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The Medicinal Marijuana Association is the leading source of information on medical marijuana. Our mission is to promote and support the use of medicinal marijuana by providing patients with information about its many benefits. Our purpose is to help you discover if medicinal marijuana is right for you and to teach you how to have an effective conversation with your doctor. We also provide access to reputable producers and health professionals, and provide ongoing monitoring and dosing. We’re here to help patients achieve a better quality of life.

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Does Starbucks Drug Test?

Are you planning to work at Starbucks but you’re concerned whether the company does a drug test before hiring an employee?  If you live somewhere that has legalized marijuana, it can be an odd situation, so today I’ll clear the air on what you are up against. I’m sure you’re pretty worried that they’re going

Is Medical Marijuana Addictive?

Medical marijuana is becoming more commonly prescribed for a variety of illnesses, such as pain, epilepsy, cancer, and depression. Pain killers and pharmaceuticals can often have severe side effects and can be relentlessly addictive. If you have been prescribed medical marijuana to relieve the symptoms caused by an illness, you might be wondering just how

How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost?

Medical marijuana poses an interesting twist to patients covered by health care plans. Many insurance companies do not want to cover such costs, so it becomes an out of pocket expense. Luckily for patients, it’s not very expensive, depending on where you live, the cannabis strain, its potency and who is selling it. While prices

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Our mission is to promote and support medical marijuana producers, patients, and doctors by providing information about the benefits of medicinal marijuana.

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Medical Marijuana Resources for Patients Looking to Achieve a Better Quality of Life Providing Patients with Useful Tools and Information on Medical Marijuana The Trusted Guide to Medical Marijuana for Patients Providing patients with valuable medical marijuana resources Helping patients who are seeking a better quality of life Find out if medical marijuana can help you achieve a better quality of life Helping Patients Achieve a Better Quality of Life with Medical Marijuana Your trusted medical marijuana information hub Guiding patients through the process ofProviding guidance for patients who could benefit from medical marijuana

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