CBD Distillery Review

If you love the idea of medical cannabis and the wonderful healing properties associated with it but aren’t willing to be high as a kite all day, then you should definitely consider looking into CBD. This non psychoactive portion of Marijuana has now become legal to use as a mood enhancer and a food supplement. Instead of becoming incredibly high, ingesting CBD in one of its various forms just produces a relaxed feeling that can relieve stress, stop aches and pain, or even help you fall asleep at night. Since the industry is booming right now, many companies are cropping up looking to make a quick buck. It is vital to do your homework before choosing a CBD brand and purchasing their products. Today, we look at CHD Distillery to see if they have what it takes to earn you hard won cash.

About CBD Distillery 

The brand was formed by a group in Colorado who share the mission of spreading knowledge of hemp and cannabidiol across the world. Now that it is becoming increasingly legal to do so, they use the hashtag #CBDMOVEMENT in order to proliferate their message throughout the internet.

How is their Full Spectrum CBD Tincture?

Upon navigating their website, you learn that there are five different strength levels to choose from. The 250 mg dosage costs 20 dollars, the 500 mg goes for 35, the 1000 mg is 60, the 2500 mg is 130, and the 5000 mg costs 240 dollars. The first 3 come in a 15 ml bottle, while the biggest 2 concentrations come in a 20 ml bottle. This is a nice range of product strength and allows newcomers to dabble with the 350 mg and advanced users who desire high daily doses to jump right into the 5000 mg bottle.

Like any other CBD oil, you can either add some to a drink or you can use the dropper to place a few drops under your tongue. When applied under the tongue, the chemical enters your bloodstream faster and the effect is more immediate. How you ingest it and how much you take depend on the pain you are trying to alleviate. It is best to experiment to find your own ideal dosage as everyone’s body responds differently to CBD based on their genetics.

Tincture Effectiveness
Full Spectrum CBD is one of the most concentrated and powerful forms of the substance. You want an oil that works efficiently and effectively when you shell out this much for it. Luckily, CHD Distillery has you covered on that front. Upon ingesting it, you can notice a mellowing effect very quickly. Once mellowed, any pain or aches will begin to dissolve as you attention floats elsewhere.

For massive physical trauma or chronic pains, we recommend the two strongest bottles to help soothe the discomfort. For just relaxing, the smaller three dosages levels work wonders. The cool thing is that each bottle has the exact percentage of CBD located on it. For instance, the 1000 mg contains 6.77% and the 5000 mg bottle has 19.03%. This upfront data is refreshing in the world of CBD and other companies would do well to follow suit.

How about their Isolate Powder?
If you much prefer powder to the oils, then CBD Distillery also has you covered. It is derived naturally from industrial hemp oil and is attained from hemp stems and stalks.
Much like the oil, it comes in five different sizes. Half a gram will run you 15 dollars, a single gram will be 30, 3.5 grams will cost $105, seven grams will be $192.50, and finally, 14 grams go for #378.

You can ingest the powder in a variety of ways, making it a fun product to experiment with. You can simply eat some by putting a dash on your tongue. You can mix it into oil or use it as an ingredient in your food preparation. If you really want to relax, you can mix some into vape oil and vaporize it as well. Each method has its own sensation but mixing it into food or drink was the easiest way to consume it in our experience.

CBD Powder Effectiveness
This powder formula is incredibly strong and well worth trying especially if you haven’t felt much effect from CBD in the past. Vaping it will produce a noticeable shift in your mental state. Everyone will have their own preferred dosage, so it is best to ease into it until the effect is fully satisfying. Placing it under the tongue without anything else will make it take effect almost immediately. This is the way to go if you have serious pain issues.

Finally, mixing it into existing oil such as coconut or MCT oil can create a powerful homemade tincture. This is also a great way to consume less of the powder at a time while still retaining a potent effect. This gives the powder the most value for the money as even a single gram can last for a long time. Just be wary not to operate any heavy machinery after using this powder. It is an incredibly relaxing effect and users are prone to falling asleep after taking a hefty dose.

Where to purchase CBD Distillery products
CBD Distillery has a nice website where you can all of their products and all of their dosage levels. The website uses a professional template and was clearly designed in a well thought out manner. It certainly won’t be scaring away any potential customers.

There is also a wholesale page for anyone looking to buy in bulk and sell the products in their own stores. Shipping is only eight dollars but they waive the charge if you purchase more than $75 worth in a single transaction. While this may seem like a cheap tactic to get you to buy larger doses, you do get additional savings when buying the larger quantity offerings.

The Final Verdict
CBD Distillery is not another company looking to cash in big on an emerging gold rush industry. Based on their website, motto, packaging, and product selection, they are very serious about CBD and are here to stay. In addition to the products reviewed above, they also have tinctures for pets, terpenes, and capsules you can purchase.

Everything we have tried from them has proven to be highly effective and always took a noticeable effect on our mind and body. Rest assured CBD Distillery is a fine company that is well worth investing a few dollars into. Even if you just try a gram of their powder you will see that they are not messing around. Overall, this company is a great first step into CBD if you are a newbie and a nice new brand to try if you are a connoisseur.