11 Health Benefits of Kratom

In the South Asian areas of Malaysia, Thailand, and Myanmar there grows a tropical evergreen Mitragyna Speciosa. Otherwise, is known as Kratom. It has become a more known word in the western world as the Opioid crisis has hit a pinnacle and many are looking for more natural ways to deal with addiction and pain. Although it has come to western light through this outlet, there are many other health benefits and uses to Kratom. This tree is best known for the power in its leaves. This is where the properties of kratom work with the human body in relieving pain and promoting better sleep. Pain and lack of sleep are two human conditions that we battle in modern western civilization. If we can find natural substances to help us with these two symptoms, we can go a long way in relieving many other ailments. With that in mind, Kratom has also become known as a health agent even for a healthy body to stay in balance. Here are eleven ways Kratom can continue to be a health agent and benefit human life.

The Amazing Health Benefits of Kratom

Sedative and Stimulant 

One of the benefits of working with whole plant medicine is that it can have multiple varying uses taken as a whole substance. In pharmaceutical use, we are taught that we can only relieve one symptom at a time and often have to deal with the side effects. Most plants including Kratom, when taken in natural form, can be both a stimulant and a sedative. The leaves of the tree are what provide the potent effects and depending on the dose can provide different effects. When taking low doses of Kratom, it can have an energizing effect. Promoting maximum levels of energy while simultaneously supporting positive vibes and outlook. This can be beneficial for someone dealing with mental health symptoms that might make them lethargic or depressed.

When taken in larger doses the leaves promote a sedative effect. Decreasing energy levels can be beneficial when someone is dealing with trauma, anxiety, or other conditions where rest is the most beneficial act.


As a natural mood enhancer, Kratom in specific doses can have vast effects on mood and feelings of happiness and contentment. Our bodies way of regulating emotions happens in the hormonal system. Kratom can trigger the release of certain hormones, known for feelings of happiness. Certain strains of Kratom releases dopamine and serotonin which can be helpful in people dealing with different levels of depression.

These benefits depend on the strain of Kratom as well as the dosage.


This is a hard concept for most to digest. We are trained to believe that real pain relief must come with bad side effects. Kratom delivered in the right strains with the right dosage can be a safe way to relieve pain caused by chronic conditions. The leaves of the Kratom tree contain analgesic properties. This decreases inflammation which then effectively alleviates body pain. Alkaloids are also present in the leaf structure and communicate and subdue pain receptors in the body. With these two properties working together conditions like arthritis slipped discs, and osteoarthritis can find sweet relief.


Sexual arousal is a sign of a healthy human. When taking Kratom, there is an increase in blood flow. With increased blood flow most systems of the body begin to work more effectively. This includes fertility and an energized libido. Where there is increased libido there are increased conception rates. Kratom does have a reputation by its practitioners to boost fertility and act as an aphrodisiac.


Again using proper doses to achieve the effects you are looking for, Kratom can be useful with brain function and efficiency. Effects can be a sharper mental state, increased focus, and heightened cognitive function.


Where Kratom can have powerful effects is during times of withdrawal. It replicates many of the actions of opiates in the body and can soothe the symptoms that arise while craving opiates. As stated before it can have major effects on mood as well as pain relief. This helps immensely when withdrawal symptoms of cramping, shaking and nausea persist.


In today’s modern world the many levels of anxiety that persist rivals our population’s problem with addiction. The leaves of Kratom, include anxiolytic properties. This helps to regulate hormones and communicate with brain receptors, leaving an overall feeling of well being. This can be a welcomed relief where many pharmaceutical drugs have too many side effects to make the relief effective.


As with many of the descriptions above, Kratom works with the hormonal quadrants of the body. One of those is the hypothalamus. This part of the brain is in charge of regulating appetite. It doesn’t stop you from being hungry but effects your behavior once you feel full. In cases of overeating, or emotional eating, Kratom can be very effective.


On its way to being an effective pain reliever, Kratom reduces inflammation in the body. The increase in blood flow and the reduction of stress can not only relieve pain but also help in the healing of the overall body. When we can effectively reduce inflammation over the long term, the body can start to heal.


Kratom, like many other plants, is packed with high sources of antioxidants. Antioxidants help decrease the free radical surges in our body which decrease immunity and promote aging in the cells. Alkaloids found in Kratom also effectively increase the strength of the immune system, helping to fight when infections are let in.


Perhaps one of the most important aspects of health to any human is the presence of a calm mind, no matter what ailments or sickness is being experienced. In lower doses, the sedative and relaxing effects help put a noisy mind to the accompaniment of peace.

There is still much research and investigation of the benefits of Kratom. Its effects severely depend on the strain of the plant as well as the dosage. It is extremely important that you consult an expert who can rely on the best information about the plant’s constituents. With its variety of benefits, it is easy to see why Kratom has the potential to be an exceptional overall health tonic.