Tera Hemp Review

The interest continues to grow in the CBD market as companies seek to distinguish themselves from the competitors. We have seen this same phenomenon playing out in California as the industry’s officially licensed retail shops work hard to maintain higher quality standards. This includes lab reports for every batch sold and a method of labeling that ensures that clients are obtaining a uniform and consistent product every time.

When talking about organic plants, these processes can become exhaustive to protect consumers. After all, even manufacturing plants are allowed to have so many parts per million of fly legs and other impurities in their products. Ensuring the purity of a plant that is cultivated from diverse strains and whose product quality can vary based on nuanced growing conditions is a challenge. Nevertheless, Tera Hemp is one of the manufacturers that is setting itself apart from competitors.

Why Do I Like Tera Hemp?

Part of the allure of Tera Hemp is the published information regarding lab testing procedures. These detailed third-party lab reports provide the type of consistency and transparency that I want from a CBD product provider.

If a company does not have lab information readily available to tell me what exactly is in a CBD extract product, how can I be sure what I am getting or whether I am allergic? I don’t take my health for granted and only take CBD products because I believe in Holistic medicine and want to use CBD to improve my health. Some brands of CBD may add chemicals or may use solvents to extract the CBD that are left over in residual quantities when the process is completed. These chemicals would show up on a lab report and may have undesirable side-effects.

It appears that Tera Hemp uses a cold-pressed hemp and sunflower seed oil base to carry the CBD infusion. This is better for your heart than the saturated fats in the coconut oils found in many extracts. And when you consider that all the flavors are natural, you won’t have those horrible aftertastes that make taking a daily dose hard, like gagging on cough syrup.

Although the products do contain trace amounts of THC, this is acceptable under the national laws in regard to hemp. At these potencies, the users will not suffer from any of the psychoactive effects. What is different about Tera Hemp is that they add terpenes to the product, those wonderful piney perfumes that plants naturally emit.

These terpenes do occur naturally in marijuana and are thought to be useful by many who research CBD, although more research needs to be carried out. In any regard, we know that natural terpenes are safe because they are present in so many plant foods that we eat.


When it comes to potency, Tera Hemp provides quite a kick. Their base product CBD tincture is reasonably priced at just $39.99 for a month’s supply of 250mg CBD extract. This is a good deal that equates to about $1.33 a day for a dose.

One dose is approximately one dropper full added to a beverage or other medium of your choice. Because you don’t build up a tolerance to CBD, but instead a level, it does not matter how long it takes your body to absorb it. It will gradually get there when you consume it.

Applying it topically is another matter because I have felt reduced inflammation immediately when applying the oil to my eyes when they were puffed up and swollen from allergies. Yet, if you want to increase your consumption to handle more severe symptoms, Tera Hemp provides a full scale of extract potencies: 500mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, and 2000mg.

When you consider that the 2000mg extract is equal to 8 bottles of the 250mg, the $199.99 monthly price for a bottle of 2000mg is very affordable. It will save you from having to pay expensive medical bills in the future, in any regard, for traditional treatments and the collateral side-effects such as liver toxicity or kidney damage.

I suggest that people who are not experienced with CBD start with a lower ratio to ensure that they do not suffer from headaches, fatigue, or any unpleasant discomfort. But when you consider that you are getting more of the active CBD ingredient per milliliter than you might with a full-spectrum extract, the 250mg can also pack a punch if you use more than the recommended daily dosage.

Other Tera Hemp Products

Interestingly enough, Tera Hemp also caters to the pets of people who take CBD. It is no surprise that an owner might want to pamper their pets when they see that they are able to benefit from something safe and natural. After all, most pet owners share their table scraps and other food with their pets and develop anthropomorphic characteristics in them. Teaching your dog how to shake is an example of an anthropomorphic characteristic along with training your dog to sleep in a little canopy bed made for dogs. Of course, these elements of the pet relationship are as valuable to us as they may be comforting to our pets.

The different CBD formulas made by Tera Hemp for pets include TeraCat and TeraDog. These products are sold at the base price of their popular human tinctures. The only notable difference is the flavorings. Instead of having the terpenes that may confuse a critter, the oil is infused with flavors like tuna or bacon to get their mouths watering. This is an interesting way of getting your pet to enjoy taking their medications to relieve all those joint pains, hyperactivity, or other ailments.

The Mission of Tera HempĀ 

It is worth mentioning that Tera Hemp is one of the few hemp companies that is committed to full-scale global and national distribution. They already sell their products across the U.S. and to our friends over in Europe. Their major focus is on eliminating the prohibition era stigmas against hemp that still linger despite all the medical advances and purification processes.

People need to know that hemp is healthy and that most marijuana when it is returned to the wild slowly devolves into hemp without human intervention. Over the years, humans have used selective breeding to cultivate strains with higher THC potency. What this led to was more of the intoxicating effects that are equated by authorities with drinking alcohol. Although THC has medicinal benefits, itself, we are now able to ensure the purity of hemp products to eliminate the risks of addiction.

And because CBD is an element of the marijuana plant that appears to neutralize the psychoactive mind-altering effects that high doses of THC can invoke, it is truly the antithesis of any negative impressions that people may have developed about cannabis.

Nevertheless, there are natural landrace strains such as Thai and Afghani that do have a natural THC potency. We should not overlook that THC can also be used in moderation for the greater good of humanity. However, being hypercritical of all things created from cannabis, including hemp, is pure nonsense.

This type of mindset is pure paranoia that comes about without even smoking marijuana. This has become the unfortunate trademark of all things in the United States since the prohibition era: maximum security, hyper intolerance, and paranoid herd mentalities. It is great that the tide is changing with hemp and that people are catching on to the benefits.

I even enjoyed reading the lab reports published on the TeraHemp website because they provide a lot of detailed information on what high levels of certain substances in cannabis demonstrate. For example, high levels of a cannabinoid, CBN, indicates that the marijuana is old and degrading in quality. I found this to be interesting and informative. This is one way that Tera Hemp can guarantee that its supplier is providing a fresh and active product.

Tera Hemp Edibles

In addition to CBD oil extracts, Tera Hemp offers edibles like Gummie Bears. That is 30 gummie bears with 15mg of CBD in each one for a mere $29.99. The Elite Hemp Gummies are even more interesting because they don’t provide an exact number but do clarify that they are 400X stronger than the ordinary Gummie Bears. They are made from a pure hemp extract and contain a full spectrum of benefits. These are similar to the Hemp Chocolate bars that sell for $10 each. The chocolate bars don’t list a specific CBD content but are likewise made of pure hemp extract.

And of course, what cup of green tea or Chai tea would be complete without some honey. Lucky for us, Tera Hemp is expanding its edible market and is now selling a CBD infused honey with 250mg of CBD.

But, of course, this all pales in comparison to the value of their multivitamins. Get a full spectrum of vitamins including Omega 3 and Omega 6 oils plus the benefits of 1500mg of CBD in every bottle. For just $39.99, it is like getting a bottle of fish oil, a multivitamin, and your monthly dose of CBD oil for the amazing price of the base oil. I can’t argue with that kind of multi-functional product innovation and value pricing. This is why I am very supportive of Tera Hemp and anxious to see what they come up with next in the edibles department.

Other Tera Hemp Hemp-Infused Products

I am particularly fond of the Tera Hemp Pain Cream Salve. It is infused with 250mg of CBD and purports to use a high quality of hemp. It appears that they mixed it with beeswax to solidify the hemp oil in different temperature ranges. This stuff is great to put around your eyes or to apply to any areas where pain or inflammation relief is needed quickly. For just $49.99, you can’t go wrong.

If you want to pop pills and remind yourself of traditional medicinal therapies, Tera Hemp is right there with you to solve this also. They have vegetarian capsules that are infused with 25mg of CBD per pill. The $69.99 sale price is a testament to the fact that older methods of treatment are fading out. Nevertheless, I think that vegetarian capsules are just what the doctor ordered for some markets that take CBD medicine more seriously. I mean, not everyone wants to take their CBD by chewing a gummie bear. It does seem a little immature, after all.

My Conclusion Regarding Tera Hemp

Tera Hemp is building a product line that includes new directions in the hemp industry. This is something that I value. I would like to see a bit more clarity on the CBD content and other lab analyses for all their products. I am not sure whether they are trying to meet all markets or just testing the waters to see whether people want, CBD or anything labeled “Hemp”. Nevertheless, I think that their CBD-infused vitamins are an excellent deal and make up for any other shortcomings that people may opine regarding this company.

I vote to keep on pulling at the products that live up to their potential. The entry price to hop onboard the Tera Hemp train is pretty cheap. If they can continue to innovate and deliver the kind of products that cannabis consumers are seeking, then I am sure that they will grow much larger in the future. For this reason, I would recommend that anyone out there try some Tera Hemp products and at least provide them with some feedback if you think they could convey or manufacture a product better.