Before discussing the side effects of CBD, we have to discuss how beneficial it has been for some time now. Since it was discovered in the 1940s, professionals quickly found that it had amazing beneficial qualities such as digestive aid, anxiety relief, and even contributes to a healthy appetite. In fact, some of these qualities along with the many qualities of recreational marijuana are one of the main reasons why more states are switching over to making it fully legal. In any event, just know that CBD has done and continues to do far more good than bad.

As far as its side effects, some people would go as far as to say that is it virtually side effect free. Given that people can’t overdose or die as a result of CBD or marijuana, there is not anything else anyone should worry about. In the same breath, the very few side effects that a CBD can have on someone are worth learning about. With this in mind, here are the top 10 side effects of CBD.

The Most Common Side Effects of CBD

#10: It May Lead To Paranoia

Worth noting, CBD in and of itself is not psychoactive. In other words, it will not give you the feeling that recreational marijuana will. That being said, it does have the ability to leave some people paranoid. For anyone who doesn’t know that CBD is not psychoactive, the very thought that it might be may cause paranoia in some people. For the most part, as long as they know that they won’t get high, it should be enough for them to comfortably enjoy the benefits of CBD.

#9: It Can Cause Anxiety Instead Of Relieving It

While marijuana and its properties are widely known to be one of the best anxiety relievers, they have also lead to cases where it has caused anxiety. With CBD, it has been known to cause anxiety for the same reasons that it has been known to cause paranoia. The problem with these causes is that people are not willing to fully trust in the abilities of CBD. Once someone is willing to do that, then they will be able to relieve the anxiety that they have instead of worsening it.

#8: It Can Lead To Large Appetite Swings

For recreational users of marijuana, large appetites swings are known as “The Munchies”. This result of marijuana is considered to be a negative side effect because it has the ability to lead to unwanted weight gain. When it comes to CBD, these large appetite swings are usually not as unhealthy as the one’s marijuana bring about. Nonetheless, it does have the ability to completely change someone’s eating habits.

#7: Has Been Known To Create Changes In Mood

Changes in mood, especially when CBD comes into play, can mean a lot of different things. However, the changes in mood that are generally brought upon by CBD are not as drastic as the one’s marijuana can cause. Typically for CBD, these mood changes involve a decrease in any normal mood behavior of a person. This isn’t necessarily bad, it just means that CBD is taking effect.

#6: It Can Cause Diarrhea

When it comes to the physical side effects that CBD can have, the ability for it to cause diarrhea is one of the most common. Overall, this is a result of CBD taking its effects on things such as appetite that then lead to diarrhea. However, it is important to note that this is not a permanent side effect. Like every their CBD side effect, your body will learn to cope with them and accept the benefits.

#5: Tends To Leave People With A Dry Mouth

This is not so much a side effect as it is an annoying cause of CBD. In fact, people who naturally have a more dry mouth won’t even notice this side effect. For the rest of the people who use CBD, this is a simple and easy fix to otherwise amazing benefits. Once you learn to deal with the effects of dry mouth, this side effect will not make even the slightest bit of difference in your CBD experience.

#4: It Is Known To Cause Drowsiness

Drowsiness is known to be more of a side effect of recreational marijuana use, however, it does also show itself in CBD use. One of the reasons it is never okay to drive under any influence of even the smallest doses of CBD is because of this side effect. In extreme cases, we can see how dangerous it can be. That said, it is not as nearly as strong as the drowsiness that marijuana gives you.

#3: It Can Cause Dizziness

With the side effect of dizziness, now we start to get into the reasons why people are often scared away from CBD. Despite the overwhelming amount of benefits that science has proven CBD has, you would be surprised how many people turn it down because they don’t want to deal with this side effect. Usually, it’s not dizziness itself that is scary. Most people turn does CBD because of the side effects that follow it. Yet again, we have to remember that your body learns to cope with these side effects and eventually gets rid of them.

#2: It Can Cause Nausea

As mentioned before, people tend to stay away from CBD because of the side effects that follow dizziness. Well, the next side effect that follows that is nausea. In the whole span of things, nausea that can be caused by CBD is not any different from any other nausea. If anything, it is a lesser version of nausea caused by food poisoning for example. Worth mentioning, this is something that can be slept off.

#1: It Can Result In Vomiting

As far as we know, the absolute worst side effect that can be caused by CBD is vomiting. This is usually the last side effect that follows both dizziness and nausea. However, someone usually gets to this point if they are trying it for the very first time. Like anything else, your body wants to try and get rid of anything it hasn’t seen before. In other words, once it gets to this point, it usually never gets to this point again. All of that being said, fully embrace the benefits of CBD knowing that it can’t get any worse than vomiting.

CBD As A Whole

When we take into account both the side effects and benefits of CBD, we will find that it is vastly more beneficial than it is harmful. Perhaps that’s why our list of oils gets so many hits!

Remember, the majority of people don’t even go through any single side effect when using CBD. For that matter, if you do happen to have one of these side effects, they can be easily dealt with. As a whole, we have to start taking the benefits more seriously. Given how beneficial CBD is now, who knows what great things it will be used for in the future? Even something as horrible as cancer is being treated with CBD. Now, we can’t say that it is powerful enough to fully treat something as serious as that, but, it certainly is on its way to doing something of that nature. In addition, the entire marijuana movement has to be taken more serious as well. As far as marijuana and CBD are concerned, they are on an upward trajectory as a “drug” of which the likes have never been seen before.