Sour Diesel Marijuana Strain

The Sour Diesel marijuana strain is regarded as being one of the most potent and commonly used strains of marijuana worldwide. Chances are that, even if you haven’t used or heard of this strain, someone you know has used it and can attest to the potency and benefits this particular strain provides. In this overview, we’ll take a look at the history of sour diesel, the reasons why many smokers prefer this strain, medical and recreational uses and the pros and cons associated with this strain.

Fascinating And Tragic Origins Of Sour Diesel

The origins of this particular strain of marijuana isn’t known for 100% certainty, but one of the more popular stories that have stood the test of time is fascinating yet tragic to say the list. Many marijuana enthusiasts can attest to the fact that Robert peace is most credited for being the single individual who developed the strain. Robert Peace worked as a high school teacher for several years before he concluded that it was too unnerving. Upon leaving his teaching position he would pick up a new job which consisted of loading and unloading baggage at Continental Airlines.

After three years of being in this position he was fired for jamming a plane’s doorway which caused the company $20,000 in damages. As a result of this, he became jobless and with no additional source of income coming in, he used his knowledge in molecular biophysics and biochemistry – which he gained via two degrees from Yale University – to create Sour diesel.

After he created it, he started to sell it in his neighborhood and the public reception of this new, incredibly potent strain was so overwhelmingly positive that it spread throughout California like a wildfire. Unfortunately however, Robert would not live to see just how popular this strain would eventually become and never got the recognition he truly deserved, because his life was cut short as a direct result of his success in the narcotics trade.

Whats With The Name?

Many people have wondered, what’s with the name. Is it just for marketing or is it really sour? Why does it have the name Diesel in It? Well, this particular strain evokes a unique taste when it is smoked, which is distinctive from any other strain of cannabis. Many users have proclaimed that the way it tastes can simply be desribed as being mildly sour and similar to a citrus fruit.On the other-hand,the name “Diesel” stems from the fact that it also evokes a diesel like smell from its buds.

Why Is It So Popular?

Besides the fact that it gives a pungent, distinctive gassy stench and citrus like taste, it also provides an exciting burst of energy and provides more of a mind high as opposed to a body high. Medical marijuana patients typically use it in the early morning hours because it helps them to feel wide awake and ready to take on the day. In addition to that, since it mostly affects the mind, many users proclaim that it doesn’t produce a heavy body, couch like lethargic effect as is the case with may other strains.


This strain has higher than average THC levels, which contributes to its energizing, fast acting and mood elevating cerebral buss. Meanwhile it’s CBD levels is considerably lower than most strains. While this may seem bad at first glance, it’s important to note that while CBD provides its own list of benefits, it induces sleep and can make users feel lethargic. Out of all the strains of marijuana that exist, sour diesel is regarded as being one the the top 3 tested strains of marijuana in North America and many tests conclude that on average, its THC potency ranges from 18% – 24%.

Medical Applications

Due to the fact that it mainly produces a head high moreso than a body high, unlike strains that provide a full body high, this strain can be used to effectively combat depression and anxiety. It’s also worth nothing that people with anxiety and panic disorders prefers this kind of strain because a body buzz can actually cause a panic attack.

The uplifting head buzz that it provides can help to alleviate the stresses of the mind as well as to reduce sadness. And, since it doesn’t produce a sluggish weighed down effect, it’s ideal for people who suffer from anxiety. It’s also perfect for individuals who suffer from ADD, ADHD, bipolar disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder as well. It can prove to be an effective tool for individuals who want to fight a preexisting psychological disorder without the utilization of traditional medicine which comes with several unwanted side effects.

In the same breath it is worth nothing that since it produces more of a mind buzz, it is not suitable for individuals who want to alleviate physical pain, but rather individuals who have mind related ailments and conditions.

Notable Side Effects

As is the case with other potent strains which consists of high THC levels, overindulgence of this strain can lead to unwanted effects such as anxiety and paranoia. In order for you to avoid this risk however, you can start off solely my taking a small amount and gradually increase your usage until you find an ideal dose that works best for your particular desires. Besides paranoia and anxiety, some of the other side effects overindulgence can lead to includes:

  • Coughing
  • Cotton/Dry Mouth
  • Increased Heart Rate
  • Bloodshot eyes

Avoiding Unwanted Side Effects

In the case of anxiety and paranoia, all you have to do is to start with a small dosage and find out which works best for you. In the case of dry eyes and mouth, you need to ensure that you have an adequate amount of fluid in your system prior to and during your use. If your eyes become bloodshot you can use eye drops to clear it up. Eyedrops can help to hydrate your eyes as well.