your Vaporizer

You can also technically try it in tincture form, where you put it under your tongue, but many people find that the vaporizer is more enjoyable and gets the high you want faster. The tincture tends to work better with CBD oil specifically, since you can get a nice calm going and it comes on gradually. But if you’re going for a THC high specifically, and the best one you can get at that, then the THC vape juice is often going to be your best bet.

There are many places that allow you to get a vaporizer online, but they also sell them in dispensaries and other related shops. What this device does, essentially, is convert the liquid juice to a gas that you can then inhale. The best vaporizers do this by vibrating the juice in the correct way so that pressure automatically converts it to a gas. These are called “low-heat” vaporizers, and these are the ones that you want, generally, because if you are just vaporizing the juice by heating it up, this can be dangerous.

Getting the Juice

Possibly one of the best ways to get liquid THC is to go to a dispensary. Ideally, it should be licensed and legal, and you should go through the full rigmarole in order to get everything you need. This often means first checking to make sure it’s legal in your state. If it’s not, then you may have to wait or take your chances, which we obviously don’t recommend. Then, you need to go to a doctor to get a recommendation if that’s what’s required in your state. It’s important to look all of this up, of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Then, once you get a recommendation from your doctor, you can apply to get your medical card or whatever kind of card is recommended for your state. Obviously, if you live in a state where this is all legal for recreational use, you can instead skip these steps an go straight to a dispensary other shop.

Making Your Own Liquid THC

Another approach you can use, if you’re sure that it’s legal and that you’re confident you want to try it, is making the juice yourself. There are a few different ways to do this. First, you can try a technique that makes it happen at room temperature. This starts with getting some product that doesn’t have the seeds or stems. Then, you cut it up so that it’s in little bits but not finger than that. Then, you dump it into alcohol and keep it there for as long as a few months. This will vary widely based on the type you have. It will be necessary to check to make sure that it’s done as you go.

It has to be vegetable glycerin alcohol specifically that you use for this, anything medical could be dangerous. You bake the weed on a tray at 200 degrees for around a third of an hour. You do this so it changes the chemical to THC, which is what you need for a high. After you put the weed into a mason jar with the food alcohol in it, this will help to draw out the THC into liquid form so you get your pure juice.

Obviously, you need to have the materials, equipment, and talent to do this, so it might be good to seek out a friend who understands all of that and can help you do it with specific instructions or even just to do it for you. Overall, you’d be a lot better served by going and getting it at a dispensary otherwise, because it will be safer and there’s no chance of you messing it up.

Other Considerations

Another method includes freezing it, which is also an involved process. Regardless of how you obtain it, you need to be careful with liquid marijuana in whatever form it’s in, vape juice or tincture. Making it can be a precarious process, and we don’t recommend it unless you’re sire you know what you’re doing. After you have it though, you need store it in a small bottle, ideally. This will be a glass bottle like what you would use for eye drops.

The recommendation is to store all of this in a refrigerator, and to have the bottle be green or brown. You want to protect it from light or heat, because this can change the chemical properties of the vape juice. So, if you plan on buying or making a lot of this stuff to facilitate your high over however many weeks or months, these are the precautions that you need to make.

Strong Effects

It’s definitely worth noting that if you’ve never tried liquid THC or vape juice before, that you should definitely start nice and slow. It’s like an entirely different experience than smoking it. You could have a concentration as high as 90%, depending on the product you have. This type of potency can have serious retrocessions if you aren’t careful and you don’t make sure that you ease into it. People have had anxiety attacks and ended up needing medical attention.

But, that said, if you do it right, the chances are good that it will be the best high you’ve ever had by far.