Even though many drugs are now legalized for medical and recreational purposes, almost everyone runs into people who still have negative views towards it. As a marijuana user, I find that many companies will still refuse to hire me unless I can pass a drug test, even though it is entirely legalized in my state! This makes any job search a bit tricky because marijuana is one of those drugs that can linger in your system for weeks after the last time you used it.

Since this is an issue I’ve encountered every now and then, I started researching ways to pass drug tests without having to give up smoking entirely. Today I want to share my favorite find with you. Thanks to Test Clear, I’ve been able to pass a few drug tests without any stress or worry.

Test Clear: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Test Clear is a company that sells all sorts of medical equipment. They mostly specialize in equipment that helps people pass drug tests, but they also have some useful detox programs, paternity tests, and drug testing kits.

When I went to look at the Test Clear website, I was impressed by just how many different types of drug test passing kits were available. The company has all their kits sorted into categories based on what sort of test you want to pass. Some of the products work by removing waste products that contain trace amounts of drugs while others work by giving you a product you can submit instead of your test sample. You pick out whichever one you want, and they ship it right to you.

My Experience Using Test Clear

I’ve actually used Test Clear drug testing kits twice, so I want to explain how both of those went so you can decide if it will work for you.

Using a Powdered Urine Kit to Pass a Drug Test

My very first encounter with Test Clear was when I dried using their powdered urine kit. Like the name implies, this is a basic little kit that contains dehydrated urine. Since it is real powdered urine, the kit won’t raise triggers when a testing company checks to see if your sample contains fake urine. I liked that the kit comes with everything you need instead of just giving you the basic powdered urine itself. It has a little transport vial, a heater, and a little thermometer strip, so you can carry the fake urine with you and keep it at the appropriate temperature.

The only tricky thing about using this to pass my test was just the timing itself. You have to make sure you mix the urine with water at the right time or it might not reach the appropriate temperature in time. So I started by mixing the powdered urine with basic tap water an hour before I had to go into the appointment. Then I activated one of the little heaters and put it next to the vial. The vial itself is very small, so I just stuck it in the top of my shoe when going in to the testing facility. (I’ve heard other smuggling tips like tucking it in your bra or your underwear also work!)

Once I got into the drug testing clinic, all I had to do was walk into the bathroom and check out the vial. The temperature was just slightly higher than it should be, so I took off the heater and shook the vial back and forth to cool it off a bit. Once the temperature strip on the side read at around 96, I dumped the vial in the sample cup they gave me and turned it in.

A couple days later, I got the news I passed! This was definitely the easiest and most convenient way I’ve passed a drug test before.

Trying Out the Test Clear Detox Program

Since the powdered urine kit worked so great for me the first time around, I immediately thought of Test Clear the next time I was starting a job that required a drug test. However, I learned that this would be a supervised test, so I didn’t think I could switch out my urine again. When I turned to Test Clear this time around, I used one of their detox kits instead.

Since I had plenty of warning before the drug test, I went with the 10 day detox program. I was expecting this to be a bit of a pain, but really, the hardest part was just not smoking for 10 days in a row! The detox kit has a three part process that came with tablets, fiber, and a liquid detox.

To use this program, All I had to do was follow the instructions that came with it. I started by taking the pre-rid pills three times an hour for five hours. Then on the last day of the detox, I took the liquid over the course of four hours. The final step in this detox program was just taking a bunch of fiber an hour before my test.

All of the steps were simple and painless to follow, and I’m happy to report that this program was pretty effective. Even though I’m such a regular smoker, I still managed to pass the test.

Other Great Test Clear Items to Try

When I was checking out the Test Clear website, I was blown away by the variety of stuff they had. I haven’t personally tried these products myself, but I did want to mention them just because they seem like things that some people could really use.

The most useful thing overall does seem to be the powdered urine kit, since that’s the most common type of drug testing. However, if you have another test like a blood test, the detox still comes in handy. I also noticed they offer a mouthwash you can use to pass saliva tests with ease. There’s a shampoo and hair rinse available for people who are trying to pass a hair test.

If you have an upcoming test and are worried that your detox system hasn’t been enough to clear the drugs out of your system, I’d also recommend adding Test Clear drug testing kits to your order. These let you do at home drug testing, so you can see exactly what level of drugs is in your system. They also come in handy if you want to find out if someone else is using certain drugs.

Finally, I noticed that Test Clear has also added some other lab tests like allergy, paternity, and mold tests to their website recently. I’m thinking I might check out their allergy test soon to figure out what exactly is causing my random allergy attacks!