What is the Best Synthetic Urine

We’ve all heard stories of people who have beat drug tests with synthetic urine, but the products that people used to accomplish this are never really discussed or talked about.  Today, we’re about to change that, as we have found the best synthetic urine kits on the market and have seen 1,000’s of people use them with success.  

what is the best synthetic urineBefore we get into the details, let us first start with why anyone would need synthetic urine? In fact fake urine purchase is growing in popularity in the recent years. When you are prescribed cannabis or marijuana and assuming that you have been an upright citizen so far, you don’t want to rely on your own urine to pass drug tests administered frequently and without notice by employers, security agencies and others. For regular smokers of marijuana, situation like this is a nightmare. Most drugs stay up to 8 days in your body system, so if you are subjected to a test, it is likely that your result will show positive to the drug you are taking.

Why take the risk when you can find a way to mask these results and come out clean? 

Many drug users who are otherwise innocent and taking medications for their health conditions feel the urge to pass drug tests for their own safety, well-being and sanity. However, it has been getting harder to get away from the wide range of techniques that drug testing companies use that can not only detect drugs in urine samples but tell the difference between real and synthetic urine as well. Being the curious person you are, you may want to know all about synthetic urine and we can assure you that there are many cases where synthetic urine has proved to be useful despite all the tactics the drug testing companies deploy. And this is a good news.

So, What is Synthetic Urine?

The term ‘synthetic urine’ is obvious. It is commonly known as ‘fake pee’ and manufactured in laboratories using the substance, composition and chemical properties that mimic human urine. The appearance of fake urine or synthetic urine exactly matches that of real urine as well. Additionally, all of the major ingredients found in the human urine, such as uric acid, ammonia, sulfates and urea are also found in synthetic urine in similar proposition. Even the specific gravity pH level – two sensitive components of urine match exactly with that of fake urine. The reason behind these similarities is to trick the system or drug testing equipment and techniques into believing that what is being tested is real urine.

Synthetic urine is available in the market or through dealers in many forms, such as pre-mixed solutions and dried powders. They all have an expiry date which means any unused form of this product will lose its effectiveness after a while and should be discarded. A typical synthetic urine sample consists of:

Same Color As Real Urine – Chemists carefully match the color of synthetic urine with that of real urine during chemical blending. So, you will see that a sample of synthetic urine in a clear bottle will have that warm yellow tint.

pH Level – Synthetic urine comes with the same level of pH as that of real urine. If the pH level differs, measures are take to either dilute or increase the concentration accordingly.

Creatinine Level – The exact level of creatinine is essential in order for the synthetic urine to go undetected during a drug test.

Temperature – Chemists in the laboratories make sure that the temperature of the synthetic urine and that of real urine are the same. Chemicals are added to increase or decrease the temperature.

So, if you have read this far, there should be no doubt in your mind that synthetic urine is one of the fastest ways to pass a drug test. And it is. However, sneaking synthetic urine in during a drug test is a Herculean task not to mention a serious crime. We would not recommend this act in any situation. Note that, this is for information purpose only and not a legal advice for those who want to take the criminal path.

The market is inundated with plenty of choices when it comes to synthetic urine. You may be confused as to which one to buy and which ones have short shelf-life and are just a waste of money. In such circumstances, heed to the advice of others; listen to what other people are saying about a particular product in question. It is important that you choose the right brand and select only the legit one. The amount of urine sample that you need depends on your requirements and budget. They are available from small sized bottles of 1 oz to 12 oz. Prices range from $10 to $50 depending on the brand, availability and other factors. Some states do not allow these products. Some of the products come with heating pads and other accessories to keep elements like temperature and shelf life stable. If you are buying the synthetic urine in powder form, clear instructions will be sent along to convert it into a liquid form. This can be a tricky situation. So, pay careful attention to what the instruction is saying and follow it precisely. And if you have a drug test coming up, you may want to explore all your options before buying the right type.

With that in mind, here are a few things to take note of when selecting synthetic urine:

Seller/Dealer – A reputable seller can make or break a deal. If you are not buying from a well-known dealer, you may be exposing yourself to counterfeit products that will clearly get detected during drug test. Save yourself the embarrassment and look for a dealer that you can trust. Check out the feedback from real people on the internet and start from there. Remember that cheap product may not always be the best. You are dealing with a serious thing here because your well-being and future are at stake.

Components – All the components especially uric acid should be present in the fake urine sample that you are buying. So make sure to read all the ingredients present on the label and compare them with that of real urine composition.

Temperature – Temperature should be in the range of 95 to 100F in order for the synthetic urine to go undetected. The best product that you will be buying will come close to real urine and contain additional strip displaying its current temperature.

Shelf Life – As mentioned earlier, any synthetic urine sample that is left unused for too long and past the noted expiry date is rendered useless at a later date. This information should be clearly mentioned in the manual or label that came with the product.

There are many manufacturers and dealers that you can rely on for synthetic urine products. Internet has plenty of information accompanied with reviews for such dealers. Keep in mind that things are no longer what they once were. If you are buying from an unknown brand manufacturer, you are basically getting scammed. It is easier to manufacture synthetic urine that looks like real urine but hard to get the exact precision or composition that is required.

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