Cannapet Review

The cannabidiol (CBD Oil) for pets is trending as much as its human counterpart. This means that more and more companies are sprouting every day trying to make a fortune through selling cannabis-infused products for cats and dogs. While these CBD oil products have similar benefits for pets as they have for humans, you should still be very careful about what product you use on your pet because they are more sensitive to side effects than us.

There are many companies that have specialized CBD oil formulated for pets only, but very few companies are exclusively making products for pets. We recently came across Canna-Pet, a company that is exclusively producing CBD oil products for pets such as cats, dogs, and other domestic animals.

If you are a pet owner worried about the wellbeing of your little furry friend, you have got to read what we have to say about in this review. By the end of the review, you will understand why it is important to buy exclusive pet CBD oil products from this vendor.

What is CannaPet?

Canna-Pet is a supplement company that exclusively makes hemp supplements for domesticated animals. Their products cater to all breeds of cats and dogs. Canna-Pet is also one of the only and first companies of U.S creating specialized and exclusive CBD oil products for pets. In the past, only a few companies were producing these products but now there are too many and it can often get quite confusing which company to buy from.

But before we talk about CannaPet in detail, you have to learn why most owners are switching to pet based CBD oil instead of typical tinctures and supplements.

Here’s Why Pet Owners Are Opting for CBD Oil Products

We already know that humans suffer from a variety of chronic health problems as they grow old. The same can be said about pets. Most pets, once they start to grow old, start to experience health problems like chronic pain, anxiety, joint pain, and worst-case scenario, cancer.

To provide them relief, companies have started making CBD oil eccentric products for dogs and cats. The CBD oil is made from the cannabis plant but does not induce any side effects such as psychoactive effects and addiction that marijuana is known for. Most of these effects come from THC, another cannabinoid of the hemp plant. Since CBD oil usually has 0.001% THC, these effects are absent.

CBD oil is made with high-quality industrial hemp and has helped many pets in the past with problems like joint aches, anxiety, chronic ache and more.

If you’ve read about CBD, you should already be aware of the many incredible benefits of this miraculous ingredient. It is especially recommended for cats and dogs who are at the brink of their last years and are suffering from various health problems. In fact, many veterinarians are also recommending CBD oil products to pet owners these days instead of typical supplements because these products produce better results and provide fast relief.

What Products Are Offered by CannaPet?

Cannapet has three major products that are available in three different forms. You can find CBD oil products from this vendor in liquid, treat, and capsule forms. It is important to choose the form of the product wisely because some pets may not like the liquid form, others may only want to eat it in treats-form. Buy whatever your pet is comfortable with.

Cannapet has products specifically for cats, dogs, and horses.

How Does CannaPet Make Its Products?

For a pet owner, it is crucial to know what you are giving to your pet. Keeping this in mind, Cannapet has provided with an extensive list of ingredients it uses to create its CBD oil formula. The key ingredient within their products is medical-marijuana derived. It is present in all of their products including treat, capsule, and liquid.

Other ingredients are also added to these products to ensure quality and safety. Some of the most common ingredients include a broad spectrum of hemp. Terpenes, and flavonoids in them. The treat-form of their products have a different set of ingredients which makes them friendlier to pets.

Depending on the flavor you buy, you’ll have a set of different ingredients on your hand. But at the bottom of every product, you’ll have hemp and organic barley flour.

How Good Is the Quality of CannaPet Products?

The ideal way to check the quality of the product is to read reviews online. If you try searching for Cannapet reviews on the internet, you will come across several reviews from real pet owners who have posted their success story with this CBD oil vendor for pets. The high ratings and positive review tell us that their products are not only high-quality in nature, but also result oriented.


If you’ve been searching for a CBD oil product for your pet, Cannapet is definitely one of the best companies out there. Sure there are many other companies that sell CBD oil for pets, but they are severely limited in variety and these companies main target is people.

Since Cannapet is exclusively making products for pets, you can be sure that their products are safe and effective to use on pets. We love the fact that there are three forms of all their products. Many pets don’t like eating capsules or drinking liquid form of the products. In cases like these, the treat form works best. It is the only company that has three forms of CBD oil products available for pets.

And since each and every product is made to be used on pets, they contain an exclusive ingredient profile that is intended to be safe for use on pets. If you are worried about hurting your pet because you are not aware of what ingredients might trigger allergic reactions on your pet, you should opt for this brand. All of the ingredients are lab tested and are safe to be used on pets.

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