The 7 Best CBD Lip Balms of 2019

Do you often have trouble with chapped lips? We all struggle with chapped lips and it gets worse in the winters. Even after trying several home remedies and lip balms, the problem just doesn’t seem to go away. Many people have this common problem and are always on the lookout for new innovative and organic ways to help relieve chapped lips.

Today we are going to show you a way that we believe will help get rid of chapped lips for you for good. If you haven’t tried CBD lip balms yet, now is the time to give them a shot.

Is CBD Good for Chapped Lips?

CBD oil is known to have many health benefits. One of these benefits is providing the skin with moisturizing. It also has the same moisturizing benefits when applied on the lips. On top of that, CBD also adds a layer of enhancement to protect the lips, effectively preventing them from becoming chapped in the first place. CBD also helps the lips to regenerate and produce new skin cells that reduce the look of cracking on the lips as well as prevent other common problems like cold sores.

Keeping in mind the benefits CBD oil provides to lips, many companies have created lip balms to help people protect their lips. But with so many companies making these lip balms, it is often hard to decide on what to buy. We have listed down the 7 best CBD lip balms of 2017 which we know for certain, are super effective for chapped lips.

Serene CBD Lip Balm

If you’re looking for one of the most nourishing lip balms out there, try Serene’s CBD lip balm. This CBD infused lip balm is packed with other crucial ingredients such as Avocado oil, vitamin E, and organic shea butter. But what really makes this lip balm so special is the amount of CBD in it. You get at least 50mg of the oil in it which is actually over the maximum saturation of 20mg commonly found in most CBD lip balms out there.

Pros –

  • Has more amount of CBD oil inside than any other lip balm
  • Made with plenty of other ingredients that provide moisturization
  • Works on the lips to provide maximum healing and soothing

Cons –

  • The tube is very small and contains only .15oz of solution

CBDistillery Chapstick

The CBDistillery’s CBD lip balm is extremely easy to apply thanks to old school chapstick-like design. It carries with it all the important ingredients that your lips need in order to stay away from cracking and chapping.

The lip balm is infused with CBD oil as well as other natural ingredients that help to restore your lips to their best-looking self.

Pros –

  • Contains high-quality ingredients only
  • Jam-packed with non-drying agents and protection ingredients
  • Affordable option

Cons –

  • Only has 25mg of CBD in the tube
  • It may leave an undesirable aftertaste in some people

Cannabidiol Life Chapstick

If you like fruity flavors, the Cannabidiol Life chapstick is something you should give a try. The lip balm is not only infused with CBD, but it also has fruit extracts that give the balm a fruit flavor and scent. You can find various flavors from the vendor. The lip balm also contains natural ingredients like cocoa butter, beeswax, and sunflower oil.

Pros –

  • Tons of natural ingredients in it
  • Has excellent flavors that improve the taste quite a bit
  • Not heavy on the pocket

Cons –

  • Contains only 25mg of CBD
  • Some of the flavors can leave an undesirable after-taste in your mouth

Receptra Naturals

Looking for the perfect all natural solution? The Receptra Naturals has everything organic and natural in it to give your lips a nourished and refreshed feeling. The ingredients are high quality and make sure that they provide your lips enough protection to prevent cracking and chapping.

Pros –

  • 15mg of CBD is infused in every tube of this balm
  • Can make your lips look healthier and younger
  • Affordable and easy to acquire

Cons –

  • It has the lowest CBD oil in it
  • Some of the ingredients in the lip balm are known to cause irritation to some people

Try the CBD

Try the CBD is a CBD oil manufacturer that is known in the community for making organic and high-quality products infused with CBD oil. This is a very good lip balm for people who suffer from extremely chapped lips. If you experience extreme cracking on the lips that lead to bleeding, this may be your best solution.

The CBD oil gives your lips a brand new layer of texture that protects them and also gives them a luxurious and healthy feeling without any waxy residue left behind on the lips.

Pros –

  • Has 50mg of CBD oil
  • Includes ingredients like cocoa butter and shea butter
  • Competitive price

Cons –

  • Some people report irritation on the area surrounding their lips after application
  • Some people also experience a tingling sensation after applying the balm


Elixinol is well known for making products with highest-quality of ingredients available. They have really high standards. The lip balm by this company provides more than just moisturizing, it also helps in healing your lips after they have been exposed to extreme weather or harsh conditions around you.

Pros –

  • Made with full-spectrum CBD oil
  • Tastes great
  • Provides your lips with an extra dose of Vitamin D

Cons –

  • Has very low dosage – only 5mg of CBD
  • People who have medical conditions or are on prescribed medication can’t use this product

Endoca Lips + Skin

Looking for a treatment that works both on your skin and lips the same way? The Endoca Lips + Skin may be the perfect answer. The lip balm and skin solution is perfect for those who have other skin problems like dry and blotchy skin patches.

The product is best for people who do not want to carry multiple items for skin and lips separately. This is an all-in-one sort of balm that takes care of most dry skin and chapped lip problems for you. The ingredients that make this balm are all natural and organic.

Pros –

  • All natural and organic ingredients
  • Can help repair dried and damaged skin – not just the lips only
  • Everything that makes this balm is lab tested and 100% certified

Cons –

  • This is one of the most expensive balms out there
  • It has only 20mg of CBD which may not be enough for both skin and lips

Benefits of CBD Lip Balms

There are many benefits of using CBD lip balms on the lips if you compare it to typical chapstick and other lip balms. The extra CBD oil inside the balm provides more than just moisturizing to the lips, it also helps the skin to heal quickly. CBD actually also helps to improve the overall look of the lips after you start regularly using it.

Since CBD oil has anti-aging qualities, it can also help prevent fine lines on the lips that ultimately helps you look younger.

Are There Any Side Effects of CBD Lip Balms?

There are absolutely no side effects of using CBD lip balms on your lips. You just need to be aware that some lip balms can irritate your skin or leave an undesirable after-taste. This largely depends on the brand you are using. If you are having such troubles with a balm, have it replaced with another balm.


CBD oil is rising in popularity and it will keep rising in the years to come. As more research will be available, companies will be unable to unlock more benefits of CBD. Currently, it is one of the best natural remedies for dried lips and skin and should be carried by anyone who has a problem with chapped or cracked lips.

CBD Lip balms not only provide you with moisturization, but they also help rejuvenate your skin and lips to help them appear younger and beautiful.  For a full list of brands we’ve reviewed in this space, view this page.  We’re aiming to be the most comprehensive guide when it comes to CBD oils.