Best CBD Pain Cream

Managing pain is a problem that many people have a problem properly solving.  With all of the dangerous prescription drugs and other opioids out there taking the lives of innocent victims of pain, it’s no wonder companies are investing billions of dollars into research and development to come up with better ways to manage pain.

CBD is a natural alternative that not many people know about (yet) and the market has been getting flooded with new products designed to treat, manage, and reduce pain via CBD creams, balms, and salves.  Today I’ll talk about some of the ones that our editorial team has tried and tested in hopes of helping show people how powerful CBD pain creams are and why they need to be considered if you are dealing with any agonizing pain from injury or chronic condition or disease.

Top CBD Creams & Topicals for Pain

After analyzing the market and looking at over twenty different products, we’ve decided to highlight the products that we felt were the best cbd creams for pain. The cumulative data you find here is the product of many people trying these products over an extended amount of time and reporting back results on ease of use, effectiveness, and user experience.  Our test subjects ranged from fourteen year old athletes to 94 year old sufferers of chronic pain.  (We pride ourselves in having a wide variety of unbiased test subjects!)

(As new products hit the market and are sent our way, we will update this page.  Our last update was May 28th, 2019.)  

CBD for Pain and Inflammation

In addition to pain stemming from any condition imaginable, CBD also helps with inflammation.

Inflammation protects you from infection, and it’s essentially the process of your white blood cells doing just that.  When it’s unregulated, this can turn into a disease.  When inflammation lingers or happens in places where it’s just going to cause problems in the body, very bad things can happen.  You often hear of professional athletes like Tom Brady eat diets that will help them avoid inflammation for this very reason.  If you get inflammation, swelling, pain, redness, and stiff joints can surface.  When chronic inflammation occurs, diseases are often not far behind.

How CBD Can Help Fight Inflammation

CBD has a long history of being linked to anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive qualities, but most people are just hearing about it now because of the decision by the FDA to allow it to be marketed legally as a food supplement.  Our nervous system is made up of two main cannabinoid receptors, called CB1 and CB2.

CB1 controls appetite, memory, sleep, mood, and perception.  THC is more effective dealing with CB1.

CB2 is the essentially the immune system, and this one is greatly impacted by CBD.  With inflammation being an “immune response” – the obvious answer to reduce inflammation is CBD.  With it’s wide abundance and now great availability, it’s never been an easier time in life to attack inflammation.

Studies on CBD and Inflammation

The Imperial College London ran a test on mice that opened up many people’s eyes on the power of CBD to reduce inflammation.

When the mice received 5mg/kg of CBD, their inflammation was reduced by up to 50%

Best CBD Creams for Pain Relief 

No matter which condition you are looking to relieve, a pain relief cream with CBD is going to be something you’ll want to try.  The #1 product our testers enjoyed was the SkinPro CBD Soothing Pain Relief Cream, made by renowned Skin Care Laboratory SkinPro.  Being known in the media for using high powered, imported cosmeceutical peptides from Europe, this company has many products in the anti aging space that have gained incredible accolades, so it’s no wonder their pain cream topped our list.  Boasting 150 MG of CBD, this product is full spectrum and loaded with other ingredients that will essentially soothe any pain.  The menthol mint smell is very pleasant, which you’d expect from a world-renowned global company that is celebrating it’s tenth year in business.