Which Strain of Medical Marijuana is Right for You?

Medicinal marijuana’s therapeutic effects have been known for centuries in scores of countries. However, unlike pharmaceutical drugs used in the western world, medicinal marijuana is not a single refined product with a scientifically documented treatment dosage and regiment. This makes some medical doctors uncomfortable and produces uncertainty in prescribing the correct strain and the correct dosage.

strains of marijuanaMedicinal marijuana comes from two types of plants, Indica and Sativa which produce over 70 active compounds. The two important compounds are THC and CBD which provide the bulk of the known therapeutic effect. This sounds like a simple exercise. However, there are literally thousands of medicinal marijuana strains to choose from which makes selecting a marijuana strain daunting for patients.

The percentage of THC and CBD varies with each different strain of marijuana grown. Your specific medical condition will respond differently depending on the ratio of THC/CBD contained in a strain. Therefore, it is very important to understand what levels of THC and CBD are in the strain for your condition.

The Medicinal Marijuana Association makes life easier for patients by providing a limited choice of select strains for each class of symptoms and conditions.The choices based on reputation for therapeutic potency, availability in your area, good value and good quality grown to pharmaceutical standards.

Below, we have organized the strains by the specific conditions and symptoms and matched those strains to producers from whom you can purchase medicinal marijuana. Our monitoring plan, will help ensure that you have the right stain and dosage for your specific condition. By joining this program, you will receive ongoing monitoring as well as discounts off purchases.

Symptom Therapeutic Strain Name
Pain Pain Buster
Anxiety/Stress Calmer
Fatigue Energizer
Sleep Problems Sleepy Time
Depression Uplifter
Stomach Problems Serenity
Muscle Spasms Looser
Seizures/Neuralgia Nerve Block
Appetite Body Builder
Glaucoma Vision Relief

Additional Guides Covering Strains of Marijuana

There are so many names for strains of marijuana floating around that it can often times become highly confusing.  We’ve put together the below guides that go into great detail about the various strains of medical marijuana.  Stay tuned as we are always updating our site with more up-to-date information.

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