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The Medicinal Marijuana Association is the leading source of information on medical marijuana. Our mission is to promote and support the use of medicinal marijuana by providing patients with information about its many benefits. Our purpose is to help you discover if medicinal marijuana is right for you and to teach you how to have an effective conversation with your doctor. We also provide access to reputable producers and health professionals, and provide ongoing monitoring and dosing. We’re here to help patients achieve a better quality of life.

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CBD Oil in the UK

The legalisation of cannabis in many countries across the globe is opening up new opportunities. New medicinal micro-industries are popping up to make use of this once frowned upon herb. There are many medicinal extracts that cannabis brings to the table. One such extract is cannabidiol, popularly known as CBD. What exactly is CBD? There

Fastest Way to Get the Effects of CBD

There are many scenarios when speed may be a factor when planning your use of CBD. For example, you might want to work out and not feel the effects until after you are done, or you might have an important meeting soon and want to make sure it will be calm before it starts. What

Raphael Mechoulam: Pioneer Cannabis Researcher

As far back as the 1800s,scientistsrealized that there arevaluable effects incannabis. Extensive research in the United States and England on cannabis in the 1930s came to a halt with the beginning of World War II and did not pick up again afterwards due to the various laws and regulations that classified the plant as a drug.Legal

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Our mission is to promote and support medical marijuana producers, patients, and doctors by providing information about the benefits of medicinal marijuana.

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Medical Marijuana Resources for Patients Looking to Achieve a Better Quality of Life Providing Patients with Useful Tools and Information on Medical Marijuana The Trusted Guide to Medical Marijuana for Patients Providing patients with valuable medical marijuana resources Helping patients who are seeking a better quality of life Find out if medical marijuana can help you achieve a better quality of life Helping Patients Achieve a Better Quality of Life with Medical Marijuana Your trusted medical marijuana information hub Guiding patients through the process ofProviding guidance for patients who could benefit from medical marijuana

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